Vertx Hyde Pants Review – Casual Vaporcore Men’s Tactical Pants

Meet the “any mission”, “any temperature” pant. With Vaporcore you stay cool under heavy pressure and warm when the action goes cold.

Don’t let the minimalistic/outdoor look fool you, these men’s tactical pants are built to perform.

With numerous pockets, both hidden and visible, you can literally fit an entire war kit in the Vertx Hyde pants.

To ensure you stay comfortable while carrying all that cargo, each pant features VaporCore powered by 37.5 Technology. By working with the IR of the body to regulate the ideal 37.5 body temperature, things like sweat, wetcling, shivering, accelerated fatigue, etc. are things of the past. (Odor too!)

Best of all, they dry 5 times faster than other leading performance fabrics.

Quick Highlights:

Vertx Hyde Pants Brand Tag

– 7oz 42% Polyester, 23% 37.5% Polyester, 35% Cotton
(Or) 5oz 40% Polyester, 24% 37.5% Polyester, 36% Cotton.
– Outdoor look with tactical functionality.
– Vaporcore permanently embedded fiber. (Maintains body temperature, dries 5x faster, eliminates odor.)
– Gusseted crotch and non 4-point seam moves freely and allows for splits without blowout.
– Articulation in knees allow for bending downwards without the rise.
– Pass through in pocket for communication receiver.
– All mesh pockets.
– Side utility dump pocket slanted for phone or AR magazine.
– Two reinforced utility pockets along back yolk angled for AR magazines. (Easily covered by polo shirt for low profile appearance.)
– Back pocket can be used as a credential pocket and features design that eliminates pick pocketing.
– Reinforced heel kick plate.
– Escape and evasion hidden pockets at bottom cuffs of pants.
– All pocket corners reinforced with metal rivets.
– Low-profile zippered vent pocket along seam of both legs for maximum air circulation.
– YKK zippers.
– Lower front-hand pockets for easy access with/without holster.
– Self-locking fly keeps zipper put even if buttons bust.

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Vertx Hyde Pants Zipper And Button Closure

Regardless if you choose the 5oz or 7oz version you’ll come to appreciate the reinforced top pockets, angled back top pockets, side utility pocket, back pockets, side mesh pocket, and bottom cuff pocket.

Whew, that’s a lot of pockets! (All of which are mesh by the way.)

Luckily, Vertx didn’t just incorporate a lot of pockets into these pants and call it a day. Instead, Vertx made each one incredibly useful and carefully thought out their functionality. For instance, the angled back pockets allow for the thumb to make positive contact on an AR mag while eliminating interface from your shirt above.

Side zipper pockets feature a full mesh construction which maximizes the amount of airflow to your body. A hidden pocket located at the bottom cuff of these pants allows for a discreet and accessible way to store escape and evasion tools. A pass-through in pocket for a communication receiver alongside back pockets to secure things like your credentials with a unique pick pocketing prevention measure, make life so much easier.

With all that gear, let’s face it, you’re going to need a pant with top notch durability. While 5oz and 7oz constructions are appealing, I like the fact that Vertx has also added a gusseted crotch with a non 4-point seam. Sure, it allows for freedom of movement and the ability to do splits, but more importantly it means no blowouts.

For durability you’ll also find a reinforced heel kick plate and reinforced pocket corners with metal rivets.

Vertx Hyde Pants Review Front

Vertx Hyde Pants Review Magazine Draw Pockets

Vertx Hyde Pants Review Side

Vertx Hyde Pants Review Side Magazine Pocket

Vertx Hyde Pants Review Sides

For all day comfort, it’s hard to beat the Vertx Hyde pants.

They are exceptionally breathable, lightweight, comfortable and absolute cargo holding powerhouses. While VaporCore is new to me, and perhaps to you as well, I have to say I’m surprised by just how well it works. Even after a heavy 6-hour carbine tactical class, I felt like just as cool/comfortable leaving the range as I did walking in. Normally, I’m sticky hot, uncomfortable and my clothing is damp/drenched.

With the Vertx Hyde pants and one of their combat shirts with the same VaporCore tech, it was a night and day difference. For longer days of training or shorter days when the weather is either too cold or too hot, you can bet I will be reaching for a pair of these!

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