Top 25 Best Metal Wallets For Men – Solid Currency Carriers

Gone are the days of standard leather, vinyl, and cloth wallets: metal is the new man’s material.

Designed for high power lifestyles requiring minimal bulk but infinite appeal, metal wallets are slim, lightweight, and of superb quality.

In an age of cheaply made and appallingly disposable goods, metal wallets are a testament to both time and the man who values his personal effects. With aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium being the most popular materials, metal wallets are unbeatably durable and all but NL-worthy in style. Easy to carry and designed to blend with all manner of outerwear, metal wallets are truly made for the man of all seasons.

Appearances aside, metal wallets boast a level of personal protection that no wallet before has delivered. With RFID scanning becoming a more common method of stealing one’s financial information, metal wallets protect one’s cards and identity and thus, security. Imagine a wallet that not only holds your worldly goods, but works against those who would compromise them. Even James Bond would give a nod of approval.

No more fraying billfolds and the potential loss of cards, cash, and personal information; metal wallets protect the wearer from all manner of threats. A perfect gift for the masculine gentleman with a will of steel, a metal wallet tells you all you need to know about its carrier: here is a man who can tread all terrains, from mountain to metropolitan, in a style that is both elegant and indestructible.

With that said, go ahead and explore the top 25 best metal wallets for men below.

1. Bapup Omniseal Stainless Steel

Bapup Omniseal Stainless Steel Metal Wallet For Men


BapUp is a slim cardholder and makes a good friend to the minimalist. The design is simple but elegant.

It not only provides storage for your credit cards but also secures your personal information. It protects your cards from RFID or magnetic transfer of information. What’s more? BapUp is built with quality materials (stainless steel and soft silicon) that will offer value for your money.

2. Billetvault Rfid Protection Aluminum

Billetvault Rfid Protection Aluminum Metal Wallet For Men


This is one of the few wallets that can hold up to 15 cards and still have room for your money. Weighing about 80 grams, you can conveniently carry it in wherever you go.

BilletVault is RFID secure, keeping your important information safe from notorious hackers. This badass wallet has been machined from two solids of billet aluminum guaranteeing no wear.

3. Bogui Clik Premium

Bogui Clik Premium Aluminum Metal Wallet For Men


Well, this wallet is the ultimate compact minimalist wallet. Its compact design easily fits into pockets or bag. It offers sufficient space to place your cards and comes with a money clip to secure your money. The money clip can also function as a bottle opener.

4. Calti Tactical Titanium EDC

Calti Tactical Titanium Edc Minimalist Slim Metal Wallet For Men


This impeccable Calti wallet is ultra slim and is one of the few wallets in the market weighing under 50 grams.

What is really special about this wallet is that it guarantees you outstanding longevity. Made from grade 2 titanium, it is scratch resistant and rust free.

5. Dango Tactical EDC

Dango Tactical Edc Metal Mens Wallet


Unlike other wallets, Tactical comes with Dango Multi-Tool package. It is ideal for the outdoor adventurer. Tactical also offers a stand for your smartphone, can act as a nail pryer, ruler, saw and knife. Incredible,right?

It’s made from first grade and corrosion-resistant aluminium.

6. Decadent Minimalist DM1

Decadent Minimalist Dm1 Aluminum Metal Wallet For Men


Decadent minimalist is famous for its simply-designed wallets. The stylish DM1 bears the mark of a minimalist wallet.

It comes with a single aluminum piece with no extra parts like straps or rubber bands. This cardholder however, does not provide a clip to hold your money. It also doesn’t offer RFID protection so you have to purchase RFID Blocking cards.

7. Delta 303 Designs 303 Slim Minimalist

Delta 303 Designs 303 Slim Minimalist Mens Metal Wallet


Delta 303 is a minimalist wallet uniquely crafted to hold up to seven cards and also secure your cash under the elastic band.

With the RFID protection, your personal and financial information are perfectly safe, regardless of where adventure takes you. It is lightweight at about 6 ounces.

8. Dosh Black Noir Aero

Dosh Black Noir Aero Metal Wallet For Men


What strikes you first when you see this premium wallet is the elegant stylish finish. It’s a slim card holder that carrys a max of 6 cards.

Made from nylon and nickel plated stainless steel, this wallet offers durability and style than the average wallet.

9. Eos Titanium 2.0

Eos Titanium 2 0 Guys Metal Wallets


Having the capacity to hold up to 20 cards, the EOS wallet is a must have! Most wallets offer slots for only six to twelve cards.

It is not the lightest but it has more features and usability. Its integrated thumb slot acts as a bottle opener and a money clip.

10. Gerber GDC Money Clip

Gerber Gdc Money Clip Metal Wallets For Men


Money clip is a great wallet for the adventurer. It does not only hold your credit cards but also offers a small fine edge knife blade.

With its unique blend of quality, functionality and looks it is a wallet worth showing off. It is also light weight you won’t even realize you have it.

11. Humn Mini Minimalist Rfid

Humn Mini Minimalist Rfid Aluminum Metal Wallet For Men


This trendy wallet comprises of aerospace grade aluminum plates. It has durable cord strap that hold money, and a microfiber bag to securely hold your cards. HuMn has a simple design and a wide range of colors that you can choose from depending on your preference.

12. Ikepod Minimal Slim Gear Carry

Ikepod Minimal Slim Gear Carry Metal Wallet For Men


This slim front pocket cardholder is an all-rounder that will cater for your day to day needs. The Gear Carry wallet is a RFID secure wallet that will safely hold eight to twelve cards and a few bills.

This aesthetically designed wallet is available in eight different versions.

13. Lever Gear Toolcard Pro

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro Metal Wallet For Men


This wallet is so slim it can fit into another wallet. The Lever Gear Toolcard is the lightest multi-tool cardholder you will find in the market. With over 20 tools its weighs a mere ounce. It has a ruler, bottle opener, money clip, cord cutter, screw driver and a hell lot other fun tools.

This is a perfect gift for a hiker, designer or gear lovers.

14. Machine Era Wallet Stainless

Machine Era Wallet Stainless Metal Wallet For Men


A very utilitarian and comfortable wallet to carry around.

Machine Era holds up to 7 cards, and has a built in thumb slot to easily slide cards. It also has a cord strap that acts like a money clip.

15. Nite Ize Financial Tool

Nite Ize Financial Tool Metal Wallets For Men


The Nite Ize is one of the cheapest multi-tool you will ever pocket. This slim and compact wallet has seven tools including a screwdriver.

What makes it unique is the sleek money strap. It is made from a high tensile material that doesn’t lose stretch.

16. Obtainium Metal Wallet

Obtainium Metal Wallet For Men


If you are looking for a wallet with an intricate design and exceptional quality then this is it. The satin texture of the wallet has a good feel.

Obtanium wallet makes use of a cash bridge, a unique strap system used to securely hold your cards while making it easy to access them .

17. Omega II Hex Titanium

Omega Ii Hex Titanium Mens Metal Wallet


Chances are that you have heard of the Omega brand. This super simple and extremely fashionable wallet is made with precise attention to detail.

It is available in three distinctive variations: classic titanium, hex titanium and superlight titanium. This is a great pocket companion to carry every day.

18. Pragres Slim Rfid Blocking Aluminum

Pragres Slim Rfid Blocking Aluminum Minimalist Metal Wallet For Guys


This sleek minimalist money clip wallet eliminates the bulk and uncomfortable wallets. It fits everything you need in a slim profile. With no buckles or fasteners, the only materials are an aluminum plate and strap. It is slim to fit into your front pocket.

19. Roco Minimalist Aluminum Slim

Roco Minimalist Aluminum Slim Metal Wallet For Men


Whether you’re out hiking or going out for the night, the Roco wallet is designed to sit comfortably in your front and rear pockets.

Looking for a simple and elegantly designed wallet that does not compromise on the security of the cards? The Roco wallet is RFID secured.

20. Shell D Rfid Blocking Credit Card Protector

Shell D Rfid Blocking Credit Card Protector Metal Wallet For Men


Worried about carrying your cards or money while travelling? The Shell-D card holder guarantees safety and peace of mind while going out.

What makes it a favorite to many? Is it the sleek design? No, it is the ability to safely block RFID signals that most RFID wallets cannot.

21. Sleek Life Designs Vessel

Sleek Life Designs Vessel Metal Wallet For Men


Looking for a wallet with a hidden compartment? The Vessel wallet comes with a hidden stash compartment to safely keep your keys, medication or even gum.

What makes it unique to other wallets is that you can quickly and easily swipe cards without having to take them out of the card holder.

22. Spine Wallet Original Spine

Spine Wallet Original Spine Metal Wallet For Men


This sleek and unique minimalist wallet eliminates bulk with a strap that holds everything in place. The Spine wallet is also non-magnetic. You don’t have to worry about damaging your access or credit cards.

The simple ergonomic design allows you to easily access your cards or money.

23. The Ridge Titanium Burnt

The Ridge Titanium Burnt Metal Wallet For Men


Most wallets cannot stay on your front pocket because of discomfort. But with the ridge, you can safely secure your cards on the front without notising.

It has a great design and killer looks, it will not disappoint you.

24. Trayvax Summit

Trayvax Summit Guys Metal Wallet


Treat yourself to the simplicity of the minimalist with the Trayvax Summit wallet. This is a true minimalist wallet you can carry every day. Built with only two compartments, it allows you to only carry what you need.

Designed to only carry 8 cards it has limited space to carry cards.

25. Walter Aluminum Cardholder

Walter Aluminum Cardholder Metal Mens Wallets


If you are looking for a card holder that allows fast access to cards then Walter Wallet is the deal.

Its patented slide system allows you to easily draw out your cards. It also has a feature that draws out the card you frequently use saving you time.

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