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Because we can’t always tote a fully stocked toolbox around at all times, the keychain tool kit is truly an invention worth praising.

Dating back to ancient times, even our earliest ancestors seized upon the convenience of portable tool kits designed to tackle the unexpected as well as everyday task.

Archaeologists have frequently uncovered the remains of such handy tool kits, reaching from Ancient Rome to Aztec South America, proving that where skill and convenience are concerned, a man’s needs are as timeless as they are universal.

Ranging in size and quantity of tools, these keychain kits offer everything you could possibly need in one small-scale accessory. Items included in various tool kits can include a screwdriver with multiple stainless steel bits, tape measure, LED light, miniature saw, scissors, pliers, blade, and file.

Many portable keychain kits are tailored to the camper’s needs, containing fire starting tools, as well as tent accessories and first aid supplies. Other tool kits are geared towards automobile, bicycle, and household concerns, particularly those that spring up out of nowhere and demand immediate attention, as is often the case when proper tools can’t be accessed.

Kits can be as basic or extensive as desired, and best of all take up as little space as a standard keychain ornament. Not surprisingly, the keychain tool kit makes the perfect present for partners, colleagues, friends, and family members; all the better for a son or daughter leaving for college or moving out on their own. After all, what’s better than the gift of brilliantly engineered convenience? Perhaps this is the season to do away with frivolous disposables in favor of something on the more practical side of stylish?

A successful man is a well-prepared one, and a keychain multi-tool kit provides an invaluable accessory no matter where he finds himself. With that said, discover the top 25 best keychain multi tools for men below.

1. Boar Tools 13 In 1

Boar Tools 13 In 1 Keychain Multi Tool For Men


While it looks simple and utilitarian, this keychain is 13 tools in one! Unlike many other similar tools, this item offers useful things like a ruler, a bicycle wrench, a flat-head and Phillip’s-head screw driver, and more. In addition, this item is TSA friendly for maximum portability.

2. Boker 09BO098 Plus Hawkit Neck Knife Axe

Boker 09bo098 Plus Hawkit Neck Knife Axe Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Featuring a 440c stainless steel blade, this Boker multi tool is serious business. It can loosen shackles, pull nails, and also can be used as a mini crowbar. The knife blade has a symmetric grind for durability and versatility.

3. Boker 150023 Minibar Blade

Boker 150023 Minibar Blade Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Compact and sleek, this tool offers a serrated edge and a beaked blade for extra leverage and precision. Made of titanium, the blade can be used as a pry tool, a bottle opener, a shackle opener and also as a knife. The sturdy construction ensures the longevity of the blade, and a pocket clip makes for convenient carrying.

4. Columbia River Knife And Tool 2055 Kert Key Ring Emergency Tool Strap Cutter

Columbia River Knife And Tool 2055 Kert Key Ring Emergency Tool Strap Cutter Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Hugely useful while remaining compact and portable, this knife and toolkit by Columbia River can cut thick straps, open bottles, and operate hex screws with ease. It includes a hole for a key chain and could prepare any owner for any unforeseen emergencies in the home or outdoors.

5. EDC Portable Screwdriver Set

Edc Portable Screwdriver Set Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Truly convenient for the handy man on the go, this screwdriver set offers maximum use and convenience. Each screwdriver is made of precision cast steel. One is for flat-head screws and the other for Phillip’s head screws. Both fit on a keychain and could be very useful in an emergency situation.

6. Evinis 20 In 1 Multi Function Stainless Steel

Evinis 20 In 1 Multi Function Stainless Steel Keychain Edc Pocket Keychain Multi Tool For Men


For the man who is an outdoorsman, this tool set combines multiple items that could prove useful in the wilderness or at home. This kit includes a climbing caribiner, a ruler, a cleaning knife, multiple wrenches for bicycles and other tools, wire strippers, bottle opener, and more.

7. Gerber Bear Grylls Compact

Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Clocking in at only 2.5 inches when folded, this tool contains a surprising number of easy to use tools for its diminutive size. Each tool has small nail nicks for easy opening and easy access. This item is lightweight and small enough to hang inconspicuously from a key ring or be stored inside a pocket.

8. Gerber Curve

Gerber Curve Keychain Multi Tool For Men


The understated style of this knife complements the usefulness of its tools. The simplicity of this tool make it easy to carry and operate. Featuring a 1.25 inch blade, a fingernail file, a small screwdriver set, and a bottle opener, the Gerber Curve provides a basic emergency toolkit that could be good for any unforeseen circumstances that might arise.

9. Gerber Dime

Gerber Dime Keychain Multi Tool For Men


This tool is a handyman’s dream. Featuring 12 different tools, including pliers, tweezers, knife, bottle opener, and many more, this item folds up into one small, portable item. It is lightweight and compact enough to be conveniently carried on a keychain or in a pocket.

10. “Gerber Shard

Gerber Shard Mens Keychain Multi Tool


Made to go the distance, the Gerber Shard Keychain features a titanium oxide coating for extra durability and is corrosion resistant. Small but versatile, this keychain can open bottles, strip wires, and it has a hole for a lanyard or key ring for convenience. This item is airline safe and fulfills multiple uses.

11. Griffin Pocket Stainless Steel

Griffin Pocket Stainless Steel Mens Keychain Multi Tool


This long stainless steel tool can find 11 different uses. Among the tools it includes are a pocket clip, a screwdriver, a hex wrench, a pry tool, and more. Because of its long and thin shape, it easily hangs with other keys on a ring and can fit into the palm of the hand for easy maneuvering.

12. Hoffman Richter EDT 7 In

Hoffman Richter Edt 7 In 1 Mens Keychain Mini Multitool


A multi-tool that can fit neatly on a keychain, this set has so many possibilities. Not only does it include a knife and pliers, it also offers a can opener and many other useful tools. It has a simple, masculine design and would be excellent in emergencies.

13. Leatherman Micra

Leatherman Micra Keychain Size Multitool For Men


This multi-tool features many helpful tools, such as spring-action scissors, a knife, and multiple screwdrivers. Since it is small in size it can fit inside a pocket, a glove compartment, or inside a camping backpack or tackle box.

14. Leatherman Piranha 2 TSA Compliant

Leatherman Piranha 2 Tsa Compliant Pocket Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Not only does this tool feature seven useful utensils, it is also airline safe which means it can be taken anywhere. Due to its unique design, the Leatherman Piranha 2 may be carried in a pocket or on a key ring, and its stainless steel scraping blade is ideal for scraping paint or ice. It also offers a hex screw driver.

15. Leatherman Squirt PS4

Leatherman Squirt Ps4 Keychain Multi Tool For Men


This Leatherman multi tool unfolds to reveal many useful tools to any man working around the house or on the go. Sturdy pliers are included, as are scissors, a knife blade, a file, and more. It can hang on a keychain or slipped inside a pocket.

16. Leatherman Style CS

Leatherman Style Cs Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Claiming it keeps you “ready for anything,” this tool does offer many items that will help you remain prepared for any emergency handyman task that might arise. This item includes a knife, scissors, tweezers, bottle-opener, and more, and all are made from stainless steel.

17. Maserin Knives 905B Ghost

Maserin Knives 905b Ghost Pocket Keychain Multi Tool For Men


A convenient tool with many uses, this small implement can be used as a wrench, screwdriver, bottle opener, pry tool, and more. Its small size allows it to be carried on a key ring or in a pocket without added weight or bulk, which accounts for its name.

18. Nite Ize Doohickey Skullkey

Nite Ize Doohickey Skullkey Keychain Multi Tool For Men


For those who wish to add some attitude to their keychain, this tool offers both style and substance. Equipped with a flat head screwdriver, bottle opener, file, scoring point and serrated edge, this key also has a distinctive skull design to set it apart from the crowd.

19. Real Avid Shotgun Micro

Real Avid Shotgun Micro Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Ideal for the cyclist or other active adult, this tool set features multiple sized wrenches, a carabiner clip, a small ruler, and a strong, durable strap to keep everything secured. It also features a small thread cutter that can come in handy in the outdoors. To top it off, a key ring is included in this item, making it easy to attach to other keys or belt loop.

20. Sog Key Folding Knife Key 101 1.5 Inch Blade

Sog Key Folding Knife Key 101 1.5 Inch Blade Keychain Multi Tool For Men


This sleek black folding knife is cleverly disguised as a house or car key when folded. When unfolded, the key becomes the handle for the 1.5 inch stainless-steel blade. The blade locks in place for extra safety, and it might be of use on the go or around the house.

21. Sog Macv Tool

Sog Macv Tool Multi Tool Sm1001 Cp Mens Keychain Multi Tools


This multi-use tool by SOG has edgy style. Built to resemble a skull and hard-cased in black, this tool has 12 uses and can open bottles, serve as a wrench or a line cutter. It also offers several other uses, such as a blade sharpener and screwdriver, and can fit on a key chain or in a pocket.

22. Spyderco Clipitool Stainless Bottle Opener Screwdriver Plain Edge Knife

Spyderco Clipitool Stainless Bottle Opener Screwdriver Plain Edge Knife Keychain Multi Tool For Men


Fitting into the palm of your hand, this pocket clip, knife, and bottle-opener in one can be useful in emergency situations. This manly multi tool can also hang from a keychain. The non-locking blade is stainless steel. Also, screwdrivers are built into this tool for extra convenience.

23. Titanium Pickpocket Alpha

Titanium Pickpocket Alpha Keychain Multi Tool For Men


A heavy-duty key holder, this titanium keychain will easily hold hold a set of many keys. Its design makes it versatile, as it can be easily clipped onto pockets or belt-loops, and it also works overtime as a bottle-opener. It even comes with several sizes of holes for a small key ring up to a large carbiner clip.

24. “True Utility Infora

True Utility Infora Keytool Keychain Multi Tool Set For Men


Helpfully labeled, this tool provides everything from a file to a bottle opener to a thread cutter, and it is the size of a regular house key. In fact, a key can fit inside this tool and provide ease of portability while protecting the key. This item could be great if you wish to economize the items hanging off a keychain.

25. Victorinox Swiss Army Rambler

Victorinox Swiss Army Rambler Pocket Knife Keychain Multi Tool For Men


This classic Swiss Army knife offers great versatility and convenience, and is great for those who want to keep things old-school. Ten tools can fold up into one easy to use knife. These tools include a knife blade, scissors, a pry tool, a bottle opener, and more. The outer casing is made of sturdy material and can fit inside a pocket or on a key chain.

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