Top 22 Best EDC Lighters For Men – Everyday Carry Spark

Contrary to popular opinion, every day carry (also called EDC) lighters aren’t just for smokers, but are standard issue for the capable modern man.

An indestructible lighter is worth its weight in gold, and the top-tier EDC lighter is no exception.

Able to withstand all elements and light a fire in any condition, an EDC lighter can also take the place of a dead flashlight, as well as melt certain materials such as plastic and metal should the need arise.

There was a time when men of all walks of life carried a lighter in case of both emergencies and social protocol. Whether you’re lighting one’s cigarette in a gentleman’s gesture or providing much-needed warmth and fire in an emergency, an EDC lighter is truly for all seasons and walks of life.

The best EDC lighters boast a number of components, and can be selected according to one’s targeted needs. From expanded gas release buttons to built-in security switches, EDC lighters can additionally consist of waterproof and floating capabilities, turboflames up to 2300 degrees, as well as sophisticated vintage Zippo designs.

Wherever life takes you and no matter what is asked of you, one of these top 22 best EDC lighters can make you the man of the hour, if not the era.

1. Bic Classic

Bic Classic Edc Lighters For Men


Bic Classic Lighters are some of the most iconic lighters out there. They’re cheap, compact, and easy-to-find, which makes them perfect candidates for every day carry. A package of five will keep you well-stocked for awhile, considering that these are also some of the most long-lasting lighters on the market.

2. Bic Mini

Bic Mini Edc Lighter For Guys


The Bic Mini Multi-Color Lighter is also an excellent choice for every day carry. If you’re tight on space but want a reliable lighter, the Bic Mini is one of the best choices. It’s long-lasting despite its size, and so reliable you’ll never be without flame when you need it.

3. Clipper

Clipper Edc Lighter For Men


If you’re looking for an EDC lighter that’s as attractive as it is effective, the Original Clipper Lighter might be the one for you. Its user-friendly round case has made it a staple in the lighter market for over 50 years. A replaceable flint and refillable butane keep it going.

4. Djeep

Djeep Edc Lighters For Guys


The compact Djeep Lighters come in easy-to-spot neon colors, and last longer than many comparable lighters. It’s not unusual for one of these lighters last six months, even with daily use, making these lighters ultra-reliable. The flame is shorter than other lighters, however, making them less useful for non-smoking applications.

5. DQG

Dqg Edc Lighter For Men


From Leepra comes the DQG Lighter 2.0 Super Mini, a lighter encased in a durable titanium alloy. The super mini size makes it easy to slip into a pocket, and it’s refillable with kerosene to keep it going for years. It attaches to a keychain for easy every day carry.

6. Everstrke Match Pro Waterproof

Everstrke Match Pro Waterproof Edc Lighters


The Everstryke Match Pro Lighter is a waterproof fire starter that’s perfect for any emergency, outdoor, or survival application. The replaceable flint and long-lasting, replaceable wick make this EDC lighter an investment that’s sure to pay off. A keychain cap protects the striker and allows for easy keychain attachment.

7. Jet Flame Torch Windproof

Jet Flame Torch Windproof Edc Lighters For Men


For a bit of a different design, check out this windproof Jet Flame Torch Cigarette Lighter. The gun shape of the lighter makes it possible to aim the flame into tight corners, which might be necessary for starting a fire outdoors. The adjustable flame height is adaptable for any circumstance.

8. Jolmo Lander Peanut Fire Starter Waterproof Titanium

Jolmo Lander Peanut Fire Starter Waterproof Titanium Edc Lighter For Men


From adventurous lifestyle brand Jolmo Lander comes the Titanium Waterproof Peanut Fire Starter and Emergency Keychain Lighter. This tiny capsule lighter stands only about 2 inches (5 cm) tall, making it an effective EDC lighter as well as an easy addition to any survival pack or bug out bag.

9. Numyth Tohil V2 Watertight Fluid

Numyth Tohil V2 Watertight Fluid Edc Lighter For Men


The bright Ember Orange color of the Numyth Tohil v2 Watertight Fluid Lighter makes it easy to find in a pack or bag. A screw-on cap makes this lighter watertight so you always have flame, wherever and whenever you need it. It’s refillable and uses standard lighter fluid for convenience.

10. Ralix Electronic

Ralix Electronic Edc Lighter


The Ralix Electronic Lighter has a simple one-click function. Charge the lighter, click for flame, and light! The USB-rechargeable lighter doesn’t use gas or fluid, making maintenance costs virtually nothing. The bright LED power indicator alerts you to a low battery. The zinc alloy construction is durable for long-lasting use.

11. Saberlight Thunderblade Survival

Saberlight Thunderblade Survival Edc Lighters For Men


The SaberLight ThunderBlade is more than a cigarette lighter – it is a 3-in-1 multifunctional survival tool. A slim metal case conceals a rechargeable dual-arc, plasma lighter, a serrated carbon steel knife, and a glass-breaking hammer tip for when you need some serious force. It’s better to be overprepared than underprepared.

12. Scorch Torch Ambassador

Scorch Torch Ambassador Edc Lighter For Men


From Scorch Torch comes the Ambassador, a torch-style cigarette lighter with a single jet flame and easy butane flame adjustment. The shiny, fingerprint-resistant silver metal is visually striking and the easy-slide operation produces bright flame in a flash. The automatic open safety cap keeps it from lighting accidentally.

13. Scorch Torch Orion Double Jet Flame

Scorch Torch Orion Double Jet Flame Edc Lighters


The Scorch Torch Orion Double Jet Flame Flip Top Cigar Torch Lighter features a manual open safety cap, easily adjustable butane flame control, and a refillable construction. Packaged with an attractive black velvet gift bag, this is a perfect lighter for EDC or as a distinguished gift to someone special.

14. Scorch Torch Skyline Triple Flame Butane

Scorch Torch Skyline Triple Flame Butane Edc Lighter For Men


The Skyline Triple Jet Flame Butane Torch Cigar Lighter from manufacturer Scorch Torch also features a punch cutter tool. The butane window allows easy monitoring of the butane level; it’s refillable to provide years of reliable lighting. A great EDC choice for the man who cares about power and design.

15. S.T. Dupont Minijet

St Dupont Minijet Edc Lighter For Guys


The Minijet Chrome Torch Flame Lighter from S.T. Dupont features an attractive chrome-plated body, ergonomic shape, and easy-to-use single action ignition. This refillable lighter is sturdy and reliable, making sure you have it just when you need it. It’s refillable and weights just 4 ounces, making it perfect for EDC.

16. Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable

Tesla Coil Usb Rechargeable Edc Lighter For Guys


For an attractive, unusual, and striking EDC lighter, try the Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter. This lighter lasts 100-300 uses, meaning that you don’t need to expend much energy remembering to recharge the lighter. Your lighter should make a statement; this reliable EDC lighter is perfect for that.

17. “UST Brands Tekfire

Ust Brands Tekfire Edc Lighter For Gentlemen


The UST Brands TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter is the perfect lighter to buy two of: one for every day carry, and a second to stash away for when you might need it most. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, this wind-resistant flameless lighter uses an electric arc to create its spark.

18. World’s Smallest Kerosene Peanut

Worlds Smallest Kerosene Peanut Edc Lighters


At its size, there is no reason not to have The World’s Smallest Kerosene Lighter attached to your keychain. At about the size of the fingernail on your thumb, this lighter is seriously inconspicuous. It’s ideal for use as a backup lighter or for people who don’t regularly use one.

19. Xikar Stratosphere II

Xikar Stratosphere Ii Edc Lighter For Guys


The Xikar 9660BK Stratosphere II Lighter is jet-black and rugged, perfect for the man who’s serious about appearance. The single flame is easily operated with your thumb. Wind- and water-resistant, this is your best friend in unfavorable conditions. Easily refill this lighter with premium butane for a long-lasting, reliable flame.

20. Zippo

Zippo Edc Lighter


Zippo Chrome Lighters are the classic lighter for the discerning gentleman. The protective flip-top and windproof design protect the inner elements of this lighter, while the chrome body offers a solid, pleasing heft. Accessories are refillable and replaceable, providing a lifetime of use, and they’re covered by Zippo’s lifetime guarantee.

21. Zippo Emergency Fire Kit

Zippo Emergency Fire Kit Edc Lighter For Men


The Zippo Emergency Fire Kit provides a little bit more punch for outdoorsmen than the classic chrome model. Zippo’s flint spark wheel produces reliable sparks, and the kit also includes five lightweight paraffin-coated spark tinder to help ignite the fire. The ergonomic design also features water-resistant storage, a must-have outdoors.

22. Z Plus 2.0 Extreme Torch

Z Plus 2 Extreme Torch Edc Lighters For Men


From Z-Plus comes the Z-Plus 2.0 Extreme Torch Lighter, a serious looker of a lighter. Two flames converge at a peak, and the clear base allows you to easily monitor the butane level so you never run out. Wind resistant for reliability, this lighter is easily operated with your thumb.

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