Shot Show 2018 Las Vegas Convention Coverage – Part Three

In terms of media coverage, Next Luxury was one of the lucky 2,400 to cover Shot Show 2018.

Seeing it all.

They say you can’t see it all at Shot Show. There’s some statistic that says you can only spend 22 seconds at each booth for all 4 days if you want to see every booth.

The truth is, you can see every exhibitor you want, if you skip over the ones you don’t want to see. In reality, there were at least 100 exhibitors I had no interest in seeing or talking to.
However, where your time gets wasted the most is by far, the chatty salesman. The guy who wants to talk to you ten minutes plus about their product and will gladly go on for an hour if you let them. I kept finding myself having to interrupt in the middle of a conversation and make an exit.

After a while, I became a pro of sorts at getting in and out without doing much talking. For the most part, I’d ask for the business card of the person I wanted to talk to and disappear after getting it. Time is valuable.

While I thought I had planned everything out, including making a list of all the exhibitors I wanted to see, I still somehow managed to miss a handful of them. Those include Leatherman, Battle Arms Development, Jessie James Firearms, and so on.

It’s rather amazing how you can get distracted so easily by all the exhibitors. One minute you’re on your way to Glock and you spot HK and immediately go over, then forty more booths later, and suddenly you remember that you were going to stop by Glock an hour ago.

What stood out the most.

Watershed had some of the most innovative dry bags I had ever seen. I’ve seen a lot of camping/outdoor gear in my days, but wow, their bags just blew me away.

White River Knife & Tool had some extremely beautiful hatchets and knives. Think Chris Reeves quality but with a bolder look.

First Tactical’s new pants, boots, and gloves were absolutely incredible. The finer details that went into designing all of these products left me rather eager to buy them all up. Cory Nykoluk is truly one of the top geniuses and innovators of the industry.

Lancer’s transparent AR10 DPMS magazines were a treat to see. I had yet to discover any companies making clear magazines in that size.

Rite In The Rain’s new waterproof targets were something I was surprised to see as well. Their notepad paper works so well, why not adopt it into other areas?

Wolverine had some beautiful new men’s outdoor shoes on display; as did Thorogood among others.

After speaking with the VP of Marketing over at Daniel Defense, I was impressed to hear that every DD rifle is hand fitted. If you look at the lines on the receiver they all match up perfectly; there’s a reason for that. I always wondered why DD’s products cost more at the local shop than other brands, but couldn’t really explain it myself all that well. After five minutes of talking, the answer was crystal clear; now I want one.

2018 Shot Show Sig Sauer Sbr

Invictus V Sporting Shotguns

Irish Setter Mens Shoes Shot Show 2018

Jones Arms Shot Show 2018

Jp Enterprises Custom Rifle

Kalashnikov Kr 9m Short Barrel Rifle

Kalashnikov Sbr Shot Show 2018

Kimber 1911

Kimber K6 Revovler Shot Show 2018

Le5000 Escalator Steel Bullet Trap For Ranges

Lever Action Rifle Blue Finish

Lever Action Rifles

Low Mens Hiking Tactical Hunting Boots

Luminox Watches For Men

Maglite Flashlight Collection

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark Xix Case Hardened Finish

Mag Pump Shot Show 2018

Mens Mtm Tactical Watches

Mens Outdoor Cowboy Boots

Michelin Wild Gripper Sole

Modern Precision Rifles

Molded Camo Wrap Around Binoculars

Mossberg Shotgun Rail

Mossberg Tactical 3 Gun Shotguns Mjm Pro Series Shot Show 2018

Multicam Body Armor Plate Carrier

Nightforce Bullet Through Scope Stories From The Field

Nightforce Scope With Bullet Hole

Nightforce Stories From The Field Damaged Scope

Nighthawk 1911 Cutom Slide Finish

Nighthawk Custom 1911s

Nightvision Goggles Shot Show 2018

Oakley Ballistic Googles

Oakley Tactical Boots For Men

Oakley Tactical Lightweight Gloves

Outdoor Research Colossus Jacket Multicam Shot Show 2018

Outdoor Research Obsidian Hooded Jacket

Outdoor Research Tactical Winter Gloves

P 848 B Knives Shot Show 2018

Pcp Polymer Cased Ammo Shot Show 2018

Pelican Hard Cases

Petzl Climbing Gear

Petzl Headlamps

Police Door

Puma Knife Company Sgb Saddleback Knife

Puma Knife Company Usa Hunting Knives

Raider 300 Blk Sbr

Red Flamethrower

Rifle Tool

Rite In The Rain All Weather 375 Mag Pen

Rite In The Rain Waterproof Notepad

Rite In The Rain Waterproof Targets

Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle

Sands Expo Center Las Vegas

Sbr Falkor Defense

Shark Barrel Shot Show 2018

Shot Show 2018 Convention Facts

Shot Show Aisles

Shot Show Entrance

Shot Show From Above

Shot Show Press Room Display Wall

Shot Show Press Room For Media

Sig Sauer M17

Sig Sauer M18

Sig Sauer P365

Sig Sauer P365 Up Close

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