Men’s Coyote Danner Tanicus Boots Review – Tactical Footwear

A tactical boot that’s ultra lightweight, breathable, extremely durable and offers the comfort of a running shoe? Impossible, mission impossible you might say.

From tactical operations to outdoor adventures, Danner latest rugged boot combines all of these elements, and it’s ready to handle anything you throw at it.

Meet the Tanicus. It’s available in your choice of coyote or sage, alongside waterproof (Danner Dry) and non-waterproof (Mesh) variations. For a little more, opting for the Danner Dry liner is an easy decision. Coyote vs Sage on other hand isn’t, truth be told, they both look great.

Danner Tanicus Boots Review

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Danner Tanicus Boot Box

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Danner Tanicus Tactical Boots For Men

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At the heart of each Danner Tanicus boot you’ll find an outsole with pentagonal lugs for plenty of traction control over a wide range of terrains: Solid rock, loose gravel stone, wood, mud, dry and wet pavement, you name it.

While the unique outsole design functions exceptionally well in terms of gripping power, it really shines in terms of anti-gumming. Thanks to the unique lug design with wider spacing, organic material sheds right off making that unwanted heavy stickiness of gunk at the bottom of your boots a thing of the past.

Upon placing your foot inside you’ll notice a rather plush feeling, which is difficult and often uncommon to find in a tactical field boot. With a polyurethane footbed, dampening heel cup and added cushioning in the midsole, every single step cushions the foot with the utmost in comfort. Even encounters with the harshest terrain of all make the idea of walking on a cloud come right to mind.

And speaking of comfort, in adverse weather conditions you’ll come to appreciate the 100% waterproof barrier (Danner Dry) which lets moisture out and blocks water from getting in. Just add in the right pair of socks and keeping your toes cool and dry is a breeze.

For construction, Danner Tanicus boots feature rough, out full-grain leather uppers paired with 1000 Denier nylon. The combination makes for a considerably lightweight boot at only 45oz per pair. Weight aside, you also get the added benefits of greater dynamic movement and stellar flexibility. A long-lasting durability should come as no surprise given Danner’s history, yet, a quick look at the exterior of each boot reveals a quality-double stitch in all the important areas. Other places like the reinforced rear pull tab, which feels rock-solid, instills even more confidence.

To keep your laces in place, you’ll find a stretch fabric pocket at the top of each boot’s tongue meant for storing the ends. While it sounds it like the perfect solution is it really? Yes! Even after long treks out, laces stayed in place, refusing to budge.

All in all, these coyote Danner Tanicus boots hit tremendously high marks. Given the fact that they are Danner’s lightest military boot, it’s rather surprising to see such a top-notch construction that I can expect to last paired with a considerably extreme amount of comfort. From the actual padding to the breathable mesh liner, taking these boots out for a spin is a treat, to say the least.

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