Coast HP10R Flashlight Review – Lightweight Rechargeable LED Light

With 1050 lumens on high, a 310m beam distance, and a 6 hour run time you’ll never get lost in the dark again.

To extend any adventure or make the best of any emergency, simply switch to low output for an impressive 11 hours at 230 lumens.

When it comes to the Coast HP10R, the extremely generous runtime and remarkable illumination output is just the start.

With an aluminum construction, this ultralight flashlight weighs a mere 8 oz and features both water and impact resistance. If you look closely you’ll find two red rubber seals in the rear for keeping things bone dry. Best of all, it’s back by Coast’s lifetime warranty.

Coast HP10R Review

Coast Hp10r Flashlight Box

Coast Hp10r Box Beam Distance

Coast Hp10r Back Of Factory Box Flashlight Features

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Coast Hp10r Led Flashlight Reviews

Coast Hp10r Rechargeable Led Flashlight

Led Rechargeable Coast Hp10r Flashlight

To ensure you never run out of light, each HP10R flashlight features the option to switch between Li-ion and 4 AAA batteries. While the runtime is significantly lower when using standard alkaline batteries, the flashlight still retains an impressive 1-hour runtime at 675 lumens alongside a 240m beam distance.

Specs aside, the dual power setup is perhaps one of my favorite favorites when it comes to the HP10R. Let’s face it, having a flashlight that’s always ready is invaluable. In the event of an emergency where the power grid is down, AAA batteries are easy enough to find.

If you plan on spending a great deal of time outdoors, either backpacking or camping, a solar panel on the back of your pack will help keep your flashlight charged at all times thanks to the USB port.

Reviews For Coast Hp10r Flashlights

Reviewed Coast Hp10r Flashlight

Coast Hp10r Flashlights

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Coast Hp10r Flashlight Review Charging Port

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Coast Hp10r Waterproof Flashlight With Double Rubber Seals

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When it comes to beam optics you’ll find pure beam focusing functionality, which allows you to adjust the light with just a single hand. From an ultra-wide flood beam to spot mode, finding the perfect amount of illumination means moving your thumb up and down about an inch or less. For keeping your settings secure, a simple rotational twist on the top of the flashlight locks in your settings.

At the bottom of every Coast HP10R flashlight, you’ll find a super easy to grip, rubber push button. The first press will give you high power, the second strobe, and the last low. To get back to high power you can press the button once more and it will cycle through the light options.

In terms of size, this LED flashlight comes in at a modest 7.1 inches in length. While you wouldn’t want to carry it around every day, it does slide into the pocket of a pair of jeans with only about an inch sticking out. Personally, if I had to store this flashlight in my pants pocket while on the move, I wouldn’t mind it. The profile is streamlined and slim enough to where it’s easily portable.

Speaking of portability, Coast also includes a handful of great accessories with the HP10R flashlight. You’ll find a belt clip which has a surprisingly strong retention on the flashlight. There’s also a nylon sheath which fits the HP10R like a glove. Should you wish to mount this flashlight to a wall for emergencies or perhaps in the garage for quick access, Coast includes everything you need to do so.

Coast Hp10r Flashlight Battery Packs

Coast Hp10r Flashlight Battery Tube

Coast Hp10r Flashlight Adjustable Beam

1050 Lumens Coast Hp10r Flashlight

Coast Hp10r Flashlight Beam Focus

Now, while most flashlights on the market today will just supply you with one standard battery pack or worse, a foreign no-brand battery that is basically trash, Coast doesn’t. You not only get 2 lithium-ion power packs, but you also get 1 alkaline battery cartridge complete with brand name Duracell batteries installed. Of course, they also include a car charger, wall charger, USB cable, etc. to make owning and operating this flashlight as easy as possible.

All in all, is this the best flashlight for the money? Without question, yes. While an HP5R is better suited for everyday carry, the HP10R is my go-to choice for camping, around the house, in the garage, etc.

Let’s face it, Coast is king when it comes to flashlights. I’ve owned their products for years and after heavy use and abuse, I’ve never had one fail on me. For the light output, runtime and compact/light construction, you’re just not going to beat the HP10R.

Coast Hp10r Flashlight Power Button On Rear

Coast Hp10r Belt Clip

Coast Hp10r Flashlight Included Accessories

Nylon Sheath Coast Hp10r Flashlight

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Coast Hp10r Flashlight Spot Beam

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