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The temperate outside is rising quickly, and whether you have always had shorter hair, or are just coming around to cutting your hair down, having shorter hair in the summer can be quite helpful in dealing with the sweltering heat. The problem is, most people do not actually know how to get their hair cut properly, or how to even style it. Below are some of the best tips on cutting, grooming and how to style short hair for men.

1. How To Get A Short Hair Cut.

For shorter hair, the best way to have it cut is with the sides shorter than the top. Have your stylist do some fading just above the temples, which will keep the sides shorter, while allowing for longer hair on the top. This type of haircut is perfect for any type of styling you could possibly want.

While there is no must-do haircut for men with short hairstyles, it is important to evaluate what your hair does naturally, and try to stay close to that. By going too far astray from your natural look, you may find that getting your hair to work for you when you are trying to style it most frustrating.

2. Understanding The Different Types of Styling Products For Short Hair

Most of use can’t just get out of the shower, dry our hair, and run a comb through it in order to reach our desired style. Most of us need the help or one, or more, styling products. So, here is a list of some of the most common types of products to use when trying to style your hair:

Hair Serums:

Use these to help lasso in those few stray hairs that just do not want to conform to the rest. It can also help straighten out any slight curliness you have going on.


Use to add shine, and volume, to the hair. The hold will not be the greatest, but it will get the job done.

Hair Clay:

Use these products to get your hair to reach those fantastic geometric shapes many want when they go out for a fun night on the town. Be forewarned that hair clay can take a while to get washed out of your hair, so apply with caution.

Hair Gel:

These men’s grooming products dry out the hair, allowing for a much stiffer hold. Perfect for that all day part you want in a professional setting.

Hair Glue:

Also known as the “Mohawk Glue”, this is the product used to achieve the rocker look. Just be careful of overusing without thoroughly washing it out first.

Also, no need to start with the high-end brands, start on the lower side at least until you know what works for you.

3. How To Use The Styling Product Efficiently.

When using serums, gels, and mousse, you can either use your hands, or a comb, to distribute the product through your hair. Just remember that using a comb will give your style a more professional, polished look. While using your fingers will give it a more wavy appearance.

When it comes to clay, pomade and glue, since you are going for the more crazy, long lasting hold, you want to be sure to message the product into the roots of your hair with your fingers first, and then work it all the way through. Just remember not to use too much of these products.

4. A Useful, Classic Hairstyle For Men.

No matter what style you are trying to achieve, make sure that the style fits the situation first. You would not want to put your hair in a Mohawk when going to a business meeting, now would you?

For a classic style that goes from day to night, try just simply styling your hair with a part, or you can comb it back during the day, and loosen it up using our hairs to give it that slightly messy, fuller look during the night.

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