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If you have a fascination with the style that was rocked in the 1980’s, but could never walk out in public feeling comfortable dressed the same way in today’s society, you are in luck. A lot of the men’s fashion accessories, like fedora’s, thick-rimmed glasses, high water pants and suspenders are all making a comeback in modern male fashion.

Just a year ago, the only people who could get away with this fashion statement were hipsters and celebrities like Dwayne Wade or Johnny Depp. But now, more and more average guys are sporting these accessories to work, school, the bar and simply for a casual day out. So let’s take a specific look into men’s suspenders and braces to see what they are, how they differ from a belt, and how to wear them.

Suspenders and Braces: When and How To Wear Them

First and foremost, its important to explain the difference between suspenders and braces, as some may assume both are the same or not know how to separate the two.

Suspenders are most likely what you are more commonly aware of when you see someone wearing straps that hold up their pants. Suspenders vary in quality. With that said, there are many low budget and lesser quality suspenders that you can purchase to add as an accessory to your outfit. However, there are plenty of higher quality suspender options as well. How To Wear Suspenders For Men

The difference in quality usually refers to the material that is made from. Higher quality suspenders will use stronger clasps, made from better material and will have a more evenly distributed feel than cheaper suspenders, which makes for an overall more comfortable feeling when wearing suspenders.

With cheaper suspenders, think of it as more of a numbers game. They are perfect to own a handful of cheaper suspenders, especially if you want to mix and match them with different options in your wardrobe.

Braces on the other hand are a much more sophisticated look and can only be warn with certain pairs of pants. While suspenders have clasps that latch on to a pair of pants, braces have slits for buttons to be fed through and attached.

This means that your pants must accommodate with having buttons, whether they are there originally or you have them sewn on. They are also typically made of higher quality material, which makes for a more classic and formal look.

If you are looking to add suspenders or braces to your wardrobe, consider what would be most accommodating with the pants that you currently own. It’s also important to consider what type of look that you are going for. If you are looking for a classic and professional look, braces will probably be your best option (or at least higher quality suspenders in some situations).

However if you are looking for the hipster look, maybe with a flannel shirt and skinny jeans, suspenders are a good bet and will compliment your outfit quite nice. No matter which route you decide to go, suspenders have many benefits that you will enjoy over your old typical belt.

Advantages of Wearing Men’s Suspenders and Braces

If it wasn’t obvious enough, the most influential benefit of suspenders is how much of a fashion statement they make. Suspenders aren’t for the conservative, or for those that worry about having eyes on them as they walk down the street.

Instead, suspenders are for fashionable men who enjoy the attention and seek out the opportunity to talk with others about the clothes they wear. Men's Suspenders Or perhaps they are simply said, for those who prefer to make a memorable impression.

Furthermore, there is something about men in suspenders that women dig and people respect. Maybe it’s the confidence that it takes to wear them, or maybe it’s just the classic look that comes with a pair of nicely worn braces. Either way, suspenders and braces get attention; and for men who love to dress to impress, this is exactly what they want.

If you’ve ever had a favorite belt that you’ve worn for many months in a row, you have probably noticed that the material gets quite worn and even begins to come apart at the area where it buckles.

Even higher quality material will still show signs of wear around the buckle, which can stand out like a sore thumb with an otherwise fashionable outfit. Suspenders and braces work around this issue.

They offer the same benefits of keeping your pants from falling, without causing wear and tear on a belt. If you’ve ever sat down for an extended amount of time wearing an oversized belt buckle, you’ve probably also noticed that the buckle can dig into your stomach.

This can be uncomfortable and even painful, especially if you are sitting for many hours at any given time. Suspenders and braces alleviate all of these concerns that come from belt buckles.

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