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Fashion is important for all men, as the impact from your appearance will affect nearly every moment of your life for the foreseeable future. How sharp you dress is going to play a part in determining if you get that raise at work, or if that attractive woman walking by will turn around to talk to you. The way you present yourself speaks for your character, even when you desire it not to. People form first impressions on a man’s fashion and grooming, and it’s simply the way the world works. In return your style needs to be point, which is why we’ve written a list of the best fashion tips for men.

As an introduction to the start of our collection of men’s fashion tips, by simply following the advice and guidance below, you’ll be become better suited towards dressing like a gentleman. Remember, taking care of your appearance isn’t difficult nor is putting these tips into practice. You’ll enhance your attire, elevate the respect and attention you deserve, and perhaps discover something you’ve been missing out on or overlooked.

13 Fashion Tips For Men To Follow:

1. Never forget the accessories

Always make sure you pay attention to the finer details by wearing accessories. Things such as watches, tie clips and pocket squares can pull your look together, and make a big impression once it’s all said and done.

2. Shoe color

Don’t be afraid to wear fun shoes. A man can still be fashionable even if he elects to pass up the traditional brown or black shoe color. By adding a splash of color you’ll stand out, but remember to avoid going overboard. The moment you starting adding patterns and prints in two-toned colors to your shoe collection is when you should step back and revaluate your style.

3. Get a second opinion

Not quite sure what’s fashionable and what’s not while shopping? Always be willing to ask for advice at the department store; chance are the attractive women working there are the same types of women you’re looking to impress in the first place. Don’t buy everything they suggest and only take home what you like and feel comfortable wearing.

Another take to this is to bring along a female friend who dresses like the women you like. Go shopping and let her suggest what she thinks looks the best on you. At the same time remember not all women have a keen eye for what a man should wear, so be a bit careful with your woman friends.

4. Leave the bottom button alone

While it makes sense to button up the bottom button of your suit, simply said, don’t. It’s not a winter coat, so make sure on a two button suit you button up the top one but leave the lower one untouched. If you’re going to be wearing a three button suit, always button the middle one.

5. Tailor your clothes

It is one thing to wear an expensive suit, and it is another to make sure it actually fits. In terms of having fashion for men, wearing fitting clothes is the biggest impact one can make on their appearance. Grab your jeans and suit and head to the tailor, it’s a small investment that pays off big time.

6. Ditch the over-sized logo t-shirts

Often those free t-shirts we get at events or as gifts are great to wear around the house, but don’t wear them out in public every day. You are not a walking billboard, nor are you getting paid or working for that company. Opt instead for either a pure color shirt or get creative and choose a graphic design that suits you. Wear something that represents that fits the profile of your own accord. You never know, an attractive woman may be drawn into asking you what you’d like about it.

7. Dress with moderation in mind

When it comes to wearing fashion accessories the biggest mistake you can make is putting on too many. Any more than a few pieces of jewelry won’t present your style in the right spotlight. Remember to let your personality and the clothes sell the first impression. Surely it might warrant more attention to wear a flashy gold watch, a few diamond rings, and other items, but unless that’s the type of person you really want to represent and are, don’t do it. Instead refine your look with a few hand-picked fashion accessories and wear them in moderation.

8. Always level up your fashion

If you really want to stand out, then be willing to evaluate your wardrobe often. This doesn’t mean you need to follow every single fashion trend out there, but instead be in tune with your current attire. Take into consideration what your boss wears, what your guy friends wear, and what you see other men wearing in public.

Gather ideas and determine how you can enhance your own style and image. This doesn’t mean copying your buddy’s entire outfit nor buying the same shirt he owns, never do that. Instead simply take note of what other men are wearing and figure out a way that you can still out, while still dressing in a refined and respectable manner.

9. Don’t neglect your hands

Often one of the most overlooked parts of men’s fashion is gloves. I’m not talking about those puffy winter gloves you wear while you go out to shovel snow, but instead a classic luxury pair of leather gloves. Unlike ski or snowboarding gloves wearing a more refined pair of leather gloves will match your style off the slopes, not clash with it.

The second fashion tip to gain from this is that no woman wants a man with rough cracked hands. While most men will skip out on buying gloves in the first place, consider how much damage they can save your hands. Sure you can moisturize your hands to help them heal, but why deal with cracked skin if you can avoid it in the first place.

10. Stick with the classics

Trends are a great way to get inspiration and ideas for your wardrobe but that doesn’t mean you should go out and buy every single one. It’s tempting to buy brand new running shoes that you’ve seen being touted by celebrity figures and praised online, but pass them up. This goes for all assortments of clothing items and isn’t just limited to shoes. Focus on building a wardrobe that will last you years, not months. After time you’ll have closet full of clothes you’ll actually feel comfortable wearing.

As men we’ve all bought something on the spot, only to realize a few months later we’ll never wear it. The fashion item we once so badly wanted now sits in our closest and becomes no use to enhancing our style. So focus on the long term with your fashion, you don’t have to pre-plan years in advanced, however just grow your collections with items you know you’ll want to hang onto and wear down the road.

11. Be willing to leave your comfort zone

Life is all about the experience; it’s about trying new things and falling in love with our new discoveries. The same point of view relates to your fashion and clothing. A man must always be willing to boldly put on something totally out of his element.

Now if it’s uncomfortable you don’t have to wear it again, but consider the chance that perhaps you will find new apparel that expresses yourself in a new spotlight. The risk is always worth the reward because you’ll never learn or know until you give it a shot. In summary, just be willing to take the first step forward and put on something different.

12. Every man needs a versatile suit

If you’re a younger guy and just venturing out into the world of style with the hopes of dressing like a gentleman, it all starts with your first suit. There are many styles and choices to chose from, but in order to build up your collection always go with either gray, black or navy blue.

Those three colors are timeless and traditional and will last you a lifetime, or at least until you out grow them. The biggest tip to take away from this advice is that these color combinations will go well with any occasion or event you attend.

13. Keep a handkerchief on hand

You never know what that ketchup bottle is going to go crazy, nor do you know when BBQ sauce might splash onto your tie. You can take precautions for sure, but what happens when your sneeze, because good luck holding that back if you can. Instead of worrying about what might happen, just keep a handkerchief in your pocket for peace of mind. Their simple to fold up and the ¼ to ½ inch poking out will add a dash of interesting to your style.

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