60 Vampire Tattoos For Men – Bite Into Cool Designs

While it’s true the folklore of vampires rose to popularity back in the early 18th century in Western Europe, it actually dates all the way back to the Hebrews, Romans, Ancient Greeks and Mesopotamians with wild tales of demons and spirits.

Up to the 19th century, this superstition wasn’t taken lightly in Romania. Aside from driving steel needles into the hearts of dead corpses, some also covered mouths, eyes, ears and the fingers with pieces of steel. Even garlic was to be placed in mouths and a bullet shoot into the coffin for an extra measure of security.

Over time, the folklore has evolved into what almost everyone knows about vampires today. The undead who rise from their graves or coffins at night to drink the blood of the living. With sharp, long pointed canine teeth, biting the neck has become just as popular as zombies trying to snack on brains!

Of course, certain claims have risen over the years like vampires suffering from weaknesses like sunlight for example. Not to mention, being able to transform from human bodies into flying bats in the poof of an eye.

Yet, when it comes to their meanings, you might see this design as more evil and dark in tone. Perhaps, some men simply view blood dripping off teeth or bite marks on the skin as purely fascinating ideas.

Regardless of your interpretation or expression, you’re sure to enjoy this collection of 60 vampire tattoos for men. From masculine, realistic designs to abstract themed art, discover this folklore in a whole new light!

Abstract Mens Vampire Tattoo In Full Color On Leg

Arm Tattoos Of Vampires On Males With Cat Design

Back Of Leg Calf Guys Vampire Fangs Tattoo

Below Elbow Vampires Tattoos For Men With Red Rose And Black Ink

3d Mens Vampire Fangs And Mouth Tattoo On Arm

Bicep Guys Vampire Bite Tattoo Designs

Bicep Mens Spooky Vampire Tattoo Face Ideas

Bicep Vampire Night Scene Tatto With Castle On Man

Black Vampire Mens Foot Tattoos

Cool Leg Tattoos Vampire For Guys

Cool Mens Wrist Biting Red Vampire Tattoos

Creative Guys Vampire Symbols Tattoos On Bicep

Forearm Half Sleeve Vampire Tattoo On Man

Forearm Vampire Tattoos Designs For Guys

Full Chest And Stomach Vampire Tattoos For Men

Full Color Back Tattoo Vampire For Men

Full Sleeve Rose Mens Vampire Tattoos

Full Sleeve Vampire Symbol Tattoos For Men

Guy With Female Vampire Biting Chain Tattoo On Lower Forearm

Half Sleeve Forearm Vampire Lips Tattoo For Men

Half Sleeve Vampire Bat Tattoos For Men

Hand And Wrist Vampire Tattoo Design On Man

Incredible Mens Vampire Bite Tattoos With Bottle Of Blood

Knight Vampire Fang Tattoo For Guys

Lower Leg Calf Vampire Tattoo Ideas For Males

Lower Leg Guys Vampire Tattoo Designs

Male With Vampire Bites Tattoo And Casket On Forearm

Manly Arm Vampire Skulls Tattoos For Men

Manly Old School Black And Red Vampire Tattoo On Mans Hand

Man With Female Vampire Tattoo Design On Arm In Blue Ink

Man With Tattoo Of Female Vampire Half Sleeve Design

Man With Vampire Bite Mark Tattoo And Blood On Forearm

Masculine Small Mens Vampire Skull Tattoo With Blood Drops

Mens Sleeve Vampire Tattoo Of Female

Mens Vampire Arm Tattooos With Shading Ink Work

Mens Vampire Teeth Tattoo On Upper Arm

Mens Vampire Themed Full Tattoo Sleeve Design Ideas

Mens Werewolf And Vampire Back Tattoos

Moonlight Vampire Bites Tattoos For Men

Old School Bad Vibes Small Guys Vampire Fang Tattoos

Old School Wrist Mens Vampire Bat Tattoo

Realistic Gears And Vampire Mens Tattoo Design On Arm

Realistic Graveyard Vampire Tattoos For Men On Wrist

Realistic Mens Vampire And Castle Tattoo On Forearm

Sleeve Vampire Symbol Tattoo For Guys

Small Guys Vampire Teeth Tattoos

Small Mens Vampire Bite Tattoo With Fangs And Blood

Small Simple Old School Mens Green And Red Vampire Tattoo On Arm

Spooky Mens Upper Arm Vampire Tattoos

Upper Arm Mens Vampire Skull Tattoos

Upper Arm Mens Vampire Tattoo Realistic Design Ideas

Upper Chest Mens Realistic Vampire Potrait Tattoo Designs

Vampire Bat Tattoo Designs For Guys With Old School Style

Vampire Bite Marks Tattoos On Men With Frame Design

Vampire Moon And Stars Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Vampire With Bloody Mouth Tattoos For Men On Arm

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