60 Shiva Tattoo Designs For Men – Hinduism Ink Ideas

60 Shiva Tattoo Designs For Men – Hinduism Ink Ideas

Shiva: Supreme Being, destroyer, and transformer. Whether he is depicted as benevolent or fearsome, the reflection of Shiva in the form of tattoo art remains an alluring and influential trend.

Lord Shiva is considered to be one of the most unique Hindu deities as he represents both good and bad.

More often than not, Shiva is shown with three faces to demonstrate how he is the creator, destroyer, and preserver of all in the universe. It is why a tattoo symbolizing this remarkable deity is so sought after even by those who may not follow Hinduism.

A true ink artisan can bring Shiva to life on your body. He can be seen in portrait form with his traditional third eye opened and his famed weapon, the Trisula, ready to bring down havoc and destruction on the evils in your life. Nothing will be able to hold you back.

Not looking for something large? Small works just as well. Many opt for the more abstract approach to paying respect and embodying the spirit of Shiva. Om Namah Shivaya is a popular script to get, and one that works anywhere on your body. It will show off the peaceful side of you where you have already conquered your demons.

Simple yet dynamic is good also. Use items that represent his power. The Trisula, his third eye, the snake, or even the white bull he rides all work. Combine some or all of them to tell the story of the divine, formidable being.

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