60 Odin Tattoo Designs For Men – Norse Ink Ideas

The Vikings were historically Norsemen from Scandinavia who’ve existed roughly around the eighth until the 11th century. The word “Viking” comes from Old Norse which roughly translates to “a pirate raid.” Hence, they weren’t originally known for their brotherly and unified culture, but mostly for their raids and pillaging across Europe.

Odin is a well-known figure in Norse heritage and mythology and is mainly known in today’s modern popular culture as a battlefield commander and honorable leader.

Many usually get tattoos of Odin or symbols related to him because they admire his values towards prestige, honor, and nobility.

Those who want to embrace their Norse ancestry often look to Odin as a symbol of strength and power. Odin is specifically associated with the “berserker” type of warrior whose fighting style focuses on raw, frenzied and ferocious techniques.

Certain totem animals are also connected with Odin’s aggressive demeanor, such as wolves or bears, which makes sense since he was known as the master of beasts.

People that look past Odin’s war-like poise admire him for his appreciation of wisdom. Tattoos that portray Odin with an empty eye socket symbolizes that it was sacrificed for wisdom, one of his most noticeable features.

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