60 Hourglass Tattoo Designs For Men – Passage Of Time

While the history of the hourglass is not precisely known, the meaning behind them is almost as crystal clear as the connected glass bulbs are.

Some claim the invention traces all the way back to ancient Egypt with dates ranging from c. 350 AD to 150 BC. Yet, to historians these two connected glass bulbs with sand inside still remain quite a mystery.

Regardless, the symbol of an hourglass has been found on everything from pirate flags to coffins and gravestones in England. Needless to say, it’s popular and for a good reason too.

The meaning behind this design stems from the eternal passage of time. A look inside of one and you’ll know exactly why as you watch the sand slipping away until there is none left. For some men, this idea serves as a reminder that life itself is finite. In other words, remember to make the most of it while you still can.

Other men interrupt this symbol based upon its two parts: The upper and lower bulbs. With a single turn it shows the constant cycle of life and death.

Another popular meaning stems from the direction of flowing sand. Sometimes in life we must stop and reverse the direction we are going in. As time passes it gives us the opportunity to contemplate our actions before it’s too late. Not to mention, the hourglass can serve as a reminder of the contrast in life with things such as joy and sadness.

With that said, spend some time exploring these top 60 best hourglass tattoo designs for men below. You’ll discover masculine ideas from realistic art to cool winged hourglass tattoos and more.

3d Sands Of Time Hourglass Tattoos For Men On Forearm

Abstract Broken Mens Hourglass Tattoos On Rib Cage Side With Red Ink

Bicep Tattoo Of People Falling Inside Hourglass For Men

Bird Holding Hourglass With Claws Mens Upper Arm Half Sleeve Tattoos

Book And Key Hourglass Full Ribs Tattoos For Men

Candle With Skull In Hourglass Design For Mens Tattoos

Chest Color Hourglass Wings Tattoo For Guys

Clock And Hourglass Realistic Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Color Sleeve Hourglass With Skull Tattoos For Men

Cool Masculine Clock And Hourglass Mens Tattoos

Cool Skull And Hourglass 3d Mens Tattoos

Forearm Hourglass With Anchor Inside Mens Tattoos

Forearm Skull Hourglass Tattoo For Men

Full Black Mens Back Hourglass Tattoos With Gears

Full Chest And Stomac Mens Hourglass Tattoo

Full Sleeve Clock And Hourglass Tattoos For Men

Full Sleeve Mens Candle Wax Dripping Hourglass Tattoos

Guys Hands Holding Hourglass Tattoo Design

Guys Tattoos Of Hourglass

Guys Tattoos Of Hourglasses

Hand Holding Sand Clock Hourglass On Arm Tattoo For Men

Hourglass Chest Tattoo For Men

Hourglass Ink Tattoo For Males

Hourglass Tattoo Ideas For Men

Hourglass Tattoos Designs For Guys

Hourglass With Crowned Skull Tattoos For Men On Arm

Incredible Realistic 3d Candle Hourglass Tattoo For Men

Lion And Hourglass Mens Bicep Tattoo Design Inspiration

Male Grim Reaper Hourglass Tattoo Inner Forearm

Male With Hourglass And Skull Bone Tattoo On Arm

Male With Tattoo Of Hourglass Half Sleeves

Man Inside Hourglass Tattoo Design On Back Of Arm

Manly Mens Hourglass Tattoo Designs

Man With Hourglass With Wings Tattoo On Fingers And Hands

Masculine Mens Hourglass Tattoo

Mens Broken Hourglass Tattoos On Rib Cage Side

Mens Broken Hourglass Tattoo With Arrows On Bicep

Mens Hourglass Tattoo Design

Mens Hourglass Tattoos

Mens Shoulder Hand Dropping Hourglass Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Small Hourglass Tattoo On Wrist

Mens Traditional Hourglass Tattoo

Mushroom Cloud Plant Hourglass Mens Tattoos On Wrist

Neck Tattoo Of Gold Hourglass With Red Sand For Men

Old Sandglass Hourglass Tattoo On Mans Bicep

Old School Theres A Time For Everything Tattoo Hourglass On Man

Owl And Hourglass Passage Of Time Mens Full Sleeve Tattoos

Realistic Inner Forearm Mens Hourglass Tattoo Design

Rose Flower Hourglass Lower Arm Mens Tattoos

Sands Of Time 3d Mens Hourglass Tattoos

Ship And Skull Inside Of Hourglass Tattoo For Men On Back Of Leg Calf

Simple Hourglass Tattoo For Men

Skeleton Birth 3d Mens Hourglass Tattoo Sleeve

Skull And Clock Sand Timer Hourglass Mens Arm Tattoos

Skull With Hourglass Sand Tattoo For Men

Small Simple Black Ink Mountain Top Hourglass Mens Tattoo On Arm

Snake Wrapped Around Hourglass Tattoo For Men

Thigh Leg Realistic Hand With Hourglass And Falling Sand Tattoo Design

Wrist Bird And Hourglass Guys Tattoos

Wrist Tattoo Of Rose And Hourglass For Men

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