60 Blast Over Tattoo Designs For Men – Cover Up Ink Ideas

What is a “blast over” tattoo? Well, it has nothing to do with rocket launches; unless you want it to, that is. Blast over tattoos rejuvenate your old, faded ink into something spectacular.

A typical blast over tattoo is a dramatic design of bold black line work with plenty of negative space.

It’s imposed over your older tattoos, which become a truly one-of-a-kind background.

If your tattoo sleeve has started blurring together over the years, or if you have some regrettable ink on your body (who doesn’t?), a blast over tattoo is the best decision to restore your bodily masterpiece. Think of it like a fresh, sharp black print cast over a watercolor. It provides contrast, and synthesizes the diverse shapes and colors of your other tattoos into a fascinating pattern.

Common blast over tattoos include skulls, butterflies, dragon and snake outlines, and mosaic geometry. They add a stunning new dimension that will renew your love for your old tattoos. And if you’re running out of un-inked real estate on your body, but you still want to experiment with tattoo designs, blast over tattoos are an innovative alternative.

Blast over tattoos represent your power to adapt. With a blast over tattoo, you’re designing your future with your past still in the background. Your history may be permanently etched on your skin, but it doesn’t control you.

Abstract Inner Arm Bicep Mens Blast Over Tattoo Design Inspiration

Amazing Mens Blast Over Skull Leg Tattoo Designs

Arm Dracula Incredible Blast Over Tattoos For Men

Arm Pattern Black Ink Blast Over Guys Tattoos

Artistic Male Blast Over Tattoo Ideas With Skull And Dagger Traditional Design

Barbed Wire Chest Distinctive Male Blast Over Tattoo Designs

Cool Blast Over Eagle Head With Cross Tattoo Design Ideas For Male On Arm

Cool Male Skull Blast Over Tattoo Designs Inner Arm Bicep

Creative Blast Over Skull Grim Reaper Arm Tattoos For Men

Day Of The Dead Small Skull Blast Over Tattoo On Men

Dragon Guys Tattoos With Blast Over Design

Flying Bird Blast Over Tattoos Men On Arm

Full Arm Sleeve Blast Over Tattoo Designs For Guys

Full Back Giant Roaring Tiger Head Blast Over Mens Tattoo Ideas

Gentleman With Angry Wolf Blast Over Upper Back Tattoo

Geometric Cube Sleeve Blast Over Tattoos For Gentlemen

Geometric Dots Forearm Blast Over Tattoo Design On Man

Geometric Pattern Forearm Blast Over Tattoo Design Ideas For Males

Grim Reaper Mens Tattoo Ideas With Blast Over Design On Upper Arm

Grim Reaper Small Male Cool Blast Over Tattoo Ideas

Grim Reaper Thigh Awesome Ink Blast Over Tattoos For Men

Guys Blast Over Roaring Gorilla Back Tattoo Deisgns

Guys Blast Over Tattoo On Hand Claw Design Ideas

Guys Blast Over Tattoos With Panther Design On Shoulder

Guy With Small Indian Head Arm Blast Over Tattoo Design

Half Sleeve Japanese Demon Mask Blast Over Male Tattoos

Leg Skull With Crossbones Blast Over Tattoos Guys

Lower Leg And Ankle Tribal Blast Over Tattoo Ideas For Males

Male With Cool Rose Flower Skull Blast Over Tattoo Design On Arm

Manly Blast Over Tattoo Demon Hand Design Ideas For Men

Masculine Bald Eagle Blast Over Chest Tattoos For Men

Mens Black Ink Over White Ink Panther Tattoo Blast Over Design On Inner Forearm

Mens Blast Over Demon Hand Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Blast Over Japanese Demon Mask Arm Tattoo Ideas

Mens Blast Over Tattoo With Traditional Old School Design

Mens Cool Skull Upper Arm Blast Over Tattoo Ideas

Outer Forearm Grim Reaper Blast Over Male Tattoo Designs

Outer Forearm Rose Flower Shaded Black And Grey Blast Over Tattoos For Males

Outer Forearm Snake Blast Over Tattoos Male

Retro Traditional Half Sleeve Female Portrait With Anchor Male Blast Over Tattoo Design Inspiration

Roman Numerals Chest Blast Over Guys Tattoo Designs

Rose Flower Dagger Neck Mens Tattoo With Blast Over Design

Rose Flower With Sailing Ship Blast Over Guys Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Sharp Blast Over Male Tattoo Ideas

Spider Web Heart Tricep Blast Over Tattoo Ideas On Guys

Traditional Old School Rose Flower Forearm Guys Tattoo Ideas Blast Over Designs

Traditional Rose Flowers Blast Over Mens Forearm Tattoo Designs

Unique Mens Blast Over Groilla Head With Red Rose Flower Arm Tattoos

Upper Arm Hand Holding Bell Blast Over Tattoo Ideas For Gentlemen

Upper Chest Traditional Snake Head Male Blast Over Tattoo Ideas

White Ink Over Black 3d Cube Male Tattoo With Blast Over Design

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