50 Ripped Skin Tattoo Designs For Men – Manly Torn Flesh Ink

50 Ripped Skin Tattoo Designs For Men – Manly Torn Flesh Ink

Scars convey a lot of masculine traits including ruggedness, assertiveness and dominance; fortunately, you can add all of these bold characteristics to your external demeanor with the jagged glory of ripped skin tattoos!

There are a lot of factors behind the ripped skin tattoo craze, and all of them are welcomed developments for gruffly sophisticated dudes. Let’s take a look at why today’s scarification industry is eschewing its cosmetic roots in favor of emulating actual scars.

First off, the old saying is true: “Chicks dig scars!” Women are subconsciously fascinated with men who have battle marks. This has been proven in psychology, and it is rooted in the same instincts that make “bad boys” attractive to self-proclaimed “good girls.”

Basically, a man who has withstood injuries displays the signs of being both a defensive protector and an aggressive go-getter. Here’s the best part: That ripped skin doesn’t even have to be real; honestly, a tattoo replica will garner the same effect with half the suffering.

Another element of the torn flesh ink craze has to do with the cult resurgence of zombies. These campy horror creatures are making a major comeback, and guys everywhere want to look like walkers. For the main part, these designs merely represent a bold attitudes and thick skin. Look ahead for proof!

3d Mens Tattoo Of Symbol Ripping Out Skin On Chest

Bicep Eyeball Ripped Open Skin Tattoos For Males

Bicep Male Ripped Skin American Flag Tattoos

Bicep Religous Quote Rip Skin Tattoos For Men

Bones Ripping Through Skin Tattoo On Hands

Chest Heart Ripping Through Skin Tattoos For Men

Claw Red Torn Ripped Skin Tattoo Designs On Upper Ribs

Claw Ripping Skin Tattoo On Mans Back Of Arm

Cool Mens Ripping Out Of Skin Tattoos On Chest

Cross Shoulder Tattoo Ripping Out Of Skin On Man

Full Sleeve Muscle Ripped Skin Tattoo On Man

Guys Tattoos Ripping Through Skin On Bicep

Half Leg Sleeve Ripped Skin Muscle Tattoos

Hands Skin Rip Tattoo Designs On Men

Hand Tattoo Of Ripped Skin With Gears For Men

Incredible Mens Ripped Skin Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Inner Forearm Mens Ripped Skin Tattoo Designs

Leg Mechanical Shock Skin Ripping Open Tattoo On Man

Leg Mechanical Tattoo Ripped Skin For Men

Male Tattoo Skin Rip On Rib Cage Side With Quote

Male Tattoos Of Ripped Skin On Inner Forearm

Man With Skin Ripped Open Tattoos And Bones On Arm

Man With Tattoo Of Ripped Skin Forearm

Mens 3d Mechanical Ripped Skin Tattoo On Forearm And Wrist

Mens Arm Ripped Skin Quote Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Blue Ripped Skin Star Tattoo On Wrist

Mens Mechanical Shock Leg Tattoo With Ripped Skin Design

Mens Rib Cage Bones Ripped Skin Tattoos

Mens Ripped Skin Tattoos Rib Cage Side

Mens Ripped Skin Tattoo With Quote In Star Shape On Upper Arm

Mens Ripped Skin Tattoo With Realistic 3d Mechanical Gears On Leg

Mens Ripping Skin Tattoo Of Snake On Back Of Leg Calf

Mens Rip Skin Tattoo Electronic Computer Chips On Leg

Mens Skin Ripping Tattoo On Chest With Nautical Star And Quote

Mens Skin Ripping Tattoos Of American Flag On Shoulder

Mens Torn Ripped Skin Star Tattoo On Chest With Quote

Mens Upper Arm Ripped Skin Tattoo

Pattern Tattoo Ripping Through Skin For Men

Rib Cage Side Guys Ripped Skin Heart Tattoo

Rib Cage Side Mens Skin Rip Tattoo Of Gears

Ripping Skin Tattoos For Men With Puzzle Quote

Skin Ripped Tattoo For Guys Of American Flag In Red White And Blue Ink

Skin Ripping Tattoo Designs For Males On Forearm With Red Ink

Skin Rip Tattoos For Men On Ribs With Heart

Skull And Claws Skin Ripped Tattoos For Men On Legs

Skull Ripping Through Skin Tattoo On Arm

Tattoos Ripping Out Of Skin For Men On Hands

Wrist Male Ripped Skin Mechanical And Muscle Tattoo

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