50 Ant Tattoo Designs For Men – Insect Ink Ideas

Ants are extremely strong creatures. In fact, a leaf cutter ant can carry up to 50 times its own body weight. They are also fierce fighters.

They will fight to the death with animals much bigger and stronger than themselves in order to protect their queen and offspring.

They are also incredibly intelligent. The living structures that they build as colonies are works of pure wonder in the animal kingdom–every bit as impressive as the honey bees’ hive and honey combs.

The ancient Greek philosopher Aesop portrayed the ant as a wise and industrious worker who worked hard while others played. The ant did this because it knew that it must prepare for the difficult winter ahead. While the grasshopper lazed about, without a care for the future, the ant put away food and prepared his shelter for the harder months.

So, would it surprise you to find out that nearly every one of these wise, strong, fearless fighters that you have ever seen is female? It’s true! Ants are a matriarchal species, ruled by their queen, with the males existing solely to propagate the species.

Every year in London, one one special hot and balmy day called “flying ant day,” these young and irritable studs spread their wings and flock to the sky in the thousands to mate with new queens. In one last orgy of free love, they give the last of their energy to create a new generation, then fall to the ground, dead.

Whether your ant tattoo is of a male or female ant, it shows of your fierce loyalty to your tribe, your strength, intelligence and your dedication to preparing for the future.

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