40 Wing Chest Tattoo Designs For Men – Freedom Ink Ideas

Wings tattooed on the chest could have many meanings, and it starts with the type of wings chosen. Many simply choose wings that are akin to an eagle. This usually means that you are connected to nature and that you believe in freedom.

Of course, there are others who choose a more fantastical set of wings such as those of a phoenix.

This usually means that you are a person that believes in honesty and truth. The phoenix has also been associated with reincarnation.

Others choose a darker route when it comes to the type of wings used. Some use something closer to the wings of a dragon or even a demon-like creature. These choices are definitely darker and could mean all sorts of things. Most of the time, these types of wings are meant to show that you are not afraid of facing the evils of this world and that you will rise above them.

There is a third type of tattoo design that is usually used on the chest, which are the wings of an angel. The religious implications of angel’s wings are definitely at the forefront of this particular type of design. It could mean that the wearer feels close to angels or sees himself as a protector of others. It could also represent the wearer’s innocence is out in the open.

Awesome Guys Wing Tattoo On Chest

Black Ink Outline Mens Chest Tattoo With Winged Hourglass Design

Compass With Wings Guys Masculien Chest Tattoo Designs

Cool Unique Mens Wing Trust Your Struggle Tattoo On Chest

Cool Wing Feathers Male Chest Tattoo Designs

Detailed Mens Wing Feathers Chest Tattoos

Enternal Heart Guys Wing And Roses Tattoo On Chest

Family First Wings Chest Tattoos For Males

Gentleman With Two Wings On Chest Tattoo

Geometric Shapes Mens Wing Tattoo On Chest

Glowing Heart With Wings Male Chest Tattoo

Guys All Seeing Eye Wing Chest Tattoo

Guys Chest Wing Lion Tattoo Designs

Heart With Keyhole And Wings Male Upper Chest Tattoos

Hourglass With Banner And Wings Guys Chest Tattoo

Hourglass With Wings Guys Chest Tattoo

Icarus Wing Tattoos For Men On Chest

Lion With Wings Guys Chest Tattoo Ideas

Male With Geometric Wings And All Seeing Eye Ches Tattoo

Manly Wing Chest Tattoo Design Ideas For Guys

Memorial Guys Wing Heart Upper Chest Tattoo Ideas

Mens Angel With Wings Chest Tattoo

Mens Artistic Wing Upper Chest Tattoo Inspiration

Mens Chest Tattoo Of Praying Hands With Angel Wings

Mens Watercolor Wing Chest Tattoos

Mens Wing Day Of The Dead Skull Chest Tattoos

Old School Guys Flaming Heart Wings Upper Chest Tattoos

Owl Wings Guys Watercolor Tattoo Design On Chest

Pocket Watch With Skull And Wings Chest Tattoos For Men

Realistic Feather Wing Male 3d Upper Chest Tattoos

Single Wing Chest Tattoos For Men

Sketched Male Wing Chest Tattoo

Skull With Anchor And Wings Guys Chest Tattoos

Skull With Clock And Wings Male Chest Tattoo

Skull With Flames And Wings Male Chest Tattoos

Traditional Guys All Seeing Eye With Wing Chest Tattoo

Two Wings Male Chest Tattoos

Virgin Mary With Wings And Rose Flowers Guys Chest Tattoo

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