40 Japanese Crane Tattoo Designs For Men – Bird Ink Ideas

The crane is known as the “heavenly crane,” the “crane of good fortune,” the “bird of happiness,” and the “bird of peace.” It is considered to be a most auspicious bird throughout the traditional cultures of southeast Asia.

When Chinese workers came to America, the imagery was mistakenly applied to storks instead – but the meaning was preserved, in that the stork brought newborn babies to fortunate families.

After the conclusion of World War II, the traditional image of the crane achieved new heights of popularity in Japan, as a war-torn population prayed for long-term peace and prosperity in the wake of such terrible suffering.

These feelings, this sense of hope, have served to spread the popularity of the crane all over the globe. Like the great bird itself with its wings spread wide, the crane has flown throughout western society. Its image in tattooing is used to express hope and optimism for a bright and peaceful future, but it’s also come to mean more than that: for many American men, the crane means one with the strength, reliability, and sense of responsibility necessary to achieve and maintain that peaceful and hopeful optimism.

Crane tattoos are common among young professionals and entrepreneurs — people who are hopeful for a stroke of good luck in securing the future for themselves and their families. They’re found quite frequently among men who hope to make the world a better place, whether by fighting for their freedom, or simply being the best that they can be, every day. To sport a crane tattoo is to take pride in one’s efforts to improve themselves.

Amazing Mens Full Rib Cage Side Japanese Crane Tattoo

Awesome Japanese Flying Cranes Half Back Mens Tattoos

Cool Mens Japanese Crane Half Sleeve Tattoo

Creative Japanese Crane Tattoo For Men On Thigh

Gentleman With Full Chest Japanese Themed Crane Bird Tattoo

Guys Forearm Sleeve Japanese Crane Tattoo

Guy With Traditional Japanese Crane Bird Clouds Sleeve Tattoo On Arm

Half Sleeve Guys Shaded Japanese Style Crane Bird Tattoos

Half Sleve Japanese Crane Mens Tattoo Inspiration

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Japanese Crane Mens Full Back Tattoo Ideas

Japanese Crane Mens Half Sleeve Bird Tattoos

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Masculine Full Arm Sleeve Guys Japanese Crane Tattoo

Mens Crane Japanese Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Mens Japanese Crane Black Ink Outline Dragon Full Back Tattoo

Mens Japanese Crane Full Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Shaded Black And Grey Ink Japanese Clouds With Flying Crane Tattoo Sleeve

Mountains With Sun And Crane Half Sleeve Mens Japanese Tattoos

Rising Sun With Origami Japanese Crane Mens Forearm Tattoo

Shaded Black And Grey Clouds With Japanese Crane Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Shaded Flying Bird Crane Mens Japanese Upper Back Tattoo

Shaded Japanese Crane Full Leg Sleeve Mens Tattoos

Shoulder And Chest Guys Japanese Crane And Turtle Tattoo

Snake With Crane Mens Japanese Sleeve Tattoos

Tiger With Water Waves And Crane With Clouds Mens Japanese Upper Chest Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Crane Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Upper Chest Colorful Mens Japanese Crane Tattoos

White Ink Japanese Crane Bird Mens Sleeve Tattoos

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