40 Good Luck Tattoos For Men – Lucky Design Ideas

Good luck symbols aren’t just for gamblers and con artists, they have been worn and cherished by men and women the world over for as long as the word “luck” has lingered on the lips of the hopeful.

From shamrocks to horseshoes, our lucky symbols reflect more than just our superstitions, but hopes for the future.

And if a simple charm or token can bring a little good fortune into your life, imagine what a permanent ink rendering can do?

Whether you wish to call upon the luck of the Irish or invoke the strange talents of the rabbit’s foot, there really is no right or wrong way to commit these time-honored symbols to your flesh. Perhaps you even hold a lucky number in your heart, and wish to keep it on you for all time; the power and beauty of lucky tattoo symbols is that they carry no expiration date, and will wear as well as they assist.

Many men prefer to tuck their good luck tattoos somewhere subtle and away from the watchful eye of the world. Perhaps you too wish to conceal your personal totem, and it’s not uncommon for only a fortunate few to catch a glimpse of the quivering clover or polished horseshoe inked on the torso or behind a shoulder blade or ear.

Wherever you ultimately choose to carry your good luck symbol, one thing is certain: fortune will be sure to follow.

Arm Traditional Horseshoe Mens Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Awesome Lucky Number 7 With Pair Of Dice Forearm Good Luck Tattoos For Men

Chest Wishbone Male Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Creative Good Luck Lower Leg Horseshoe Tattoos For Men

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Forearm Sailing Ship Traditional Good Luck Tattoos For Gentlemen

Gentleman With Horseshoe Good Luck Tattoo

Good Luck Guys Horseshoe Traditional Old School Arm Tattoos

Good Luck Guys Playing Cards With Hand Outer Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Guys Good Luck Rabbits Foot Tattoos On Leg

Guys Good Luck Tattoo Design Finger Crossed Ideas

Inner Forearm 3d Dice Guy With Good Luck Tattoo Design

Inner Forearm Traditional Anchor Good Luck Male Tattoos

Leg Calf Manly Good Luck Tattoo Design Ideas For Men

Leg Horseshoe Good Luck Mens Tattoo Ideas

Lower Leg Horseshoe Banner Mens Good Luck Tattoo Ideas

Lucky Dice With Horseshoe Good Luck Tattoo Designs For Guys

Male With Cool Good Luck Horseshoe Traditional Arm Tattoo Design

Masculine Good Luck Tattoos For Men On Tricep

Mens Good Luck Tattoo Design Horseshoe Ideas

Retro Playing Cards With Hand Holding Them Good Luck Male Tattoo Ideas

Side Of Fingers Mens Cool Good Luck Tattoo Ideas

Small Horseshoe Male Good Luck Tattoo Design Inspiration

Traditional Horseshoe And Black Cat Good Luck Tattoos For Men

Tricep Black Cat Male Good Luck Tattoo Ideas

Unique Mens Good Luck Tattoos With Anchor And Banner Design

Upper Chest Grim Reaper Cool Male Good Luck Tattoo Designs

Upper Chest Playing Cards Traditional Guys Good Luck Tattoo Designs

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