40 Arowana Tattoo Designs For Men – Fish Ink Ideas

40 Arowana Tattoo Designs For Men – Fish Ink Ideas

Fish, including the arowana, hold a sacred meaning in many cultures. This means that there are many stunning artworks to inspire your own body art.

Arowana are not as well-known as koi and carp, but this is what makes them even more exciting.

These fish are ancient, dating all the way back to the Late Cretaceous. The reason they have survived for so long? These guys are merciless carnivores and renegades who will literally jump six feet out of water in order to get their food. What’s more: these guys live all around the world, from Asia to South America and Australia.

Most often, these fish are depicted in similar environments to koi and carp, with the common details of Asian body art. You’ll find waves in black and white shades with eye-popping colors for the fish and flowers that are swimming above it. This might make it seem that these fish are calm and peaceful. However, in the case of the formidable arowana, looks are absolutely deceiving.

The fact that looks can be deceiving might be an aspect fo the arowana that resonates with you. Like the arowana, you might seem like the calm, peaceful kind of guy, but deep down, you know that you have enormous power and potential. You, like the arowana, are capable of surviving, no matter how much your world changes.

If you’re not into Asian-inspired body art, you can still make the arowana you’re own with interesting geographic patterns or enticing colors. The arowana is as flexible as it is fierce.

Amazing Mens Arowana Tattoo Designs On Upper Chest

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Arowana Male Chest Tattoo Designs

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Full Back Mens Cool Arowana Tattoo Ideas

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Gentleman With Arowana Fish Chest And Sleeve Tattoo

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Guys Arowana Tattoos On Forearm

Guys Watercolor Tattoos With Arowana Design On Upper Back

Guy With Upper Arm Black Ink Arowana Tattoo Design

Half Sleeve Japanese Artistic Male Arowana Tattoo Ideas

Half Sleeve Shaded Black And Grey Japanese Arowana Male Tattoos

Incredible Arowana Tattoos For Men On Back

Japanese Full Arm Sleeve Arowana Mens Tattoo Ideas

Japanese Quarter Sleeve And Chest Arowana Tattoo Ideas For Males

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Male Arowana Tattoo Design Inspiration Quarter Sleeve And Chest

Male Cool Arowana Tattoo Ideas Half Sleeve

Male Tattoo With Arowana Design Half Sleeve

Male With Cool Arowana Tattoo Design On Leg

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Masculine Realistic 3d Fish Arowana Tattoos For Men On Chest

Mens Colorful Half Sleeve Japanese Arowana Tattoo Design Ideas

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Unique Mens Arowana Tattoos Half Sleeve

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