20 Green Bay Packers Tattoos For Men – NFL Ink Ideas

While the Green Bay Packers call the smallest local market in the NFL home, their impact on the sport has been huge. They’re the third oldest team in the entire league, and they lay claim to the most league championship wins at 13 overall.

They’ve also got four Super Bowl wins under them, not the least of which is the 35-10 victory over the Chiefs in the very first Super Bowl.

One of the most popular teams in the league, their fan base is immensely loyal and for good reason: the fans have a financial stake in the team. While other teams are owned by millionaires or corporations, the Packers are owned by the fans, with over 5 million shares in the team spread over more than 300,000 people. They’ve always been the small-town team, something that was common at the start of the NFL. However, the Packers are the last vestige of that tradition.

Even with all the down home, “our town” tradition behind the Packers, it’s still impossible to get season tickets if you don’t already have them. The waiting list is estimated at around 30 years, but if you signed up today, you shouldn’t expect to get your season pass before the year 2960.

But don’t worry cheeseheads! Even if you can’t get those coveted season-long seats for another thousand years, you can still get your Packers ink any time you want. While you’re waiting for those season passes to come your way, take a look at our gallery for some inspiration!

Black Ink Male Green Bay Packers Upper Chest State Tattoos

Cheese Green Bay Packers Mens Arm Tattoos

Cool Shaded Green Bay Packers Championship Ring Mens Forearm Tattoo

Football With Green Bay Packers Logo Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Green Bay Packers Football Helmet Mens Tattoos On Leg

Green Bay Packers State Outline Guys 3d Leg Tattoo Design Ideas

Green Bay Packers Trophy With Helmet Mens Arm Tattoos

Mens Football Green Bay Packers Coach Memorial Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Mens Green Bay Packers Football Coach Thigh Tattoo

Mens Watercolor Green Bay Packers Leg Calf Tattoos

Metallic Green Bay Packers Logo Guys Lower Leg Tattoo

Orange Green Bay Packers Football Player Mens Sleeve Tattoo

Rings Green Bay Packers Mens Outer Forearm Tattoos

Ripped Skin Green Bay Packers Guys Leg Tattoos

Shaded Black And Grey Green Bay Packers Stadium Tattoo On Arm

Skull With Green Bay Packers Football Helmet Mens Leg Tattoo

Unique Guys Green Bay Packers State Outlien Leg Tattoos

Unique Guys Green Bay Packers Themed Arm Tattoos

World Champion Green Bay Packers Ring Mens Forearm Tattoos

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