100 Head Tattoos For Men – Masculine Ink Design Ideas

When it comes to head tattoos, gentlemen these days are getting more than just skulls for well, their skulls. In reality, this highly visible area of canvas is taking ink ideas to all new heights.

Interesting enough, head tattoos are just as visible as they are discreet.

A straight razor shave reveals the ink under your head of hair to the world. While a few months avoiding the barbershop chair keeps your tattoo covertly concealed under a manly mane.

As they say, it’s nice to have options. However, the same can’t be said about the process of actually getting a head tattoo. In reality, it’s one of the most painful places on the body to get inked.

Let’s face it, sitting in the chair while a needle vibrates your skull for hours on end isn’t a pleasant experience for any man. Of course, consider the fact that your ears are just a few inches away for all that noise too.

Beyond the process, you’ll be surprised by the number of really sharp designs that are coming to light with head tattoos. Guys today are getting everything from gears to geometric patterns, tigers, lettering designs and much more on their noggins.

To see what I mean just explore this collection of the top 100 best head tattoos for men. You’ll discover a handful of masculine ideas below alongside some of the coolest body art out there.

3d Cube Male Head Tattoos

3d Geometric Head Tattoo On Male

3d Mechanical Gear Male Head Tattoo Designs

3d Mens Head Tattoo Design Ideas

3d Octopus Skull Mens Realistic Head Tattoo Ideas

3d Skull With Pins Guys Back Of Head Realistic Tattoo Ideas

Abstract Guys Bear Tattoo On Head

All Seeing Eye With Snake Guys Back Of Head Tattoos

Amazing Mens Colorful Head Tattoo Inspiration Ideas

Amazing Pattern Male Head Tattoo With Dotwork Design

Amazing Tiger Mens Head Tattoos

American Traditional Guys Bald Eagle Head Tattoos

Awesome Guys Geometric Flower Head Tattoo

Bear Mens Black Ink Outline Head Tattoos

Bird With Rose Flowers Mens Head Tattoos

Black Crow Mens Head Tattoo Design Ideas

Bones 3d Head Tattoos For Gentlemen

Broken Arrows Head Tattoos For Men

Candle With Bald Eagle Old School Guys Head Tattoo Ideas

Church Window Guys Awesome Head Tattoos

Cobra Snake Guys Head Tattoo Designs

Cool Dotwork Guys Head Tattoo

Cool Letters Guys Decorative Head Tattoos

Cool Mens Lettering Head Tattoos

Cool Negative Space Tribal Head Tattoos

Creative 3d Stone Mens Head Tattoos

Demon Mens Head Tattoo Design

Dotwork Guys Star Head Tattoo By Ear

Falcon Tribal Male Black Ink Tattoo Design On Head

Falcon Tribal Mens Celtic Head Tattoos

Floral Male Head Tattoo With Geometric Center

Floral Mens Geometric Top Of Head Tattoo

Gentleman With Old School Rose Flower Head Tattoo Design

Geometeric Circle Head Tattoo On Male

Geometric Back Of Head Guys Tattoo

Geometric Dotwork Tattoo On Man

Geometric Guys Head Tattoo With All Seeing Eye Design

Geometric Guys Pattern Flower Tattoo On Head

Geometric Male Floral Head Tattoo

Geometric Male Pattern Full Head Tattoo Designs

Grim Repear Guys Head Tattoos

Growling Wofl Head Tattoo On Gentleman

Guys Geometric Flower Pattern Back Of Head Tattoo Design Inspiration

Guys Hand With Snake Head Tattoo

Guys Sailor Jerry Style Tiger Head Tattoo

Guys Wolf Howling At The Moon Head Tattoo

Head Tattoo Of Geometric Flower On Male

Heart With Skull Creative Male Head Tattoo Ideas

Incredible Black And White Ink Rat Mens Head Tattoo

Jesus On Cross Mens Head Tattoos

Lizard Mens New School Head Tattoos

Male With Greek Medusa Head Tattoo

Male With Pattern Geometric Head Tattoo

Manly Snake Mens Head Tattoos

Man With Geometric Flower Head Tattoo Deisgn

Man With Geometric Red And Black Ink Head Tattoos

Man With Geometric Star 3d Head Tattoo Design

Man With Realistic Scissors Head Tattoo

Man With Rose Flower Head Tattoo

Masculine Roman Male Head Tattoos

Mens Dotwork Geometic Head Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Geometric Floral Head Tattoos

Mens Geometric Negative Space Dotwork Head Tattoos

Mens Monster Skull Head Tattoo

Mens Old School Bald Eagle Traditional Head Tattoo

Mens Shark Dotwork Head Tattoos

Modern 3d Guys Back Of Head And Shoulders Tattoo

Modern Lantern Guys Head Tattoo

Modern Male Head Lettering Tattoo Design Ideas

Neo Traditional Guys Bat Head Tattoos

Neo Traditional Tiger Head Tattoos For Men

New School Colorful Rose Head Male Tattoos

New School Guys Black Crow With Burning Lantern Head Tattoo

Norse Mens Side Of Head Tattoos

Not All Who Wander Are Lost Mens Words Head Tattoo

Old School Guys Black Ink Bald Eagle Head Tattoo

Olive Branch Male Head Tattoo Design On Side

Orante Lettering Male Head Tattoos

Religious Angel With Cross Mens Christian Head Tattoos

Shaded Mens Rose Flower Head Tattoos

Skeleton Praying With Dice Mens Head Tattoo

Skeleton Skull Guys Side Of Head Tattoo Designs

Skull Neo Traditional Tattoo On Mans Head

Skull With Female Portrait Guys Head Tattoos

Sparrow Mens Head Tattoos

Thor Hammer Guys Head Tattoo With Black Crow

Tiger Male Head Tattoo Inspiration

Traditional Guys Red Rose Flower Head Tattoos

Traditional Hawk Mens Head Tattoo

Tribal Star Mens Head Tattoos

Vintage Car Mens Head Tattoo Designs

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