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How Tall Is Tall Enough?

“I have noticed that women overwhelmingly favor taller guys; however, I am shorter than all of my male friends, so what can I do to improve my dating chances with the ladies? Are their expectations realistic based on average heights of men around the world?”

While women do have a natural tendency to prefer tall men, this is not typically a definitive factor in their mating selections.

There are several assets a man must possess, and extreme vertical proportions cannot compensate for a lack of other valuable traits.

Therefore, men that do not have a uniquely towering presence should not feel disadvantaged when it comes to dating. In fact, there are several methods savvy men can apply to make height less of an issue.

Confidence can remedy any perceived shortness, so it is wise to display a cool calm at all times. Remember, mentality is sometimes much more attractive than physicality. Forging sincere emotional bonds with receptive women will stave off potential shortcomings.

Showcasing a smooth swagger can make any guy appear like the tallest man on the planet. Ultimately, it is not what a man has, but how he carries it.

Historically Speaking

Anthropologically, there are countless explanations for the female’s salacious response to elevated physiques. Primarily, increased height fosters extra visibility; however, notice-ability does not equal reliability. Some psychologists believe shorter men have a tendency to be seen as more trustworthy than their elongated counterparts.

Because tallness can lead to additional libidinous advances, men with small to medium statures are automatically prone to enhanced propriety.

Another benefit of height stems back to the hunting and gathering days. In this era, women would select their mate based on their capacity to hunt, so tallness would have provided additional manpower alongside advanced panoramic vision. Despite the continued growth of humanity, this prehistoric prerequisite has pervasively lingered into modern times.

Due to these primal roots, height has unnecessarily become synonymous with undiluted manliness.

Environmental conditions are usually responsible for procuring physical characteristics, so certain geographic regions facilitate much taller people than other locations can accommodate. As a consequence, the median male height drastically varies around the world.

The Height Study Results

Average Men's Height

Overall, the statistics have revealed that ladies have inflated demands for a man’s vertical disposition. For example, the average American man measures just over 5′ 10″, but ladies in the USA predominantly prefer guys who are over 6′ tall. Men in the UK are of a strikingly similar stature due to shared genetics, and their average is approximately 5’9″. Australia shares nearly identical rates with America, but Canada dips to a combined median of 5’8″.

And if you take a look at the height chart above, you can see most scientific studies prove incredibly close numbers in the overall results.

However for an area with anomalously tall citizens, go to the Netherlands. With an average male height that exceeds 6′, this should be the most ruggedly handsome country on the globe. If height was a central deciding factor, the world’s women would be ditching their nuanced tastes for a beau from Amsterdam. Clearly, this is not the case.

Does A Man’s Height Matter?

Guys that are not satisfied with their composure can use these numerical figures to realize their are infinitely more factors in the equation than mere physical stature. Furthermore, repeated studies have shown that women go after tall men for brief flings, but they will be seeking commitment when they start dating a man of standard height.

Average sized men can enjoy not being treated like a temporary phase, which is an unspoken condition that quietly plagues taller guys.

Another reason women might favor excessive heights stems from economics. Tall people typically earn slightly more than other members of society, so high stature can inadvertently signify wealth or prominence. Both of these traits are superficially enticing for the ladies.

In addition to cultural allure, the attractive implications of above-average dispositions are significant and varied. Because their physical form is widely favored, tall men are generally more self-assured individuals. Being able to stand out also enables easier methods of personal assertion. Tall men are always a big visual target, so they do not have to try as hard to receive attention. Ladies love being able to share in this limelight.

Men that are not elevated to a gargantuan level can take solace in being judged on their own intrinsic merit. Height is a matter of luck, so there is no pride to be had in a looming presence. Instead of dwelling on supposed biological inefficiencies, it is more productive for a man to work on the things he can change.

An insecurity pertaining to height is much less flattering than actual shortness. Develop a bold personality and refined intellect, and do not waste one more second wishing for a few more inches.

Tallness is a critical element for women looking at men as possible partners, but the desire for high physical stature may simply be inherently unrealistic. Height should be treated as a secondary feature that enhances an overall package. In the meantime, it is smart to focus on the more malleable traits that comprise primary sexual attraction.

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