Top 75 Best Stocking Stuffers For Men – Definitive Men’s Gift Guide

The Festive Season is nearly upon us…

No matter which holiday you celebrate during this time, chances are, giving gifts is a part of your tradition. For the men in your life — brothers, sons, dads, extended family, husbands, boyfriends, friends, and coworkers that don’t suck — you may want to give a few small gifts.

While these “stocking stuffers” or “stocking fillers” often fill out the space under the tree next to bigger-ticket items, they can also stand alone as small token gifts. A few put together can make nice little “loot bags” for the guys you call by their first names, as personal or professional as you want to make them.

Listed below are a few suggestions for the best men’s presents to get you started.

Gifts Guide: The Top 75 Best Stocking Stuffers For Men

1. Books Every Man Should Read

Men's Books

These gifts never go out of style, no matter how technology advances. Books, gift cards to book stores, and even credit for an e-reading device are fantastic presents at any level of acquaintance—from casual co-workers to siblings, significant others, friends, or parents.

The men in your life all have interests they are passionate about, and more than likely, there are any number of books that will speak to these interests. From How-To manuals to science fiction, history, or art books, there’s something for everyone.

Find a good read: The top 15 best books for men.

2. Balsa Wood Model Airplane

Balsa Wood Airplane

A balsa wood airplane kit is an inexpensive and fun gift to include in the proverbial stocking. It encourages tactile skills that may have fallen into disuse, as well as being a light-hearted project. Such pastimes help to reduce stress and encourage patience, two things any guy could use more of in his life.

While working on it, e-mail and voice mail must wait. By engaging focus and following the procedure to produce something that works, we allow different parts of our mind to be used, letting others that are used too much a bit of down time.

Guillow has been making these fun balsa wood airplanes since 1926, and I must say their story is one worth reading into when you have a chance.

3. Beard Comb & Bottle Opener

Beard Comb Bottle Opener

Beard Comb For Men

It may sound a little strange, but it’s probably one of the coolest little gifts you can give a guy in your life. Made by the Old Familiar Comb Company, this metal comb slides easily into a pocket, with a special bottle-opener shaped cut right into the back.

It’s a great gift—a multi-tool that tackles personal grooming needs and helps them prepare in the event of a non-twist off bottle cap emergency. Who says the hero of a backyard barbecue can’t look well groomed?

4. Brewery & Steakhouse Gift Certificate

Brewery Gift Certificate

Steakhouse Gift Certificate

Much like movie tickets, whether it’s for Dad, Brother, a coworker or a significant other, this can be a great way to show you care or plan the perfect outing. Plus, it can be great for visiting family members.

If there’s a chain restaurant that grills a great steak or a major brewery that offers tours, chances are, gift cards are easier to obtain than you might think. They can be used when your family member returns home, at their convenience.

5. Christmas Candy Coal

Holiday Christmas Candy Coal

Because a good sense of humor can go a long way.

6. Car Wax

Car Wax

Again, you’ll want to give this to a man in your life who takes a passionate interest in maintaining their automobile. It won’t do much for your coworker who chooses to take the bus.

However, for a man close to you, who values the maintenance of his car or truck, this is a wonderful, inexpensive, but very caring little gift to tuck into the holiday goody bag.

One wax highly worth considering is Souveran by Pinnacle Wax. Of course, you can always elect to go with a less pricey wax, but if you want the best, here it is.

7. Aromatic Cedar Shoe Trees

Cedar Shoe Trees

These are great for guys who have to wear the same pairs of shoes every day five days a week. They keep the inside of dress shoes from taking on the odors of hot, tired feet.

Cedar shoe trees also help fine leather shoes to keep their shape over time, rather than collapsing into patterns of wear. You can find top notch pair over at Oak Street Bookmakers, where everything is meticulously handmade in the USA.

8. Fine Cigars


If you have a man in your life who enjoys cigars, purchasing a few that he’ll enjoy can be a great gift. Even for those who don’t typically indulge in the pastime can appreciate a nice box to keep in the event of a poker night or other manly evening pursuit.

Remember to include a box of nice matches with your gift. When you light it, you are pulling air in through the body of the cigar. Lighters damage the flavor and aroma of a good cigar with chemical fumes.

9. Beard Oil For Men

Beard Oil For Men

Facial hair isn’t of the same texture as the hair on a guy’s head. Especially with the dry cold of winter, help your furry friends stay looking their best with a gift of some nice beard oil.

Not only will it keep their beards glossy and cared-for, but it will help to protect their face from skin issues associated with the seasonal dryness—breakouts and patchy, itchy epidermis.

10. Small Desk Clock

Best Clocks For Men

This is a wonderful small gift for any guy in your life. It will save them time if they don’t need to go to a device to check the time. Plus, desk clocks come in all styles, so there’s one that will be just right, no matter what their personal style or décor requirements of their place of employment—from simple, modern digital displays to small, roman numeral displays in a round clock barrel, brushed metal or matte plastic.

Take a look at these Cool Men’s Alarm Clocks.

11. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

This is a great gift between coworkers or to someone special in your life. There are so many unique and interesting mug designs out there today that one is sure to express precisely how you feel about a guy in your life. From snarky sayings to extra-large designs, you can find a wonderful mug for every guy in your circle.

Plus, even if they don’t prefer to drink coffee, these mugs can be used for cocoa, tea, adult beverages, or even to hold pens and pencils on their desk.

12. Coffee Beans To Go With It

Coffee Stocking Stuffer Ideas

For the caffeine fiend in your life, personal coffee bags can be a wonderful little stocking stuffer. They offer the coffee hound in your midst to personalize the grind of their choice—and help to conserve resources.

With many loose-bean coffees available at coffee houses or grocery stores, he’ll be able to mix and match his favorite whole-bean varieties or keep different coffees separate for grinding and brewing at home.

Enjoy a sip of these:

Gorilla Coffee
Quixotic Coffee
Gradys Cold Brew
Sling Shot Coffee Company

13. Collar Stays

Collar Strays Small Gifts For Men

Much like cufflinks, collar stays may be a part of the lost art of couture for guys. These are tabs that weigh down the tips of the collar on a collared shirt, fixed underneath so they go unseen. It allows men to have a casual, open-collared button-down look without fixing the collar with buttons.

Collar stays keep the shirt from gaping open, and the collar portion flattening out, so your guy always looks crisp and freshly dressed. Consider taking a look at the fine Swiss Stays.

14. Embroidered USB Cord


Does anyone really enjoy cords? How many times have you had to dig through your bag to find them? As technology advances and things become more compact in their design, a little cord to attach on the end of a flash drive can prevent a prolonged search in the bottom of a computer bag.

It simply makes it more noticeable and easier to grasp. Plus, it’s one of those tiny gifts that can be given as part of a larger stocking with ease.

Pick up your creative cables at Eastern Collective.

15. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer Gift Ideas

If a gentleman has a desk, chances are, he needs an organizer of some sort, a stylish pen holder, or even a new desk calendar for the next year. These are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of styles.

As well, they’re available almost anywhere—from office supply warehouses to big-box stores, or even gentlemen’s shops that specialize in the polished-leather and hand-crafted type of goods.

16.Men’s Dopp Kit

Dopp Kit For Men

Also known as a toiletry bag, in case you were wondering, this makes a great gift for almost any guy. Much like wallets, kit bags get a lot of wear and tear, especially if a particular guy travels for business. These are usually pretty inexpensive and simple in design, but speak volumes about how much you’re paying attention.

This is where they stow their deodorant, shave lotions, razors, and other personal grooming supplies when they’re away from their own sink.

17. Duck Tape

Duck Tape Men's Mustache

You know the popular saying about “duck” tape, but while it’s useful for a variety of on the fly repair jobs, it’s also most useful for its originally intended purpose—sealing up gaps in ductwork at the joints. If your guy owns a home, he may have need of this.

Or he may just have a hole in the upholstery of his car and need a quick patch. You never know when it will prove useful, which, we suspect is part of its appeal.

18. Personal Pocket Notebook

Field Notes Pocket Book For Men

While you may think this is an antiquated gift in this electronics-focused day and age, a pocket jot book can come in handy in a variety of situations. When we meet a possible business contact or a friend we haven’t seen in ages, we may want to exchange information with them.

A pocket notebook keeps these data all in one place, and allows us to always be prepared, because it’s not always convenient to enter the information into an electronic device.

Jot down some notes on these top choices:

Field Notes
Piccadilly Notebooks
Rite In The Rain

19. Ammo

Ammo Men's Stocking Stuffers

This is a bit more specific and requires some knowledge about a particular man. If they are a gun enthusiast or use firearms in their profession, knowing what caliber and type is best will come in handy.

However, if you have such a man in your life, giving ammunition can be a great stocking stuffer, because it’s a caring gift that saves them a bit of expense. It also shows that you know them and are wise to the small things they like or need.

20. Flashlight

Flashlight Stocking Stuffer

This may sound cheesy to you, but a high quality, durable flashlight is a perfect gift for the man in your life. It may serve as a valuable piece of home-prep in the event of a power outage or be the lifesaver they need to change a tire on a dark back road.

Flashlights are great gifts no matter what sort of leisure or business pursuits a guy has — because being able to shed dependable, bright light on a situation is never a bad idea.

Consider these:

Streamlight Stinger DS
SureFire E2D
SureFire G2X
Streamlight 73001 Nano
Coast HP1
Streamlight 88040 ProTAC
Streamlight MicroStream
HDS Executive Clicky
OLight i2 EOS
Quantum DD
Fenix e11
Prometheus Beta-QRv2
Foursevens Atom AL
NiteCore P12

21. Golf Balls

Best Golf Balls For Men

While these are perfect for the golfing enthusiasts in your life, they’re good for just about any man. That’s because golf is one way for business and casual socialization, whether a man enjoys playing on his own time or not. Having a set of three can keep a guy from having to buy them at the Pro shop immediately prior to a game.

Tee off with the best:

Callaway HEX Chrome+
Callaway Black Hex Tour Ball
Titleist ProV1x
Nike Golf Mojo
Wilson Staff Fifty Elite
TaylorMade RocketBallz
Bridgestone B330-S
Nike 20XI-X
Bridgestone B330-RXS
Bridgestone e5

22. Hatchet

Hatchet Gift

This is very specific gift. Don’t buy a hatchet for your gamer coworker. But if a guy you know loves the outdoors and often plans camping and hiking trips, having this at his belt can be a boon. Hatchets aren’t just for hunters—they can be used to cut deadfalls into kindling or help to build a quick, makeshift shelter in the event of unexpected weather.

They’re relatively inexpensive and make a wonderful gift all by themselves or paired with other presents.

23. Headphones


You can take it to the max and purchase a pair of noise-canceling headphones for the music-loving guy in your life. Or it could be as simple as a new pair of earbuds to replace those old ratty ones you notice a coworker using.

Small gifts can show a lot of care, and they don’t have to cost a great deal of money, either. The point is that you noticed a need, and sought to fill it.

24. Hand Warmers

Hot Hands Top Warmer

For especially cold climates, reusable hand warmers that go inside gloves are a major boon, especially before the steering wheel has warmed up in the morning. But they can also be given for the gentlemen who enjoy outdoor activities or prefer to take alternative transportation in their daily travel.

You can’t go wrong with these inexpensive and ultimately considerate gifts.

25. Hot Sauce

Best Hot Sauce

Hot sauce can be a great little tuck bag present—especially if you know the guy enjoys the spicier side of things. Don’t just go with any run of the mill hot sauce, although it will do in a pinch.

Research your recipient and see if he has a particular favorite brand or style of hot sauce. Then, you can be sure your gift will hit the spot.

Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce
Tapatio Salsa Picante
Valentina Salsa Picante
Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce
Captain Spongefoot’s Cranberry Chipotle Table Sauce
Virgina Gentlemen Bourbon Chiptole Hot Sauce
Dave’s Gourmet Crazy Caribbean
Cholula Original Mexican Hot Sauce
Trappey’s Red Devil
Huy Fong Sriracha
Dave’s Gourmet Scorpion Pepper

26. Beef Jerky

Jerky Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

You can go high-end or just include some good quality, pre-packaged varieties. Candy is all fine and good, but beef jerky really hits the spot in between meals, on the road, or out in the field. This can be a wonderful stocking stuffer for the teenager, the twenty-something, or even Dad.

10 beef jerky brands every mans should try.

27. Construction Knee Pads

Knee Pads

Whether a guy gardens, grouts tile, or gets down in the garage, knee pads are an awesome and caring gift that will never go unappreciated. (Kind of like socks, but with more purpose.) You really show awareness and care when you tuck these under the tree for the guy in your life—and they make good small presents between guys—relatives, friends, or coworkers.

28. Laptop / iPad Case

Laptop Case

This is one of those small necessities for many who upgrade to a new device that will always be appreciated. Relatively inexpensive on its own, giving one to a guy in your life can be a godsend after they’ve dropped a significant sum on a new device. Plus, you might even get the next “trim” level up from the standard cases, and surprise your friend or loved one.

29. Men’s Wallet

Leather Wallet For Gentlemen

Leather hip wallets look fantastic, but they do wear out. Think about it, they get more use than most of a guy’s wardrobe accessories and are subject to constant wear and tear. A beautiful new wallet with a family picture or one of you, if you happen to be his main squeeze, is a touching and special gift.

The wallet holds everything that a guy needs to get through his day—money and credit cards, identification, key cards, and the love of those closest to him.

Take a look at top 15 favorite men’s wallets.

30. Work Gloves

Leather Working Gloves For Men

Whether you give a guy a pair of great, heavy-duty work gloves for yard work, construction work, or other rough tasks, or you present him with a pair of finely stitched Italian driving gloves, these are a hit.

These can cost as little as $15 at your local hardware store or be a costly and considerate gift in keeping with his style. Whatever you decide, gloves are a great way to show you care.

31. Lint Rollers

Lint Roller

How many times has a guy in your life showed up with towel lint or puppy hair clinging to his suit pants? Lint rollers are inexpensive, but also indispensable tools of personal grooming. They’re often overlooked much like many other small niceties, but they’ll always come in handy. As far as practical gifts go, this one is hard to beat.

32. Pens

Masculine Pen

This is one of those marks of manhood that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. In a disposable age, having a good pen that you refill is a mark of sophistication. Along with personal stationery and handkerchiefs, a nice pen—it need not be a Mont Blanc—kept in the breast pocket of the shirt speaks of quality and attention to the things that matter in life.

Discover 15 Great Men’s Pens.

33. Tools

Manly Tools

This isn’t just for the garage guy in your life. While you can always stuff a stocking with socket wrenches or hard-to-keep drill bits, everyone needs household tools. This can be a cordless drill, or it could be a multi-tool that is a bit like a Swiss Army knife, but with screwdrivers and other commonly needed tools instead.

No tools will ever go unappreciated, though you may want to check and make sure no one has the same idea.

Every man’s toolbox needs these:

Allen Keys
Drill Bits
Precision Screwdrivers
Razor Blades
Tape Measure

34. Fragrance Candles

Masculine Scented Candle Gift

Ten Manly Scented Candles: Smell them here.

35. Men’s Beanie

Men's Beanie

While this might be a more fun-loving stocking stuffer, it also functions to conserve body heat during the winter. We lose up to 90 percent of our heat through the top of our heads.

To that end, a knitted beanie in colors he likes can add a bit of a puckish flair to any guy’s stocking. You can find them in most stores, but if you wanted to add a special personal note and are inclined to knit or know someone who is, you could make it yourself.

36. Cologne For Men

Men's Cologne Stocking Stuffers

Cologne is typically a gift that should be reserved for someone close to you, a husband or a boyfriend. That’s mostly because it’s an intensely personal gift. Any scent will alter to coordinate with an individual’s body chemistry, which means you really have to know this person up close and personal in order to select an appropriate cologne.

That being said, if they have a particular favorite and you’re in the know, you can easily purchase that cologne for a close friend or relative.

Great men’s choices:

Tom Ford Oud Wood
Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
Giorgio Armani Aqua Di Gio
Hermes Terre D’Hermes
Gucci By Gucci Pour Homme
Kenneth Cole Reaction
Givenchy Play Intense
Givenchy Pi Neo
Dsquared2 He Wood Ocean Wet Wood
Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for Men
Creed Bois du Portugal
Christian Dior Dior Homme Sport
Chanel Bleu De Chanel
Chanel Allure Homme Sport
Burberry Brit For Men
Acqua Di Parma Colonia

37. Men’s Cufflinks

Men's Cufflinks

Much like pocket squares and shaving brushes, these are often little touches that add a great deal of luxury to a guy’s everyday attire and routines. Personalized or stylish cuff links make an excellent present to a guy you’re close to—and they’re also a relatively unisex gift, which means you can give them to your fraternity brother, your uncle, your cousin or your Dad. This doesn’t just have to be a present given by a Lady.

38. Men’s Handkerchief

Men's Handkerchief

While we live in a world of Kleenex, handkerchiefs convey a sense of quality and stability. They tend to create a similar impression as a pocket watch might—old-school, perhaps, but infinitely classy. As well, they are a classic way to be green. If you’re especially close to the recipient, you can even have his initials embroidered in one corner for an added touch.

39. Keychains For Men

Men's Keychain

It can be quite useful to have a keychain to put all those keys we seem to accumulate. If there’s a man in your life making do with a shabby or flimsy keyring, spend a few bucks to tuck this little item in their holiday stocking.

It can be a fine leather keychain or a novelty store joke that makes them chuckle every time they lock and unlock their front door. It need not break the bank to be a special and useful gift.

40. Men’s Shaving Cream

Men's Shaving Cream

Along with a boar’s bristle brush, a bowl of classic, faintly scented soap or smooth shaving cream add a definite sense of luxury to an everyday task. There is a feeling of order, of ritual to soaping the brush and applying the suds every morning before dressing for work.

If you wish, you could even coordinate with family and friends to each give an aspect of a complete, traditional shaving kit. This lets any guy in your life know that he’s special and attention to the smallest of daily tasks is important to those in his life.

41. Sunglasses

Men's Sunglasses

Protecting the delicate muscles and photoreceptors of the eye from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation is an important aspect of eye health that is often neglected. A pair of nice, polarizing sunglasses can make a morning commute that much easier for a guy in your life.

As well, having a durable pair of trekking sunglasses may be just the thing a man of your acquaintances was looking for when he takes time off from the rest of the world to commune with nature.

42. Men’s T-Shirts And V-Necks

Men's T-Shirts

Don’t leave it up to Mom to buy a guy in your life his yearly allotment of t-shirts or undershirts. This is a relatively inexpensive gift that can show you care, much in the same way socks do. It’s not a flashy purchase, but it’s one that every guy needs and usually puts off. Help “Mom” out this year and pitch in to keep the guys in your life stocked up on these essentials. Plus, you can ensure that he’ll be kept in style as well as comfort.

43. Watches

Men's Watches

Much like jewelry, watches are excellent gifts for the men you’re close to in life. They express personality as well as tell the time and come in a variety of styles. The materials are almost as varied—plastic and rubber or polished metal with a sapphire watch crystal.

Definitely do your research about any prospective recipient—it should suit their lifestyle and personal sense of fashion.

44. Booze

Mini Small Booze Bottles Stocking Stuffers For Men

Small bottles of liquor are easy to store in the freezer and used as needed. They’re ideal for long journeys that may require a stop overnight in a strange hotel. The small, exacting amounts make it easy to toss together a cocktail at a moments notice and to indulge without overindulging.

Plus, they make excellent gifts for just about any guy, with any tastes—the variety available at your local liquor store is astonishing!

45. Mustache Wax

Mustache Wax For Men

These days beards and mustaches are in style, but just like the hair on your head, mustaches need a bit of loving care sometimes. Help the mustachioed man in your life keep it dapper with some nice, easy to use wax. They’ll thank you as they twirl the ends of that glorious beast with a twinkle in their eye.

46. Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers

Everyone should have at least a single kit in their homes because hangnails are painful! Much like a toolbox, every guy needs to keep a grooming kit—nail clippers, nail scissors, file, tweezers—whether he knows it or not. Help the guys in your life stay neat and well kept by giving them a stylish leather case with these personal tools.

47. Necklaces and Bracelets

Necklaces For Men

Yes, men wear jewelry, too. Popular items include beautiful metalwork bracelets and necklace, as well as more subtle pieces of carved wood, beads, and hemp knotwork. While you may wish to give a special guy in your life a particularly beautiful gold necklace or bracelet, many people can tuck a more modest item of jewelry into the stocking of a man they know will take pleasure in wearing such accessories.

48. Cell Phone Cases

Phone Case

How many times have you dropped your iPhone and inspected it anxiously for damage? As sturdy as they seem, they’re still quite fragile, and even unseen damage can impact how well they perform the myriad tasks we ask of them each day.

Tuck an iPhone case into the “stocking” of a guy you know who could use a little-added buffer between the world and his phone this season.

49. Picture Frames With Photos

Picture Frame

There’s a very simple way to show that you value a guy who is close to you—brother, dad, significant other—purchase a picture frame and fill it with photographs of you and the man in your life.

Then, every time they see it, they’ll remember how special you feel they are, and know they are valued. That’s a huge boost to personal confidence and self-esteem, so often overlooked as an aspect of personal success.

50. Playing Cards

Playing Cards

As a part of the stocking, a deck of playing cards is a fantastic idea. Whether they use it on game nights with the guys, teaching younger relatives the finer arts of bluffing, or just as a mainstay against boredom with some old-fashioned solitaire, a deck of their very own can come in handy on many occasions.

51. Pocket Knives

Small Pocket Knife For Men

This is a far more utilitarian gift choice. Pocket knives come in handy in a variety of situations, from the kitchen to the stock room, the garage to the great outdoors. A good knife is a great gift to any guy in your life. The best part about it is that anyone can give it — Moms, girlfriends, brothers, or coworkers — and it’s sure to be a hit.

Spyderco Pacific Salt
Boker Trance
Cold Steel Mini AK47
Byrd Robin
Spyderco Persistence
Spyderco Tenacious
Spyderco Sage
Spyderco Military
Saber USA
Spyderco Delica Wave
Spyderco Delica FFG Blue
Gerber 22-41830
Smith & Wesson CH0014
Gerber 22-48485
Leatherman 831426 Wingman Multi-Tool

52. Men’s Pocket Square

Men's Pocket Square

Distinct from handkerchiefs, these are generally intended as a finishing touch for formal or business attire. This is a wonderful gift for any man in your life, since they are designed, primarily of silk and offered in a wide variety of patterns and colors to coordinate with different ties and suit fabrics. They add a note of sophistication to any suit and any occasion.

53. Metal Polish


From wheels to bicycles, jewelry and more. Mother’s polish works for well, just about anything you’d ever want to put a shine to. It is often used by guys who love to detail their cars and keep things sparkling, but will make a great stocking stuffer for any guy in your life. They can keep it in their garage as a part of their arsenal of cleaning and detailing home products.

54. Protein Bars

Protein Bars

This one is really self-explanatory. In lieu of candy, sometimes, a few bars that you know they like are really appreciated. It can be tough to get adequate nutrition for many men on the go—and incorporating appropriate sources of protein can make it easier for them to have the energy they need—whether they’re planning to hit the gym after work or their job is a workout all on its own. A protein bar is an inexpensive but awesome stocking stuffer.

55. Small RC Helicopter

RC Helicopter

Much like model airplanes, a little remote controlled helicopter can be a toy that holds a guy’s fascination and imbues getting out of doors with fresh fun. Short of investing serious cash in a quad-copter, a tiny toy offers a new outlet for the fun-loving gadget oriented guy in your life.

Plus, it’s relatively inexpensive, and something he and friends can play around with. Some models are hefty enough to support cameras and offer new vistas for photography or video hobbies.

56. Salami


You might laugh, but these actually make really fun stocking stuffers. It’s great to keep around the house, in case of a late night snack attack or a party-tray emergency on game day. Plus, because salamis are one of the oldest ways of preserving meats, they don’t need refrigeration until the outer skin is broken and will keep for months.

Give Columbus Salame a try, their options are endless, their flavors are incredible!

57. Screen Protectors

Screen Protector

This is, again, one of those little extras that says quite a bit without costing a bomb. Screens on iPhones can sometimes be damaged through everyday use. As much as we’ve come to rely on our smartphones for communication of every variety, show a guy in your life that you care about his ability to communicate. It’s a little gesture that can be made towards coworkers, friends or family.

58. Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush Stocking Stuffer

This may strike you as antiquated, but rest assured, this is a classic and intimate gift for anyone guy close to you. Shaving gear of this type will last for years, even with everyday use.

As well, if the prospective recipient of this gift is interested in keeping it classy, you can’t go wrong with a good shaving brush. It will make them feel like a million bucks every time they use it, and they’ll remember that you gave it to them.

59. Dress Shoe Polish

Shoe Polish For Men's Shoes

This is one of those things that everyone forgets to buy more of, but polishing your own dress shoes is an important aspect of being a grown man. A tin of nice shoe polish can be given as a stocking stuffer along with other small items, or it can be a part of a more developed kit—with brushes and polishing cloths.

60. Snacks


Put together a little “tuck bag” of snack foods that you know a guy in your circle will enjoy. Keep an eye out for allergens, especially if you don’t know the guy very well. Otherwise, this is a great, small gift that can be compiled for relatively little money.

61. Exfoliating Soap Bar For Men

Soap Bar Men's Stocking Stuffer

This should definitely form a part of a larger goody bag, but it’s a great, small gift to flesh out the festive giving time in your family or among your friends. You may want to avoid giving it to a coworker or a slight acquaintance, because you’ll want to be able to shrug off any weird looks with shared humor.

62. Grill Spatula


Grilling is a great way to experiment and expand a cooking repertoire for many men. However, it can mean nearly burning yourself if you try to use a kitchen spatula to turn the burgers and steaks.

Even a special long-handled spatula can come in handy and make a perfect gift for almost any guy who loves to grill. Plus, it’ll keep the “war stories” about the man-eating grill to a minimum.

63. Fine Personalized Stationary

Stationary Men's Gift Ideas

While handwritten correspondence is more rare these days, having personal writing supplies is a huge aspect of a gentleman’s life. It’s great for “thank you” notes, longer messages to family or romantic partners, or even as personal letterhead for business purposes.

A man who writes well and takes time to send correspondence is a rarity in many circles, thus, his social value is higher and he is more memorable.

Crane & Co is what I write with.

64. Fitness Supplements

Supplements For Men's Fitness

Any guy in your circle of acquaintance trying to improve his health or fitness will appreciate even a single bottle of quality nutritional supplements—these are commonly rather expensive, especially the ones that work as advertised.

Tuck a bottle of effective vitamins or protein supplements in any guy’s stocking. You may need to conduct a bit of sly research about what’s in their cabinet already, just to have a good idea of what will be most useful to them.

Give the gift of good health:

Protein Powder
Amino Powder

65. Tickets: Movie, Sports, and Music

Tickets For Men's Stocking Stuffer Gift

If you’ve got an avid moviegoer in your circle, a selection of tickets or even just a pair to the latest Marvel flick can be a great gift. If someone you know has always wanted to see a particular band, but can’t justify the expense, purchasing them a ticket to a show can be awesome, without being weird.

Or, if you’re dating a guy, buying a pair of tickets to a movie or venue they want to see can be a perfect outing plan.

Need some ticket gift ideas? Movies, Concerts, Sporting Events: NFL, MLB, NBA, Tennis, Formula 1, Boxing, UFC, Soccer, Golf. Even art shows.

Want to really give them a smile? Slip in a gift package to Exotics Racing and treat them to the ultimate driving experience.

66. Tie Bars and Clips For Men

Tie Bar For Men

A tie clip or a tie bar is an element of polish to any gentleman’s professional or dress wardrobe. Something such as this small touch of elegance and finish is perfect for any guy in your life. While they’re relatively impersonal as well as inexpensive, they keep any tie in place.

Especially if a great deal of movement within an office or restaurant environment is called for, this can be a great gift—it keeps a guy from having to guard his ties with one hand while he works, and they look snazzy, too.

67. Tire Pressure Gague

Tire Pressure Gague

Much like a pocket knife or a flashlight, a pressure gauge can be a lifesaver on the road. You never know if the ones at gas stations are correct, broken, or use the appropriate numbers.

Plus, no matter what your guy drives or rides, he’ll have a great use for this in his emergency road kit. It can help prevent damage to the wheel, indicate a slow leak puncture, or just save him money on gas over time by letting him know his tires are not appropriately inflated.

68. Men’s Underwear

Underwear For Men

This is a little personal and you probably won’t want to give a coworker any Fruit of the Loom this season. However, for a significant other or even adult offspring, underwear can be a great gift.

Like socks and undershirts, underwear often gets used until it’s so holy, it could apply for Sainthood. A few pairs of nice dress-boxers and some standard daily undergarments will be appreciated by most men.

69. USB Keys And Memory Cards

USB Key Stocking Stuffer

It’s exactly what it sounds like—a key that will fit on a key ring that is also a USB storage device. This is a great, reasonably inexpensive gift for just about any guy in your life, and like a USB leash, it will keep their data handy, not floating around the bottom of their computer bag or forgotten on their kitchen counter at home.

70. Video Games

Video Games

Almost any guy you meet will have a game preference. They may not be exclusively devoted to this pastime, but a video game or gift card to a local gaming shop or resource will likely not go unappreciated.

Whether they enjoy single-player puzzle games to enhance their mental acuity or are looking for the latest first-person shooter game for their gaming system, showing that you notice what they like is always a plus. It just takes a few well-placed questions to determine what they’d like but aren’t prioritizing as a needed purchase for themselves.

71. Whiskey Balls

Whiskey Balls

Know man that enjoys his scotch, whiskey or bourbon? Look no further than the Balls of Steel. Often, while chilled liquor is preferred, ice is not because it waters down the flavor of the beverage. But most liquor is stored at room temperature. What to do?

Whiskey balls are polished stone spheres that they can keep in the freezer and pop into their glass before pouring their drink. The cold stone chills the alcohol without the inconvenient melting part.

72. Thick Winter Men’s Socks

Winter Socks For Men

Especially as the seasons turn and the weather becomes colder, thick socks are actually an exciting little stocking stuffer—and a cute play on that concept. This is one item of a guy’s wardrobe that often gets neglected in favor of the bigger, flashier pieces. But he will thank you for a nice pair or three of good, thick socks this winter.

73. American Made Zippo Lighter


Don’t automatically think that only a smoker has use for this gift. Guys across the spectrum will find this gift incredibly useful—from chatting up a nice girl at a bar to lighting emergency candles in the event of a power outage, a Zippo lighter is a permanent touch, an aspect of quality in a world of disposable lighters.

It can be classy, an undecorated, highly polished lighter, or it can be a novelty-store nod to a private joke between you and the recipient. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

74. Shoe Laces & In-soles

men's shoe laces

These make great little gifts to round out the day of festivities and gifts. If a guy in your life has quality shoes or boots, chances are, the insoles and laces will need replacing several times before even the sole needs to be replaced. As well, it’s often the case that a pair of good hiking or jump boots doesn’t really come into its own until its been thoroughly worn.

Frayed laces can often be a problem, not just for image but for practicality. Show a guy you care this season and tuck these shoe-cessories into his stocking.

75. Make It Special

Best Gifts For Men

This should be something that requires intimate knowledge of a man in your life. What they dream of, the little desires they keep putting off for everyday concerns.

A brand new mask for the guy who wants to dive in the Bahamas, some cooking lessons or some nice small equipment for the guy who wants to become more self sufficient in the kitchen, a local writing workshop for someone who harbors dreams of writing a novel, or even something that furthers a personal hobby that they can never seem to justify as an expense.

Take a little time, do a little research — show that you truly value this man, no matter who he is to you in life.

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