Top 30 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Men – Grab Greatness

I’m writing this guide rather early this year and for a good reason: Why wait until New Years to make a change in your life?

Let’s face it, New Year’s resolutions produce two types of men each and every year:

The action takers and the action fakers.

You certainly don’t need to walk inside your local gym during the month of January to know that. So what divides the two?

For starters, a great deal of men today refuse to set goals because doing so will add unwanted risk into their lives. The thought of not achieving these goals creates the idea of future failure, and ultimately they succumb to their own fears. The moment they believe they are unable to commit to their goals, they disregard them entirely.

While other gentlemen accept their goals, their failure to accomplish them stems from a lack of accountability. They might have a road map of where they are going in life, yet they may no idea as to how swiftly they should go. They’ll say, “I’ll get it done,” however, they procrastinate by adding a million excuses along the way. “If I’m not hung-over.” “If it’s between my golfing lessons and son’s dentist appointment.” The same can be said about sacrifice; it’s something most men refuse to make.

However, the biggest reason of them all entails failing to define your goals in the first place. For some this means having absolutely zero goals, for others, it means having incredibly weak goals to go after.

With that said, I have decided to put together this list of the top 30 best New Year’s resolution ideas for men below to help you get a better start now or in January. You will find new goals to set that include everything from finances to relationships, personal style and beyond.

Consider them a starting point. Take these ideas and turn them into gigantic goals that you cannot accomplish in two or three lifetimes. Set the bar higher than you’ve ever dreamed of, and you will see a greater rate of success in return.

1. Double your net worth.

Double Net Worth New Years Resolution Ideas For Guys

One of my personal favorites.

2. Get in shape.

Get In Better Shape New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

It’s time to stop taking your health for granted! Make this year the year you lose ten pounds of fat or perhaps gain ten pounds of muscle. Start eating better and start introducing more organic and wholesome foods into your diet. Cut back on the cheap fast food and take out. Hold yourself accountable when it comes to your gym attendance record.

You don’t need fitness books, supplements, etc. to get started! Nor do you need a gym pass to do pushups on the floor or to jog laps around the park.

3. Do more hands on volunteer work.

Mens Top New Years Resolutions Volunteer Work

If you say you’ll volunteer at a soup kitchen later on in the year, it’s more than likely you’ll forget all about it. Instead of going that route set a minimum amount of hours for volunteer work. 100 hours is a great starting point to choose.

On a side note, investigate a charity or group before you donate time and money. Some go a little extreme with “operating expenses” and lack efficiency which is unfortunate. In other words, ensure your effort goes to good and honest use.

4. Stay motivated and disciplined.

Time Management New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Spend less time on things that aren’t productive. If they aren’t a part of your goals, they shouldn’t be a part of your life! Period. Don’t wait until you’re lying down on your death bed looking back only to realize: You could have spent far more time building a better life, being with family, etc. instead of sitting on your butt and watching TV for 8 hours a day like 90% of the population.

Track how much time you waste, and I promise the number will shock you!

5. Cut out the bad habits.

Mens New Years Resolutions End Bad Habits

What is your vice? Smoking, gambling, booze? Step back and evaluate how these things affect your finances, health, or life and even family as a whole.

If you have good habits going for you, don’t use the new year as a way to rest easy and take a break. Doing so will throw you off routine and your accountability will slowly slip right back down the drain.

6. Travel more.

Travel More Often New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Did you know that it’s possible to visit over 20 countries in a single year? (In total there are 196 as of today.) Don’t make the excuse of saying it’s simply out of your budget; that’s easy. Everyone thinks like that at first glance. Get creative when it comes to travel expenses. In reality, you can join countless reward and frequent flyer programs to rack up airline miles and bonus points. You can track discounted and last minute flights online to move around the globe on a shoestring budget.

If traveling still isn’t for you, considering taking in local art, music and culture. Pay the history museum a visit or tour an art gallery if you haven’t done so in ages. Even meet ups like dog walking and photography groups can be an excellent way to explore undiscovered areas and attractions of your local city.

7. Manage your finances.

New Years Resolution Ideas For Men Manage Your Finances

It’s time to check and clean up your credit report. You can do so for free with an online service like Credit Karma. When you sign up, you’ll get more than just a credit score number. You’ll be able to see everything from collections to balances, payment history, and even recommendations.

If your credit score is non-existent or in the gutter, spend some time repairing it. Virtually anyone can open a secured credit card these days. You can deposit around two hundred dollars or so, and use it as if you would with a real credit card. Within six months of on-time payments, you should notice a significant improvement in your score. Just make sure to avoid any of the secured cards with annual fees or monthly service charges. Trust me; you don’t want those.

Pay off your old debts (highest interest % first): Perhaps it would be wise to satisfy your collection accounts and move forward in life. Or you can dispute your collections. Doing so costs you nothing and often results in them getting removed from your credit report. If a family member or friend has loaned you money, keep your word and pay them back. It’s easy to forget or take their generosity for granted. Don’t burn good relationships that way.

Take note of how much you’re spending on frivolous purchases! Things may be cheap, but when bought by the handful, however, they add up in the end. For instance, take something so simple as buying soda at the grocery store versus the gas station every day. You waste $600 per year and $48,000 over a lifetime. That’s a lot of dough! Now think of everything else you have bought that you either really didn’t need or spent foolishly on. If you have a lot of junk, sell it.

Don’t be a victim to compound interest when it comes to debt. Put your money to work for YOU. Get a retirement account going. Invest in an index fund if you aren’t sure of which stocks you want to purchase. If you want to go the individual stock buying route, go with companies that you believe in. Ones that will be around for generations to come. Hold those stocks forever and refuse to let go when the market panics in times of trouble.

Build an emergency fund and prepare for the unexpected.

8. Reevaluate relationships

Relationships New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

If you are single aim set your goals to meet and talk to at least 100 women this year, not just 1. Put some pressure on yourself. If you are in a toxic relationship with a woman, move on. Life’s too short to be with someone you don’t love! (Or someone who doesn’t truly love you.)

If dating is a struggle for you this will help: How to get a girlfriend.

9. Make clean breaks

Dump Toxic Friends New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Dump toxic friends from your life along with all the negative and miserable people that want to drag you down with them. All the people that put you down. If you are a high-performance businessman, start surrounding yourself with mentors who already have accomplished what you wish to achieve. The same people will ultimately hold you accountable when you fail to do so.

Remember, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time around.

There is nothing wrong with getting a new phone number and blocking contacts if you wish to move forward in life without them!

10. Be a better businessman

Male New Years Resolution Ideas Be A Better Businessman

The truth is, starting a business is not for everyone and it might not be for you. While others are quitting their jobs for the first time to turn an idea into a reality, there are still things anyone can do that require overcoming less fear. I’m talking about revamping your resume, applying for a new job, or simply asking for a raise. Regardless if you’re aiming to raise company profits or raise your paycheck, find a way to level up.

Read up on: How to be a successful businessman.

11. Hold yourself accountable.

Write Down Goals New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Define and write down your goals. It’s rather amazing this needs its own section. However, it wholeheartedly does. If you want to accomplish your goals and New Year’s resolutions this year, you must write them down. That doesn’t mean logging them in your brain mentally; it means putting pen to paper.

Regardless if you use a sheet from a notebook or a tacky posted note, tape that piece of paper on your front door or bathroom mirror. That list of goals must be shoved in your face on a daily basis if you wish to reach them in the future.

Start keeping track of what needs to get accomplished on a daily and weekly basis.

12. Step out of your comfort zone.

Step Out Of Comfort Zone New Years Resolutions For Men

Take more risks in life. Skydive, ski for the first time, build a house, rock climb, take a lap in an exotic car you cannot afford, etc. If you have never squeezed the trigger on a firearm before, go to the range and learn how they work firsthand. Regardless of what the activity may entail, aim to do something that scares you on a daily basis. While there are millions of things you can do, it all goes back to the point above You must write them down as fear often produces forgetfulness.

13. End all of the excuses.

Excuses New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Don’t dwell on your past. It is what it is. Accept your past mistakes and failures. You are where you are in life because of you and nobody else! If you were raised with a terrible background, you have the power to change your future ultimately. It doesn’t matter if you are unhappy, flat broke, abused, overweight, etc. it all rests in your hands.

14. Read more.

New Years Resolution Ideas For Men Read More Books

Turn the page to a new year and a new book. Believe it or not, but reading 50 books a year is attainable if you wish to do so. If your goals require you to take action, don’t allow yourself to view books as a way of making progress!

Speaking of reading, you can also take up a new foreign language.

See the: Top 150 best books for men.

15. Act as if there were no limits to your ability.

Act As If There Are Limits This Year Mens New Years Resolution Ideas

Be all that you can be this year. Start believing that you are worthy of all the goals and successes you wish to achieve. Demand that you be the best version of yourself on a daily basis.

Understand that we only make changes for two reasons in life: Desperation or inspiration.

16. Call, don’t text.

New Years Resolutions For Men Call Instead Of Text

When you have something important or a grand announcement to make, pick up the phone and dial away. Don’t share your favorite moments in life with others over text.

17. Reinvest in your style.

Give the jeans and t-shirts look a rest. Dust off that old suit that has been tucked away in the closet and give it a try one. Wear it for an entire day and set the tone for how you wish to present yourself to the world. Set the bar early when it comes to dressing for success.

Understand that good grooming isn’t just shampoo, deodorant and soap. Read this skin care guide for men, and you’ll know what you’ve been missing out on for all of these years.

Of course, you can also get a new haircut and whiten your teeth too. Consider polishing up your dress shoes or getting the soles repaired if they are worn down. Donate all those old clothes you never wear to charity and those who truly need them.

18. Find a new hobby

Find A New Hobby New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

One that grows you as a man. See the See the: Top 75 best hobbies for men.
here; I’m sure you’ll find one that interests you.

19. Deep clean your place or car.

Clean Your Place Mens New Years Resolution Ideas

Don’t live in filth! Hire a maid or car detailer if you have to. You don’t need to wait for spring cleaning to roll around. Star early.

20. Grow a beard.

Mens New Years Resolution Ideas Grow A Beard

You know you want to.

Discover: How to grow a beard.

21. Move around.

Move Cities New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

If you’ve been dreaming of starting a new life in a new place, do it. Don’t wait until you’re 80 to decide downtown New York was a much better place to live than in the middle of nowhere in Detroit. By then it will be too late. You can get an AirBnB rental for a few days and use an Uber to explore what each city around the country has the offer. Both of which can be quite affordable. If you find a city you love, you always have the option of getting fast housing in the form of an apartment.

In reality, there are a lot of gentlemen who wish to move to a new city, but doing so isn’t easy, I know. However, it’s still something that just gets put off over and over again. You’ll say next year, and then the same thing next year, and again the year after that and so on.

22. Get Defensive.

Defend Yourself New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Obtain your CCW permit to carry a firearm. If you’re anti-gun, consider taking a self-defense course instead. Regardless of which route you chose: Every man should know how to protect himself, his family and those around him who are unable or too weak to do so. Don’t put it off until it’s too late. The unexpected can and does happen to good, honest people who never once dreamed of it.

While preparing for a zombie apocalypse seems over the top, a simple power outage or car accident on the hand on the contrary, isn’t. Check on or invest in things like a new flashlight and first aid kit for the new year.

23. Save a life.

Adopt A Dog New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Adopt a dog. These animals are lonely, afraid and waiting for you to rescue them. Many of which will be put down if you don’t act now. As a fellow pet parent, I can’t stress this enough: A dog will impact your life in more ways than know. The loyalty and unconditional love you receive in return is unlike any other kind in this world. You’ll learn what things like patience and understanding and responsibility mean too. If you are not a very social person a dog will definitely turn you into one.

24. Kiss a lot of frogs.

Kiss A Lot Of Frogs New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Meet new people. Make new business deals and form new partnerships. Work your magic to get financing for that business idea of your dreams. If your line of work entails being a home builder for example: Network at a conference. Attend or give a seminar speech. Make yourself known in the industry.

Treat life like it’s a stock portfolio. Build up a large portfolio (of people). Everyone you meet will pay dividends either now or more than often, later on in the future. Hence why showing respect is so important.

Consider joining a meetup group or Toastmasters if you are lacking in the social department.

25. Smell the leather more often.

Smell The Leather New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Dream bigger by touring luxury homes, having dinners at expensive country clubs, and sitting in new exotic cars at dealerships that cannot afford. Don’t 10x your goals, 100x your goals and beyond. Set goals in which you cannot achieve in one or two, or three lifetimes. The bigger your goals this year, the greater your end success will be next year.

26. Stop seeking approval.

Start Trusting Your Gut New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

Start trusting your gut. You don’t need to share your self-doubts about anyone but yourself. Doing so ultimately gives you a reason to fail before you make an actionable attempt. Understand that you don’t need your parents to OK your idea of starting a business. You have to start trusting yourself to make the right decisions in life. If you see a beautiful woman at the bar, don’t ask your friends if they think she’s single or hot. Grow a pair of balls and walk up to her without their nod of approval first.

27. Stop acting as if everything will kill or haunt you.

Less Stress New Years Resolution Ideas For Men

For some men, asking out a woman produces so much fear and stress they act as if it a life or death decision. Others obsess over everything from small items to major purchases as if the wrong one will haunt them for all of eternity. While it’s wise to investigate to invest less, most take it to an extreme.

A few years from now those stylish dress shoes you loved at the time will be your least favorite pair. That new car you bought will get replaced later on by a new model from the manufacturer. It will have all the features you have been dreaming of plus much more.

A woman who rejected you will mean nothing when you meet the woman of your dreams a month later on. Your business idea may fail, though you may take that failure and use it as a brick for paving your road to success.

Discover: 75 Famous Failures.

28. On romance

Mens Romance New Years Resolution Ideas

Women want a man who acts like a king, yet treats them like a queen. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, don’t use them as a way to be more romantic with your woman for just one night. Buying flowers or treating her to a special day of pampering isn’t going to cut it. You should be doing that throughout the year.

This year, do something that far too many men overlook: Take a moment to explore all the bad habits you bring that ultimately sour the relationship. Discover what really bugs her and work on changing it or improving yourself.

Believe it or not, but a toilet seat that’s always left up can be enough to drive some women absolute mad. As crazy and bizarre as it sounds, it can rock an entire relationship. Imagine someone doing something annoying every single day, day after day, and you get the idea. Now, some of these things are going to be totally illogical and make no sense. There’s no doubt about that. However, it’s really easy to miss even the most obvious ones when you don’t put in any effort to look for them in the first place.

Remember, relationships are a way for you to grow as a better gentleman. Usually, we all of these mistakes even if minor, hit us right after a relationship has ended. Start paying attention early, and your connection to your partner will strengthen.

29. Don’t pay more than you have to.

Consider checking your current car insurance rates against the market. With a full year of no accidents or speeding tickets hopefully, your bill may be lower. Do the same with your phone service, cable/internet provider, renter’s insurance, and so on.

If you have great credit, consider moving from a non-rewards card to a rewards card. While 1-3% cash back does help save money, the real perks are the cardholder benefits. Take for instance one of Citi’s programs called price rewind. They pay you the cost difference on an item that goes on sale after you purchase it. I believe you can claim up to $2,500 per year or somewhere in the range.

30. Make More Sacrifices Early On

Pay the price of action. Be willing to make more scarifies early on. In doing so, you will give yourself more choices in life for the following next year. Make this the year that you stop putting your priorities ass backwards. Don’t get suckered into the easy excuse that everyone else always proclaims: “I want to have a life.” Because 12 months from now, you will look back disappointed at all the things you failed to accomplish, and the cycle will repeat itself.

“Memento mori,” which means “Remember you will die” is a testament to the limited time you have on this planet.

Time is the greatest thing any man can spend in his lifetime: Don’t waste it!

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