How To Be A Better Man – 100 Plus Ways To Take Charge

Turn your weakness into greatness; re-create yourself as a gentleman. Forge a character even that man’s biggest critic can respect: Himself.

I want to tell you about all the ways in which you can be a better man. Some of which only take a little time each day.

These reminders will help you achieve what I and many other gentlemen have learned the hard way.

Any man eager to become the master of his life must first take control of his character.

It’s easier said than done, of course, but you can decide for yourself where life takes you.

All that is necessary is knowing how to be a man who progresses with the right intentions.

1. Wake up early – a lot

How To Be A Better Man Wake Up Early

Set your alarm every single morning, regardless if you have absolutely nothing going on in the morning. By doing so, you’ll prevent yourself from lounging around in bed all day. Consider that the majority of male CEOs wake up at 5:30 am or earlier. In their world, the snooze button doesn’t exist. Why should it when life is too exciting to sleep?

2. Examine your daily habits – drop addictions

How To Be A Better Man Examine Habits

The best habit a man can have is to make right on all of his commitments; before rewarding himself.

Consider: Sweets (candy, soda/pop), fats (fast food), smoking, swearing, emotional spending (buying everything on credit), etc.

3. Help other people – be wise about it

Be A Man Who Volunteers

When looking for opportunities to be helpful and generous towards others, understand that people will take advantage of these traits.

Where: National parks, animal rescue shelters, food pantries, local libraries, be a sports coach, retirement homes, etc.

4. Worry less about the consequences

Be A Man Who Does Not Fear The Consequences

Spend time learning the rules first so you know precisely how to break them.

When it comes to the small stuff, don’t sweat it. Instead, start focusing on the one big problem ahead of you. Consider that more than often all those little problems that seem to plague you will end up being solved on their own, or will turn out to be not such as big deal as you once believed. Doing so will help you better identify your stress triggers too.

5. Be known for finishing, not starting

A Man Who Knows How To Finish Things

Keep your word, stick to it. Before making any sort of promise consider a few things first: Perhaps the most important of them all… Understand that your word is a personal guarantee. Be selective with the projects you take on. Determine the amount of time and resourced required before making a commitment. Adjust your time and energy accordingly to meet your goal.

If it is a work document you promised your boss, complete it on time. Should it be a personal objective, don’t continually let yourself down.

6. Balance your budget

How To Be A Better Man Balance Your Budget

Grit your teeth, open up those bill collector letters, and get them paid down. If you want more freedom, the answer is simple: Reduce your debt. Start learning how to invest and begin saving for the things that matter the most. To figure out how to stop buying things you don’t need look at your last five purchases. Evaluate them on a monthly basis.

7. Be more productive

How To Be A Better Man Increase Productivity

Stop sitting around the house all day binge watching addictive TV show series. Put down the gaming console. Start working towards your goals today. Take short breaks throughout the day to recharge instead of dedicating full days, weeks, months or even years for pure entertainment.

8. Settle less

How To Be A Man Settle Less

Start seeing things as an opportunity and not a challenging obstacle you can’t overcome. Avoid settling for less than you want, whether it be a wife, career, or anything else. Stay focused and hungry until you find it.

Go to a Rolls Royce dealer and admire around. Let your dreams run wild.

9. Make fitness and your health a priority

Be A Better Man Exercise

If you’ve been dreaming of having six pack abs, buying another magazine subscription isn’t going to do it. Those weight loss pills promising to magically make your love handles vanish… Stop that nonsense. Join a real gym, pump some iron, go for a run, put air in those old bicycle tires and hit the trail till your legs fall off.

Don’t want to hit the gym? Add a home gym to the mix; put it in your garage, basement or right smack in the middle of the front door if it means you’ll use it.

10. Challenge your thoughts on work life

Hate your boss? Most men do, welcome to the real world. What they don’t do, however, is do anything about it. What are you doing right now, this present moment that is going to make you more money? Try your hand at entrepreneurship if that suits you. Or get a side hustle. Make the best out of what you currently have available when starting out; this includes time and money.

No matter what route you take, ensure it is an engaging one; you’ll discover happiness in the journey of your goals.

11. Enjoy every step of your journey.

How To Be A Man Enjoy Every Step Of Life

It’s easy to moan around in misery all day and succumb to self-pity. The truth is you can control your attitude and outlook on life. It will determine the attitude life has right back towards you. Do so by setting it every single morning. Remember, there is never a point in life where you have literally “achieved it”. Every single day, every man out there is on a journey of self-progression, it never ends. Enjoy it for what it is.

12. Challenge and scare yourself frequently

Man Who Accepts Fear

Go skydiving, rock-climbing, or anything else that lets you live right along the edge. Push yourself to be more of a risk-taker.

13. Treat your woman like a gentleman

Chivalry is simple but often forgotten. Open the door, give her your jacket, help her get seated, etc. These small things don’t make you a doormat; they make you a man women will respect. But don’t confuse love for respect, it doesn’t work that way.

14. Talk about it – Get a mentor

Find A Mentor

There is absolutely nothing wrong with bag and negative feelings, every man alike has them. Don’t bottle them up inside. The truth is, no man should ever be ashamed to express his thoughts. Consult with therapist or support group. If that’s not your style, get a mentor. Counsel will them to brainstorm ideas, gain encouragement/guidance, and discover ways put your troubles in the past. Find someone to talk to, even if it’s you.

15. Shy away from gossip

It goes back to keeping your word. Keep your private conversations private. Don’t gossip, gap or put other people down.

16. Be present

Be Present To Become A Better Man In Life

You’d be amazed at how being present can turn you into a master communicator. When you’re actually aware of your surroundings all of the sudden, you’ll discover this burst of confidence. You can connect and talk to anyone, about anything. To do so spend time walking around unfamiliar places.

Take a notebook with you and scribble down everything you see around you. Within time, you’ll start to become an expert at picking up on random things. With plenty of practice, your conversation skills will heighten, and you’ll find yourself meeting more and more strangers. If you’re single and struggle with women, do this now and thank me later.

17. Invest in your style

How To Be A Better Man Invest In Your Style

If you’ve been wearing the same belt for five years, and the leather is ripping apart, get a new one. Just like the belt, understand how to avoid being too attached to your material possessions. I say this because when it comes to clothing, most men tend to keep things in their closest that they’ll never wear. You can easily donate those items and do something great for other men in need.

Take time to get you suit tailored. Shell out a few more dollars to get it professional dry cleaned.

18. Wash and clean out your car

How To Be A Better Man Clean Your Car

Stop littering your car with takeout, trash and bottles. It’s easy to throw junk in the trunk or back seat and drive right along forgetting about it. Even if you drive an 89 Honda, wash it on the weekends and throw some tire shine on that thing. It’s YOUR car; a reflection of you.

19. Be considerate of children

How To Be A Man Consider Children

Think all the way back to when you were a young boy. Ever recall sitting at a dinner table in a room full of adults, bored out of your mind? Even if you don’t like kids or want them for that matter, be considerate. If you see a child in that type of situation, be the man who walks over and talks to them. Make things fun, you’ll be their hero even if only for a moment. Encourage them to grow.

20. Appreciate your friends and family

Keep them close, spend more time together. Ask them questions and take a legitimate interest in getting to know them well. You’ll cherish the memories down the road.
Remember that your sons and daughters importance to you can significantly be measured by the amount of time spent with them.

21. Give people you don’t know a decent chance

Believe in people when no one else in the world believes in them. Learn to avoid judging a book by its cover. Or in other words, give people a chance without making assumptions and presuming things first. Don’t let your initial impression of someone be your full analysis for basing their character upon. Remember to accept people for the way they, no man is ever perfect.

22. Be persistent – not a man of excuses

Screw the obstacles, follow through with commitment. When you fail, be a man who takes responsibility and avoids excuses or placing blame. Work hard till you get what you want, no matter the failure involved with every turn.

23. When seeing opportunity, act upon it

Every man’s mind dreams up millions of ideas every single day. It is our most valuable tool in life. We are walking in our acres of diamonds when it comes to our ideas. However, you must stop wasting them. When you come up with the one you believe can be great, make it a reality. If it means speaking up, make your words heard. If it means taking action, by all means run with the wind.

24. Set boundaries

You don’t have to be exclusively a “yes” or a “no” man. Instead, focus on saying “no” without forgetting about saying “yes.” Create boundaries and stick to them firmly when you do not have enough time or money, or simply cannot take on any more risk. Remember, saying no in the present moment does not always mean you are saying no forever.

25. Network – often

Get Better At Netwoking

You know the deal: It’s not always about what you know, but also about who you know. Networking will help you learn how to relate to other people and form a relationship built on mutual trust. It’s a great thing to want to do, but here’s how to actually do it: Keep business cards, make spreadsheets, or whatever else you have to do to keep your contact list up to date at all times.

26. Fail more – embrace it

Learn to accept failure and defeat. Believe that the only time you will ever truly fail is when you agree to quit. Embrace every mistake, make peace with your past. Use those previous lessons to improve your future.

Meet 75 men who were famous failures.

27. Update your resume – Practice interview questions

Understand that there is definitely no such thing as job security in this world. Don’t wait until you need a new job. Update your resume, review your accomplishments and experience. Know your personal strengths and weaknesses. One of the most important thing any man can do for his career is know what his actual value and what he is worth. Take the time to determine what you bring to the table and why you should be getting paid higher than anyone else for it.

28. Practice your ability to communicate

Enhance your spelling, grammar, and vocabulary. You probably hated those vocabulary books back in school, but now when someone mentions a fancy word.. Eureka! You know what it is. However, don’t stop there, continually introduce new words into your writing and conversations. If you aren’t familiar with a particular term, grab hold of the dictionary and discover what it means. While you’re at it, look at the synomones, and use this opportunity to learn even further.

Try speaking in public. You’ll get better at removing those blank “um” moments from your speech, and form thoughts with more clarity and fluidity.

29. Act, walk and talk like a king

Work on the way you carry yourself. When you walk, look straight ahead, not down at your feet. When you speak, make your words heard loud and clear with authority. A great deal of men today shuffle their feet and mumble their words. Their testimony often goes unheard.

Instead of sitting down, start standing up. Make it a point to do so while on the phone, your conversations will improve. Those on the other line will hear a noticeable different tone in your voice.

30. Note the date

Make a note of important milestones in your life and the lives of others. Consider things like wedding anniversaries and birthdays for example. You’ll be surprised at the shrinking number of people who will wish you happy birthday as you get older. The number grows fewer and fewer as you age.

Not to mention, practice remembering people’s names. In doing so, you’ll make them feel appreciated.

31. Speak when important – listen

Don’t blabber on while holding conversations. When you speak, do so when it’s either necessary, relevant or humorous. Be an excellent listener by allowing other people to talk, you’ll learn far more valuable things from them. Remember that men who speak fewer words are seen as more intelligent than men who talk like they are reading from an encyclopedia.

Slow down your pitch, give people time for your words to sink in; your stories will become attractive and so will other’s opinions. Allow your words to make a hard impact, not your rate of speech.

32. Love wisely

When it comes to love, many men are played as a fool. Cupid strikes us all, but to be a better man you must avoid being so oblivious and ignorant of any warning signs. Take a step back as far as possible to evaluate the relationship from a non-biased standpoint. If needed, let end a relationship and let go. If you are in a relationship that must be kept a secret, don’t be.

Never let that special someone become your sole reason or purpose of living, nor your only source of happiness. A man must love himself, without getting so heavily invested to the point where he is drowning. The more attached you become, the more pain and suffering you will eventually bring upon yourself. Understand nothing in this world lasts forever.

Don’t associate women with happiness or as a priority you must chase right now. Within time, become a better man women want to pursue.

33. Use your noggin first

Before acting upon anything, take one deep breath. Think logically and create a rationale. In other words, don’t jump the gun. Overreacting in most situations will only create more problems.

34. Learn how to read body language

You’ll be able to understand and communicate with people better. Focus on your own and you’ll find it easier to make your point across to someone else.

35. Personal development

Practice mental development through chess, mathematics, books, etc. Practice physical development through martial arts, bodybuilding, yoga, etc.

36. Surround yourself with positive people

How many friends do you allow to put you down? You can’t do that, you can’t get her… Remove the bad ones from your life. Find better friends that will support you on whatever path your on. Take the time to hang out with some inspirational-s. Should anyone mistreat or disrespect you on a daily biases cut your ties with them. Don’t stand for that, no human ever should.

37. Be a responsible pet owner – rescue a dog

How To Be A Man Respect Animals

It’s easy to get frustrated when our dog chews up a roll of toilet paper, yet even more natural for us to forget they live much shorter lives. Take the time to practice training them, you’ll learn the virtues of patience, understanding, and compassion.

Even if you’re not a pet person or don’t see yourself adopting one anytime soon do this: Take a trip down to the animal shelter and give the pups a cuddle.

38. Be punctual – Better yet, be 10 minutes early.

Make an effort to be on time. Don’t over commit, nobody likes waiting around. Keep a schedule handy to organize your time.

39. Put your envy aside

Accept what you currently have, not what you wish or think you need. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. What can appear good on the outside can often be incredibly deceiving.

40. Don’t over ask – Or try to do it all

There’s nothing inherently wrong with asking questions or help, unless, of course, you’re doing so in a lazy manner. If you can effortlessly find the answer to a question, don’t ask it. Avoid requesting people to do things for you when you can easily do them yourself.

Take the opportunity to investigate things for yourself, not every word spoken is true. Don’t replace hope for the facts.

41. Control your temper

Take anger management classes if you have to. Know that the first man to get angry often loses. Learn how to manage effectively your stress to avoid arguments. Should you find yourself in one, be the better man and handle yourself like a gentleman.

42. Perfect teeth

A lifetime investment. If you don’t have a great set of teeth by now, save up and go to the dentist to get them fixed. Think of all the times and occasions you smile, and it will start to make sense.

43. Meat Knowledge

Learn your meat cuts and how to prepare them properly.

44. Hit the dance floor

You don’t have to hit the local nightclub every weekend to know that dancing is a part of life. Even into your senior years, you might find yourself dancing at your kids or relatives wedding. Spend some time taking dancing lessons and you’ll become more confident in your moves on the floor. Don’t waste life’s best moments sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else enjoy themselves.

45. Start wet shaving

Wet Shave To Be A Better Man

It’s easier than you think. While learning, note how much aftershave you use, most men tend to vastly overdo it.

46. Get a confident handshake

Give A Handshake Like A Man

Learn how to give a handshake with a firm grip. Practice your ability to keep eye contact when doing so. It will go a great way in helping you make a better first impression.

47. On Drinking

How To Be A Better Man Bar Knowledge

Learn how to order a drink at the bar, such as how to order a martini. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what you drink. However, there are numerous manly drinks you can be confident about ordering. Take the time to learn the different types of beers, wines, etc. Know the difference between an ale and a lager.

Also know your personal alcohol limits. Remember to keep your home bar well-stocked, you actually never know who is going to stop by and at what hour. It also helps if you understand how to open a bottle of wine or champagne too.

48. Get a passport

Ensure your traveling documents are in order.

49. Exceed expectations

Master the art of going above and beyond. Do more than what your expected or paid to do. When most employees head out the door and run home at 5 o’clock, do the opposite, stay later. The truth is, CEOs rely on the select few who do. You’ll find yourself potentially getting more promotions and a higher compensation than the rest of your team.

Understand that in the traditional workplace world, time almost always trumps everything. Most managers make a mental note of when you show up and leave on a daily basis. It’s almost instinct.

50. Aim for a work-life balance

Be more productive with the time you contribute at work, so you can free up more time for the “life” side of things.

51. Smile often

How To Be A Better Man Smilie

It’s contagious. People will remember you more positively when you do. Don’t mirror the attitude of those around you, bad ones are just as contagious too. Avoid catching them.

52. Eat a healthy breakfast

Eat Breakfast In The Morning

Slow down in the morning and give your body some fuel. Remember that your strongest competitive advantage is your energy; try to get a boost before you head out the door.

53. Practice self-obedience

Stop watching so much porn and start approaching and meeting real women. Practice no-fap if you have to.

54. Learn how to negotiate

Practice getting what you want on your terms. Knowing how to negotiate, won’t just help you land a better deal at the flea market, it will give you a fighting possibility at getting a raise, closing an important sales deal, etc. Remember one thing: Everything is negotiable.

How to: Sun Tsu And The Art Of How To Negotiate

55. Learn a manual trade or skill – take up a hobby

How To Be A Better Man Hobbies

Teach yourself some new skills, welding for example. Remember, it’s important to be passionate about something. Stay curious and take on a new hobby. Here’s a list of the top 75 best hobbies for men to choose from; find one that suits you best. Consider taking up skiing, golf or even swimming lessons too.

Accept the 10,000-hour rule; practice makes perfect when it comes to skill and ability. Become a master at your craft.

56. Schedule a physical exam

Don’t be afraid of seeing the doctor. Get checked early and often.

57. Talk to every stranger you pass by

Say “hello,” be polite. You’ll be surprised at all interesting people you come in contact with. Even at your workplace, make it a point to say “hello” to everyone who walks in the door in the morning.

58. Consider your father

Write a letter to your father or spend a day out with him. Go fishing, hunting, etc. (Your mother too.)

59. Meet more women

Start treating women like human beings. Talk to them, learn how to hold a conversation with them. It’s easy once you stop dreaming about the future. Just be in the present moment. Go for women out of your league, you’ll be surprised. Should you like a girl, be upfront, tell her. Worst case scenario, she gives you no love back, so you move on.

60. Ties and pocket squares

How To Tie A Tie And Pocket Square

Learn how to tie and tie and fold a pocket square.

61. Shine your shoes

Shine Shoes Like A Man

Take a moment to polish them up. If you don’t know how learn.

62. Earn another person’s respect

Respect is priceless. Don’t assume you are owned anything in life. Earn it by genuinely being a great man towards others.

63. Learn a new language

Discover a new culture and enhance your travel experience.

64. Understand your success

Start judging your success by what you had to give up to get it. Step back and determine what you have learned. Remember to praise yourself for achieving your personal goals, and take the time to congratulate others for reaching theirs. It’s okay to dwell on these good things too, but don’t let yourself become a fat cat.

65. Adventure

How To Be A Better Man Travel

Go to someplace where you have never been before.

66. Share your knowledge

Think of it as a way to achieve immortality. Give a presentation, teach your son something, etc.

67. Live in a clean atmosphere

Clean Your Bachelor Pad

Enhance your home by cleaning the place up. Remember it is the foundation or your life. Clutter will weigh you down. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful or servers a purpose.

68. Reconnect with old friends

Don’t let little disputes injure your great friendships. Understand that friendship is not a possession, it is a gift.

69. The right pair of sunglasses

How To Be A Man Wear Sunglasses That Fit

Find a pair of sunglasses that agrees with your face shape.

70. Make and be confident in your decisions

Stop looking for other people’s approval or everything you do in life. Live life the way you want to and do what you want. Though, you should do so in a manner that respects the life, liberty or property of others.

Remember that you cannot please everyone all the time. Respect what is asked of you, but don’t make it a point to do everything single thing people ask for.

71. Stay well-groomed

How To Groom Like A Man

Invest your appearance by trimming your fingernails and eyebrows. Get a good face wash, beard trimmer, and any other tools that can help better your grooming routine. Even though wearing deodorant, taking a shower, and brushing your teeth are essential tasks, numerous men still avoid them. Perhaps one grooming effort you lack in right now is flossing. It’s easy to forget.

Go easy on the cologne, most men overdo it.

72. Mind your manners

Stop swearing like a sailor every single second. Say please and thank you. Take your hat off when you enter a room. Put down the cell phone when you go out to eat with friends or family. Give the disgusting spitting habit a rest.

73. Join a men’s group

Golf To Become A Better Man

It could be a fraternity, Freemasons, sports organization, etc. Plenty of men get together on the weekends to play a round of golf together. Consider going to local events, meetups, and conferences too.

74. Take hard-core classes

How To Be A Man Take Kickboxing Classes

Push your body to the limit. Try indoor cycling, krava maga, kickboxing, power yoga, etc.

75. Challenge your boss to give you a raise.

Ask again if you don’t get an firm answer. Consider acquiring a new boss or becoming your own. Here’s how to do it.

76. Define your goals – Be realistic, but dream big

Create a bucket list to get a sense of the immediacy and urgency of your life. Set your goals for the rest of the year then continually build upon them. Set this list of objectives someplace, you will be forced to see it daily. The front door or bathroom mirror are excellent choices.

77. Become a good cook

How To Be A Man Cook

Women will love you for it. Your body and taste buds will thank you too.

78. Get to know your neighbors

Make it a point to involve yourself within the community; you’ll get a better sense of security and grow your friendships. Consider it networking if you will, because you never really know who lives next door until you take the time to find out.

79. Let go of defensiveness

Be an authentic man. Be genuine and real. We have so limited time in this world to be ourselves, why waste it by being someone else that isn’t you. In reverse, be open to hearing the opinions and thoughts of others, even if you don’t agree with them.

80. Don’t show up empty-handed.

Be A Man Who Suprises

Surprise people.

81. Become a more educated man

How To Be A Better Man Read Books

Read. Knowledge is everything. Become a bookworm. Learn how to speed read. If you cannot afford books, get a library card and visit often.

Need some reading material, check out these top 150 best books for men.

82. Start a victory garden in your backyard

Use Gardening To Be A Better Man

Get back to nature, it will boost your mood and health.

83. Practice Forgiveness

But don’t forget past betrayal.

84. Do things other men won’t

There’s a good reason successful men are wealthy. They do the things that unsuccessful men aren’t willing to do.

85. Don’t take issues at work home

Avoid dumping your work issues on your wife and kids every night when you get home.

86. Stop waiting around

Don’t assume you have a long life waiting ahead of you for you to accomplish all the things you wish to do. Some men simply don’t.

87. Write a book – keep a journal

How To Be A Better Man Keep A Journal

Write a book with the intent of publishing it; do it. Or start keeping a journal. You don’t have to jot down your entire life’s story day by day unless you want to. Just take notes on the important things you encounter in life or think up. Consider it to be your self-learning personal guide or simply an idea incubator.

88. Apologize

Admit and own up to your mistakes. Be accountable for actions you make, apologize when in the wrong.

89. Take note of your reputation

It’s a shadow that will follow you around everywhere.

90. Gain Experience

How To Get Life Expirence

Don’t be embarrassed or afraid to experiment, you stand to gain valuable experience. If life should require you to drive trucks, operate a forklift in a warehouse, or go door to door as salesmen, use it to your advantage. Allow yourself to try different industries and roles within a business.

91. Get hands-on

Test yourself at home improvement and automotive repairs. Watch the pros, ask them questions, be willing to learn. Even if it’s not practical to you right now, remember that it is far better to stay curious than to remain stupid.

92. Call it night

Men Who Know How To Call It A Night

Learn when to call it a night. If it’s 4 am and you need to get more booze and think it’s a great idea. You’re eventually going to realize that no, it never is. Understand your limit whether it be work or pleasure, don’t burn yourself out.

93. Deal with the critics

Learn how to handle criticism, it is far too easy to allow yourself to become enraged over it. Don’t let the words of others affect you and play on your weakness. It will turn you into a fool. However, in reverse, be open to change when you are encouraged to make improvements. Not everything spoken negatively about you is made in spite.

94. Meditate

Cultivate your mind and expand your consciousness. Spending time alone to meditate will bring about inner peace and clarity. Not to mention, improve your concentration and productivity. If you are finding yourself worrying about the future, meditating will help bring your mind back to the present.

95. Give the beard a chance

Grow one, the process is rewarding. Get 50 beard facts then learn how to grow a beard.

96. Humor and laughter

Lighten up and laugh a little. Have a sense of humor and tell a joke now and then.

97. Get a tattoo

Almost every tattoo tells a different story. (Yes, sometimes a regretful one) However, most have a sentimental meaning behind them, or a particular memory involved. Even personal beliefs can be the driving purpose. The truth is, a lot of men who genuinely want one get consumed with this notion there is this intense pain involved. If that’s not enough, the thought of a needle prodding around the skin can freak just about anyone out. Those two things alone shouldn’t stop you from inking your body if that’s what you truly want.

Remember, don’t just run down to the tattoo shop and get one on a whim. That won’t make you a better man. What will, though, is pushing past all those fears that prevent you from doing so in the first place.

98. Don’t burn bridges

That boss you hate might be willing to you a letter of recommendation to help you land your dream job in the future. That co-worker you secretly can’t stand might be just the person you need when you’re short on references. Even outside of the workplace, make it a point never to burn your bridges. Take for instance sparking up a conversation with a random woman only find out she’s taken. Most men at that point will make a quick exit, they don’t want to invest time being friends. But here’s the deal: Two months from now she could be single again; that’s just how life works. If you happen to run into her, she’s going to remember how you treated her.

99. Don’t be a liar

The truth is, it’s the most dangerous thing a man can become. Live with an honest an intelligent effort if you desire to be successful. It will help keep your mind clear and your judgment sound.

100. Prioritize

Before you go to bed write down three things you need to accomplish in the morning. When you wake after a healthy night’s rest, tackle the most important one first.

101. Don’t rush to get married

Better Man Never Rush Marriage

Divorce sucks, yet around 40% of Western cultures go through it. Know that a great marriage can start when you’re 21 or 61. Remember that when you marry a woman, you in a sense also marry her whole family.

102. Be cautious in your business affairs

The world is full of trickery and con men. Don’t trust everyone at work. Office politics can be an dangerous thing.

103. When you have something important to say

Make Important Calls Like A Gentleman

Get a promotion at work, accomplish a major goal, or simply have an incredible story to share? Don’t text or email, call instead. Follow this rule when talking to women, it’s extremely essential.

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