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Every man is on a constant journey towards a higher fulfillment and a better understanding of himself. No matter what age we may be, as men we seek wisdom and knowledge for a more rewarding lifestyle. We live our lives in a constant stage of development in order to refine our character and reflect upon our values. With the challenges and frustrations in the modern society, we often become distracted away from our true purpose, passion and potential.

As we take the path towards becoming superior men we must learn to that in order to reach achievement, continuous hardships must never defeat us. The vagueness of a clear answer to life may demand our minds to wander in the process, but with self-acceptance and habits of good judgment, we can make the experience of life a rewarding one.

Presented below are ten lifestyle habits every gentleman should follow through the course of life. These positive principals display the simplistic marvel of taking care of yourself for living a better, happier lifestyle.

1. Demand respect

Be a gentleman of dignity and honor, and always keep in consideration your true value. Never settle for less than your worth, whether it is with women or while negotiating a pay raise. It might be tempting to sleep with an array of women when you’re younger, but consider the responsibilities that come along as you progress into an older age. Women can be alluring at any age, but ask yourself if she was truly worth, if you had an emotional connection with her, and if perhaps you had considered the possible health risks.

2. Seize your spirit

While it’s one thing to understand your value and come to terms with the amount of respect you have for yourself, it’s another to not go after your innermost desires. Always try to find it within yourself to muster up the courage to accomplish what your mind and heart strongly desires, but is too afraid to attempt. Should you see an attractive woman that terrifies your mind in a mysterious manner you cannot understand, approach her with confidence and power. Never let fear prevent you from chasing your true ambition or passion in life. Always be willing to conquer the world and take new leaps of faith when there is nothing supporting you but your soul.

3. Be present

In order to truly take advantage of the opportunities life throws your way, you must be willing to make observations. Often we become so distracted by the small things in life that don’t matter. Our mind fails to make the connection of what’s really in front of us. You must come to terms with mistakes and the troubles of life and visualize your true successes. Reflect upon your past to get a firm understanding of your failures, but never allow them to take the forefront of your thoughts as regrets. You cannot predict the future, although you can perhaps at times get a sense for it. However, worrying only paints a picture of a bad dream that will never be displayed as a reality tomorrow.

4. Entrust your loyalty in friendship

Surround yourself among the company of similar gentleman or women who share the same values, morals and positive principals. Steer clear of friendships with negative outlooks whose true intentions are to keep you at their level. A positive group of guys will support you in both times of trouble and times of success. They will encourage you to grow, and demand that you accept nothing but the best for yourself. Display your loyalty in return and entrust your friends into being a close part of your life. They will make the experience more rewarding, and build a foundation of memories you can cherish.

5. Be responsible for your own actions

Be willing to accept your mistakes and hold the as your own self-faults. Learn to accept criticism so that you can sculpt a better version of yourself. Never let your past challenges and failures become excuses for blaming others. Instead build a solid foundation in which you can support yourself during times of defeat. In order to conquer or achieve victory in the future, you must be willing to accept yourself before taking the next foot forward.

6. Plan everyday to be a winner

Refuse to wake up every morning with a negative outlook on life or for the day. Create a mental vision that you will be successful and achieve true happiness. Train your brain to believe only positive things will come in the future, and you’ll be driven towards triumph. Make a mental note or write down your goals on a notepad and put them somewhere you can never pass them by without glancing at them. Use this as a constant reminder of what you’re working towards and why you will achieve it.

7. Serve others with act of kindness

Be willing to lend a hand to your neighbor and volunteer your time and resources to benefit the greater good. Commit to making an impact on the world regardless of how big or small it may appear. Accept the reality of receiving no recognition, but perform acts of kindness from the heart. Remember that you will get everything you want in life, but only if you help others get what they want.

8. Be a man of your word

Learn to say no when it’s appropriate, and commit yourself to always keeping your word when you say yes. Regardless of the length of time, hold your word as a bond that can never be forgotten until it is fulfilled. Be willing to stand up for yourself if you deem a task is too overbearing or sacrifices your dignity. Determine a judgment on your own, but at the same time take into consideration other people before making a response. Should you ever be uncomfortable answering a question, remember it is always better to be reserved than to say too much.

9. Avoid falling in love too hastily

As younger men we were once mesmerized by the thought of love, but after time we learned to understand its true purpose. Women can be deceiving, just as men can be, but you must always remember that never let love become your foundation in life. People change, relationships sour, and to believe love will be a guaranteed source of lifetime happiness is foolish. Instead let love enhance your lifestyle, and improve your experience, but never let it become your sole pleasure in life. Trust your woman, avoid jealously and consider her to be an incredible component to your life, but not the whole part of it.

10. Accept your age

Be willing to grow older and accept the wisdom you responsibilities you gain along the way. Dress in the proper attire to compliment your life experience, and act in a manner that reflects your true age. Continue to live in the moment and follow your spirit, but do so in the proper amount of moderation. Become a role model for the younger generation of men, and inspire them to reach their potential of becoming a respected gentleman. Demonstrate values and positive character so that those around you will follow in your footsteps. In the process never let your age hinder pride or value; for the older you become, the more respected you will be.

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