Top 60 Best Bathtub Tile Ideas – Wall Surround Designs

Top 60 Best Bathtub Tile Ideas – Wall Surround Designs

The art of tilework is as old as man himself, and most certainly a mainstay in the aesthetically conscious home.

A finely selected and well-maintained tiling scheme can make all the difference concerning a number of factors, from eye-appeal to cleanliness, and the bathroom has historically acted as the no.1 tile beneficiary in one’s household.

Exterior bathtub tiling is a particularly eye-catching artisanal touch in the modern bathroom, a signifier of one’s personal taste and penchant for fine detail. From brightly colored mosaic work to classic vintage motifs, today’s bathtub tile inspirations are all but unending. Marble adds a touch of the Roman spa decadence, while fluid grey river stones suggest an extension of the natural surrounding environment.

Your bathtub is an escape from the stresses and sores of daily life, a moment to close your eyes and breathe, taking in the sanctuary you so carefully crafted for yourself; why not give your bathtub its due treatment?

These top 60 best bathtub tile ideas and design schemes, open up a world of possibilities in your bathroom space, from brightening confined perimeters to lending a more modish edge, with no space too small or dated to reap the benefits.

All too often we overlook the finer details in our quest for the big picture, and nothing puts the final touch on an interior masterpiece like the time-honored but ever-evolving tile.

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