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Tray ceilings, also referred to as recessed or inverted ceilings, have been making major architectural headlines in recent years, appearing in the most modish homes from around the world, as well as cropping up in a number of editorial spreads.

Just the right balance of understatement and impossible elegance, a tray ceiling not only adds value to one’s home, but ensures years of enjoyment.

At the first mere mention this ceiling design may not seem like an obvious first choice, but the first sight itself may just be the start of a lifelong love affair.

A tray ceiling features a central section that is elevated by several inches (or even feet) above the room’s surrounding perimeter, making it ideal for painted color schemes and murals, mirrors, and hidden lighting fixtures. (For those who live in warmer regions, a tray ceiling can cleverly disguise an unseemly but indispensable ceiling fan.)

Well-suited to rooms with naturally high ceilings, these tray ceiling ideas and designs draw the gaze upward, setting the stage for focal implements and conversation pieces. The beauty of the tray ceiling is in its adaptability to one’s aesthetic preferences; subtle or ornate, this is a ceiling that compliments the occupant’s interior taste. From the dining room to the living room, there are few spaces that can’t exceed expectations with the incorporation of a tray ceiling.

It’s often been said that few men take the time to look up from the ground and at their surroundings, and certainly not up. A magnificent ceiling is the mark of a man who dares to see possibility where others cannot. In that spirit, the tray ceiling is nothing short of the true tastemaker’s calling card.

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