Top 50 Best Rustic Ceiling Ideas – Vintage Interior Designs

Michelangelo wasn’t the only one who spent a great portion of his life gazing up at an expanse of ceiling; most of us spend an equally significant amount of time with our eyes aimed towards the heavens.

Upon waking and before drifting off to sleep, as well as those moments of solitude and repose, the ceiling is a canvas upon which we reflect and allow our minds to drift.

For playing such a valuable role, one would think more people might put the appropriate time and care into their ceiling’s aesthetic. Fortunately for those who take notice and heart, the rustic ceiling is just one of many transformative motifs.

Punctuated by the antiquated and repurposed, the rustic movement took hold in recent decades thanks to its equal parts earthy + chic accessibility. Stripped and/or repurposed wood began to replace the bleak ceiling of so many standard homes, and thus the rich multitude of inspirations began to unfurl into unforgettable ascensions. If you’ve ever longed to dream beneath farmhouse eaves, or rest your head in the manner of a provincial poet, the rustic ceiling is your sheltering haven. And because the rustic scheme never goes out of style, and like yourself only gets better with time, you can rest easy knowing your old world vaulting will always have a place in the new.

Just as the great artists of bygone centuries viewed the ceiling as the culmination of an interior’s scope and potential, so too does the man of timeless principle refuse to neglect this overhanging treasure.

These top 50 best rustic ceiling ideas are your chance to embrace and update the bygone stronghold, all the while exhibiting your own personalized signature between the beams.

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