Top 50 Best Glass Block Ideas – Obscured Light Designs

Top 50 Best Glass Block Ideas – Obscured Light Designs

They say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones (and you’re certainly not the type to do so anyway), which is why you’ve opted for glass blocking instead.

Reminiscent of the beachside chic, glass blocking welcomes in the light while obscuring what you wish to conceal from the outside world.

Has compromise ever looked so appealing?

Glass block windows have been a popular choice for the past century, particularly in regions where the sun never stops shining but the need for privacy likewise remains unaltered. Implemented within doorways as well as a constructed to serve as barriers between rooms, glass blocking allows one to open up the space without sacrificing comfort or domestic seclusion.

The bathroom instantly promises a spa-worthy experience thanks to a glass block window or shower wall, while even the most standard outdoor deck can make guests gasp with its elegant arrangement of inlaid glass blocking. If your home is set within a particularly shady area or you simply wish to brighten an otherwise confined space, glass blocking is no less than a transformative blessing.

Whether you’re looking to make a simple adjustment to an already stationary zone in your house or seeking a more full-scale enhancement, glass blocking is the perfect way to upgrade your home. We all deserve to feel free within our interior habitats, impervious to barriers and restrictions. However, few of us wish to reside in a fishbowl, which is why the glass blocking option is as ingenious as it is stunning to look upon.

Window or corridor wall, bathroom or backyard terrace, these top 50 best glass blocking ideas are the choice of men who prefer their privacy on the sunnier side.

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