Top 50 Best Backyard Fence Ideas – Unique Privacy Designs

You’ve probably heard of the idyllic house and white picket fence, the joy and security each provides the other.

While we may be more or less past that decidedly 1950’s pinnacle of domestic bliss, there’s no denying the timeless function and appeal of a well-crafted and attractive fence.

Your backyard is a place of reprieve, where you and your family can retreat and relax, presumably away from the gaze of the outside world. Depending on your locale, this may not always be the case, resulting in the need for a good backyard fence. Fortunately today’s designs allow you to take comfort in the privacy your home provides, while taking equal pleasure in your backyard’s potential. After all, why should your freedom from disturbance come at the exclusion of personal enjoyment?

From rambling flora & fauna to sculptural motifs, the modern backyard fence is more than just a divider, but a compliment to your home’s unique aesthetic. You may wish to encourage the natural overgrowth of vines and ivy, or conversely opt for a more streamlined fence layout.

Child and pet safety may also play a key role in selecting the backyard fence that’s right for you, and these are additions that come at no cost of curb appeal. Whether you prefer a traditional wooden partition or updated horizontal slat outline, you can kick back with ease knowing you’re safely secluded and in style.

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