Top 40 Best Home Gym Floor Ideas – Fitness Room Flooring Designs

A private home gym is nothing short of a necessity for the active gent who craves the privacy and convenience of a home workout.

While many are content to carve out a bedroom corner or spot in the garage to break a sweat, others prefer a designated fitness spot to declare their own.

From adequate lighting to ample space for gear and equipment, a home gym demands a certain degree of attention, which extends right down to the floor.

The type of gym flooring you choose depends on a number of factors, from the type of workouts you engage in to varying comfort levels. There are a number of flooring options to suit every active home gym inhabitant, from rubber to foam, as well as standard vinyl tiling. Relatively inexpensive and just as easy to maintain, commercial carpet is a particularly appealing choice, while others prefer the softness and shock absorption of the aforementioned rubber and foam. All of the above materials come in a range of colors and textures, designed with durability and eye-appeal in mind.

Your home gym should be a welcoming space you look forward to entering; after all, it’s yours alone. No sharing with strangers or fighting over equipment, no restrictions or hefty membership fees; your personal gym should be designed to suit the man you are, and no doubt the man you are shaping up to be.

While these top 40 best home gym floor ideas below should you give plenty of inspiration, here’s what I’ve personally found works best:

Horse Stall Mats: You can purchase horse stall mats online (high shipping costs due to weight) or in-person from stores like Tractor Supply Co. While cheap in price and offering plenty of floor coverage, most often come with a rubbery stink that can take a few weeks to dissipate. If you don’t mind the initial smell you might mind the thickness if you’re a perfectionist. Not every single one is going to be perfectly level, depending on the vendor you order them through. On the plus side, these mats are extremely tough, ribbed on the underside for airflow and offer plenty of shock absorption.

1×1 or 1×2 EVA foam flooring interlocking tiles: While these have a significantly low cost per square foot, seams can pull apart if each tile is not secured in place. Durability leaves one less than impressed.

Muscle Mats and Ultra Flex Mats: Non-interlocking but just as heavy duty as hose stall mats. These mats come in at a much higher price tag per square foot, but are made for gym usage specifically.

Epoxy concrete floor covering: Customize-able to any pattern, color, etc.

Generic recycled rubber tiles: Seamless design, easy install, possible to color match.

Commercial carpet tiles: Available in virtually any color or pattern. While cheap, padding protection for the floor surface underweath is virtually zero.

Vinyl hardwood flooring: For a natural wood look that’s easy to clean.

Large format tile: Less grout to clean, but not ideal for home gyms with weights. Suitable for home gyms where treadmills see the majority of the action.

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