Top 40 Best Driveway Edging Ideas – Inviting Border Designs

Short or sprawling, circular or straight, the driveway is arguably a home’s first introduction.

You needn’t occupy an opulent estate to spruce up your driveway with an eye-catching border, also known as edging.

While it may seem like an inconsequential implement, driveway edging can lift an entire home’s exterior aesthetic to a whole new level. With the snow melting and warmer seasons upon us, now is the perfect time to give your driveway some much-deserved TLC.

There are a number of driveway edging options, with just as many materials and styles to select according to your home’s curb appeal. Belgian block is one of the most commonly used motifs, which employs the use of raised granite, while concrete, brick, loose stones, and even steel have all been used to great success. Cost and climate are certainly factors to consider, as well as lawn substance, but ultimately your choice of driveway edging depends entirely on your personal style, and more importantly what “home” means to you.

As so many age-old adages concur, everything is in the details. So many seemingly minor components make up the sum of a house’s true quality. These carefully considered driveway edging ideas and border designs not only invites guests in with a quiet nod, but welcomes you, the owner, day after day, ensuring that this last stretch of road to take will be one worth savoring.

Asphalt Driveway Edging Ideas Natural Stone

Awesome Home Driveway Edging Design Ideas

Black Concrete Driveway Edging Ideas

Blacktop Driveway Edging Designs

Blacktop Driveway Edging Ideas

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Contemporary Driveway Edging Ideas

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Driveway Border Edging Options

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Red Brick Pavers Driveway Edging Ideas

Red Paver Driveway Edging

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Simple Driveway Edging Ideas

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