Top 40 Best Deck Roof Ideas – Covered Backyard Space Designs

Top 40 Best Deck Roof Ideas – Covered Backyard Space Designs

Summer calls for sultry nights under the stars and sun-drenched cocktail gatherings, making the backyard deck the ultimate destination this season.

For those who desire a bit more shade and privacy while soaking up the rays, however, a deck roof may be in order.

Have no fear, though; the deck roof of today isn’t the drab concoction so many of us remember. As beautiful as they are functional, the modern deck roofs are an extension of, and not a deterrent from, the luxurious deck experience you deserve.

From pergola models, which are ideal for those who want their sunlight with a side of shade, to canopies of all materials and designs, as well as the more traditional wooden and stucco coverings, there’s a deck roof for every space and desired effect. Many roofing features offer adjustable or expandable coverings, allowing you the freedom to secure just the right amount of shelter no matter the hour or weather conditions.

Gone are the days of cumbersome umbrellas and guests shifting seats further towards your home’s awning to escape the glare. With these top 40 best proper deck roof ideas you can indulge yourself and your company in the most sumptuous summer splendor.

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