Top 40 Best Coffee Table Books For Men – Cool Reading Material

You’ll find coffee tables in just about any bachelor pad or man cave, but that doesn’t mean those tables have to be covered with boring magazines and tired, cliched reading material.

Transform your boring bachelor pad with small objects of curiosity. Add a touch of interior design class to your place.

For the discerning gentleman who wants to showcase their worldliness and sophistication without seeming too overly stuffy, these exquisitely curated books will both delight, and entertain any who pick them up.

Guests will come to connect the type of coffee table book that is available with the man who chose them. Be sure to exemplify your unique nature with coffee table books that shout out your individualism and creativity.

Discover some of the most interesting and engaging reads with the top 40 best coffee table books below, and get a head start with your search.

75 Years Of Marvel Comics Book

75 Years Of Marvel Comics Coffee Table Book

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Marvel Comics is one of the cornerstones of modern entertainment and society in general. From their beginning in 1939, these powerful characters and plots have driven public opinion and accented fantasy scenarios in wonderful ways.

100 Contemporary Concrete Buildings Book

100 Contemporary Concrete Buildings Coffee Table Book


Everyone is familiar with concrete since it surrounds every urban setting, but many don’t know the true utility and impressive nobility of the material. This book has two volumes, and it highlights the very best pieces of concrete architecture from the constantly evolving modern world.

100 Diagrams That Changed The World Book

100 Diagrams That Changed The World Coffee Table Book


The greatest minds in history obviously had to write down their thoughts and discoveries from time to time, and this book includes some of the most pivotal diagrams and technological creations ever devised.

1000 Tattoos Book

1000 Tattoos Coffee Table Book


Tattoos have a rich and illustrious history in society, and their history and evolution has led to some amazing works of body art over the years. This book presents examples of 19th century tribal tattoos as well as more modern pieces. Observe the brilliant growth of the tattoo movement.

Battle Book

Battle Coffee Table Book


This historical edition includes maps, weapons, timelines, and uniforms worn throughout the history of warfare. The book includes a sweeping narrative of the history of warfare along with details of the rise and fall of empires.

About Time – Celebrating Men’s Watches Book

About Time Celebrating Mens Watches Coffee Table Book


Men’s watches are nearly as popular now as they have been in the past, and this book brings together some of the best examples of premium wristwatches from across time. The author included a comprehensive list of the 10 best watches for the connoisseur.

Animalium Book

Animalium Coffee Table Book


As a written and printed museum, this book is able to highlight the varying features and creatures of the animal kingdom with glorious illustrations and informative content. This book is part of a series of printed museums, each with a different theme, but they all provide hours of learning potential.

Beaches Book

Beaches Coffee Table Book


Over twenty cities from across the six inhabited continents are featured in this beautifully organized series of aerial beach photographs. These images are incredibly unique in perspective, lighting, and orientation, which makes them perfect for briefly escaping reality to return to the beach.

Cabin Porn Book

Cabin Porn Coffee Table Book


Scenic settings and primitive architecture provide a unique combination of nostalgia and comfort. Cabin Porn features numerous alluring photos from a dedicated forest preserve in upstate New York along with examples of natural cabin escapes from all over the world. Experience the beauty for yourself.

Dogs Book

Dogs Coffee Table Book


The relationship between dogs and man has extended since before the beginning of recorded history to the time of the first men using wolves to help them hunt. This book is a consolidation of the history of dogs and their partnership with man, and it dives deeply into the psychological connections with man’s best friend.

Drive Time Book

Drive Time Coffee Table Book


The accessories that a man chooses must match not only his style, but other items in his repertoire. This book aims to showcase the most exquisite watches in the world, and they are all modeled after high-end motor vehicles like Porsche and Ferrari.

Firearms – An Illustrated History Book

Firearms An Illustrated History Coffee Table Book


More than 700 years of firearm history is included in this impressive collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution. The book is illustrated with over 300 highly detailed firearm images that are meant to represent the real-world equivalent of the firearm in question, including brands like Colt and Kalashnikov.

Hide And Seek – The Architecture Of Cabins And Hideouts Book

Hide And Seek The Architecture Of Cabins And Hideouts Coffee Table Book


Feeling connected with nature is something that many people don’t experience enough, but Hide and Seek has the ability to transport anyone to a secluded natural getaway from the comfort of their own couch. Get in tune with nature using this edition.

Humans Of New York Book

Humans Of New York Coffee Table Book


What was once an incredibly popular blog is now a bestselling book. Humans of New York sets out to create a visual census of New York City, including the diverse economic and cultural disparities that permeate the city. This book is a tribute to the unique nature of the human spirit.

James Bond Cars Book

James Bond Cars Coffee Table Book


Just about every man has fantasized about being 007 at least once, and now this book offers a look at the vehicles behind the secret agent. While the title points primarily to cars, the volume includes details about every mode of transportation used by Bond, including airplanes, snowmobiles, and even jet packs.

Lamborghini – Supercars 50 Years Book

Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years Coffee Table Book


Car lovers won’t be able to put down this impressive collection of the most valuable and powerful performance cars from the Lamborghini brand. These cars are the peak of automotive engineering, and their price is certainly a reflection of that.

Logobook Book

Logobook Coffee Table Book


Over 7,000 examples of the most influential and iconic brand logos are included in this archive, along with the history, evolution, and meaning behind each individual logo. The book tells the story of incredible human ingenuity and creativity as these logos evolved with the complexities of the changing times.

Mail Order Mysteries – Stuff From Real Old Comic Book Ads

Mail Order Mysteries Stuff From Real Old Comic Book Ads Coffee Table Book


Did you ever wonder what you would receive if you answered a mail-order ad on the back of an old comic? If so, this book will answer all your curiosities. It includes the secrets behind those mail-order promises, many of which were disappointing to those who bought them.

Maps Book

Maps Coffee Table Book


Illustrated maps are much more abstract and artistic than anything else, and this book includes something that everyone will enjoy. These beautiful hand-drawn maps feature the standard cartographic items like cities and mountains, but they also include plants, animals, and even historical sites.

Micheal Muller Sharks Book

Micheal Muller Sharks Coffee Table Book


Sharks might be endangered, but it certainly doesn’t feel that way when you’re swimming ten feet away from one in the open ocean. That’s how Michael Muller captured the amazing and startling images in this book, which includes a number of rarely seen specimens.

Now I Know Book

Now I Know Coffee Table Book


Facts and trivia knowledge are the main appeal of this highly revealing book. You’ll be surprised at what you don’t know, and what you thought you knew but were wrong. With over 100 interesting and unique topics, this book is a challenge for even the smartest trivia expert.

Off The Road Book

Off The Road Coffee Table Book


If you constantly feel the great outdoors or the open road calling your name, this is the book for you. It includes a number of previously unexplored locations that any outdoorsman would thoroughly enjoy, and it shares the secrets of surviving in such an environment in a comfortable, thrilling way.

Photoviz Book

Photoviz Coffee Table Book


Infographics are quite helpful, but most of them lack a certain visual stimulation that goes along with real photographs. This book hopes to bridge that gap by showcasing those same pieces of information with the literal interpretations of the facts, like visualizing that which is invisible.

Porsche 911 – 50th Anniversary Edition Book

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition Coffee Table Book


The images of the most important Porsche models over the last 50 years have been radiantly captured and beautifully curated for this anniversary edition. The Porsche 911 was first introduced to the public in 1963, and since then the brand has continued to innovate new models.

Surfing – 1778 To Today Book

Surfing 1778 Today Coffee Table Book

$153 / BUY IT HERE

Surfing is brought to life in this tome with over 200 years of history. There are nearly 1,000 images that explore the creation, evolution, and philosophy of the surfing lifestyle. Anyone with even a passing interest in surfing should consider taking a glance through this book.

The Art Of American Whiskey Book

The Art Of American Whiskey Coffee Table Book


The Russians have vodka, the French have wine, and America has whiskey. Bourbon and rye whiskies are categorically American, and this book includes a number of the most iconic American spirits ever produced.

The Art Of The Brick A Life In Lego Book

The Art Of The Brick A Life In Lego Coffee Table Book


Crafting world-class LEGO models is no easy task, but Nathan Sawaya makes it seem intuitive and simple. This book includes some of his most impressive creations, and it goes into an in-depth discussion about how he started his art form, including his process for developing a new sculpture.

The Bike Deconstructed Book

The Bike Deconstructed Coffee Table Book


Have you ever wondered about the mechanics and physics behind your favorite two-wheeled method of motor-less transportation? Wonder no more with this amazing book by Richard Hallett, a self-proclaimed bicycle guru. Learn the integral parts and the history behind them.

The Dogist Book

The Dogist Coffee Table Book


For the lover of dogs, this book has no equal. It is a funny yet touching look at the companions who make so many families complete. The book is broken down into hilarious and beautiful themes that include Dogs in Fancy Outfits, Puppies, and Cones of Shame.

The Film Book

The Film Book Coffee Table Book


Those with an interest in cinema would do well to decorate with The Film Book. This tome includes the evolution of film techniques, a list of the best directors throughout history, and an expansive view of the world movie industry. Uniquely written for movie lovers, this book is a treasure.

The James Bond Archives Book

The James Bond Archives Coffee Table Book


James Bond has been portrayed by six actors over a period of 50 years, and with 24 films under his belt, the secret agent is one of the most popular fictional icons in history. This book includes behind the scenes content from the production of those films, including rare photos and storyboards.

The Lego Architect Book

The Lego Architect Coffee Table Book


LEGOs are one of the most popular toys in history, and adults and children alike can enjoy the fun. The LEGO Architect includes numerous galleries of impressive LEGO models meant to emulate the most popular architecture styles in the world, including Modernism, Art Deco, and High Tech.

The Ride Book

The Ride Coffee Table Book


The motorcycle is the quintessential American vehicle, and it is not immune to the changes of the modern world. This book takes the classic idea of motorcycles and turns it on its head, detailing the most talented custom bike makers in the world.

The Watch Book

The Watch Coffee Table Book


Wristwatches have enjoyed an incredible history, and this book takes a look at some of the popular vintage and contemporary watches available for men. It includes over 500 images of wristwatches from across the years, and there are examples hailing from every corner of the globe.

The Who What And The When Book

The Who What And The When Coffee Table Book


History is filled with unsung heroes who contributed greatly to the world as it is today, and this book highlights some of the most prominent unnamed figures throughout time. Perfect for those who enjoy discovering unique historical facts.

Things Come Apart Book

Things Come Apart Coffee Table Book


Curiosity is a powerful force, and this book allows the most basic curious nature of man to be satiated. With dozens of artistic representations of current pieces of technology broken down into their most basic components, this book attempts to reveal the hidden nature of the modern world.

Tom Ford Book

Tom Ford Coffee Table Book


Men need to be involved in fashion just as much as their lady friends, and this book about Tom Ford and by Tom Ford is an excellent start. This book is a testament to the contributions of Ford to the fashion industry, and it includes every pivotal moment that redefined the limits of style.

Top Gear The Cool 500 Book

Top Gear The Cool 500 Coffee Table Book


Mankind has been in love with cars since the very first one rolled into society. As a premier outlet for everything cars, Top Gear has created this book showcasing the most powerful, eye-catching, and overall greatest cars in history.

Treasures Of The NRA National Firearms Museum Book

Treasures Of The NRA National Firearms Museum Coffee Table Book


The NRA has an impressive firearms museum located in Virginia, and this tome highlights over 275 of the weapons used throughout American history. More than 1,000 photographs illustrate the complexity and ingenuity of these weapons.

World Of Private Islands Book

World Of Private Islands Coffee Table Book


The idea of owning your own private island might seem unattainable, but it is much closer than you might imagine. This book includes a number of amazingly beautiful private islands and the unique structures that adorn them, and it showcases some of the more pristine yet isolated islands.

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