70 Bathroom Shower Tile Ideas – Luxury Interior Designs

Our ancient forefathers around the world took painstaking care to appoint their bathing & spa facilities with only the most stunning tiles, patterns, and inlaid designs, to say nothing of the vibrant array of colors.

A clean and simple space was far from enough; bold hues, intricate schemes, and sprawling mosaics turned a room of everyday use into a luxurious retreat and place of repose. The question, therefore, is: why not do the same for your own bathroom?

From the classic blues and grays of the Pacific to supersaturated Miami tones, these bathroom shower tile ideas are a reflection of your self-care M.O., the colors and textures and sheer inspirational vibes that get you moving in the morning and contribute to your overall well-being. Undulating wave patters evoke a sense of calm and fluidity, while dramatic hexagonal rug layouts add edge to an otherwise overlooked abode.

You can even choose to combine materials, such as marble and tile, for an unforgettable palatial effect. Just as the ancient haute monde understood, your place of cleansing is also your place of purifying; where there is beauty there will no doubt be physical and spiritual restoration.

The opulent homes of today may sport showers fit for a king, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that much-deserved bit of sumptuousness. It’s time to take your standard shower tile into the realm of the elite, and what better place to start than the floor you stand on and walls you gaze at every day?

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