Top 40 Best 26.2 Tattoo Designs For Men – Running Marathon Ink Ideas

For the uninitiated, 26.2 is the number of miles run in a marathon. To complete such a marathon is an extraordinary accomplishment, and worth celebrating in tattoo art for all to admire.

More than just a mere number on the flesh, the 26.2 tattoo can worn a number of ways, and tell just as many personal stories.

Location often plays a large part in the marathon memory. Where were you when you finished the marathon? What part of the region, city, people, or your fellow runners stands out in your mind as fresh as if it happened yesterday? These details make up the marathon experience, and for that reason many people opt to surround their 26.2 tattoo with images and symbols pertaining to the day and event. Some marathon pros choose to frame their 26.2 tattoo with symbolic plants, animals, geometric shapes, foot imprints, and even the faces of loved ones who cheered them on.

Completing a marathon is a superhuman feat, and deserves a tattoo you can wear with pride for the rest of your life. Worn on the arm, shoulder, or ankle, you’ll be sure to catch the eye of those in passing–though judging by your marathon achievements, they’ll have to run to catch a glimpse.

3d Mens Leg 26 2 Tattoo Designs

26 2 Marathon Mens Running Leg Tattoo Designs

26 2 Tattoo Check On Mans Leg

26 2 Tattoo Inner Arm Bicep Ironman Design

Ankle 26 2 Tattoo Small Design Ideas

Arm Guys Pittsburgh Skyline 26 2 Tattoo Design

Chicago Skyline 26 2 Tattoo Design Ideas

Crossed Arrows Small Inner Forearm Mens 26 2 Tattoo Designs

Foot Ankle 26 2 Tattoo Guys Designs

Guys Inner Arm Bicep 26 2 Tattoo With Compass Map Design

Guys Shoes 26 2 Tattoo Designs

Inner Arm Bicep Mens 26 2 Tattoo Wing Design

Leg Black Ink 26 2 Tattoo Design Ideas

Leg Black Ink Roman Numeral 26 2 Tattoo Designs

Leg Calf Shoe Print 26 2 Tattoo For Guys

Male 26 2 Tattoo Shoe Wings Leg Tattoo

Mechancial Gears 26 2 Tattoo For Guys

Mens 26 2 Tattoo Circular Design On Leg

Mens Ironman 26 2 Tattoo Design Ideas

New York City 26 2 Tattoo On Arm

Nyc 26 2 Tattoo Small Apple Forearm Tattoos For Men

Outer Space Watercolor Guys Leg Calf 26 2 Running Tattoo Designs

Rib Cage Side 26 2 Tattoo Ironman Themed For Men

Roman Numerals 26 2 Tattoos For Men

Run 26 2 Tattoo Designs For Men

Running 26 2 Tattoo Designs For Guys

Running Themed Watercolor 26 2 Tattoo Designs For Men

Script 26 2 Tattoo Numbers Guys Design On Forearm

Shoe Pattern Print 26 2 Tattoo For Men

Side Of Foot Script Font 26 2 Tattoo Designs

Simple 26 2 Tattoo Small Guys Ideas

Skull 26 2 Tattoo Designs For Men On Leg Calf

Small Simple Red And Black Ink 26 2 Running Mens Tattoo

Top Of Foot Running 26 2 Tattoo Designs For Guys

Tribal Negative Space Running 26 2 Miles Tattoo For Men On Shoulder

Wrist 26 2 Tattoo Roman Numeral Designs

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