Top 19 Best Gym Bags For Men – Carry Your Aethletic Appetite

At the gym, there are as many different personality types as there are white towels to wipe sweat from their brows.

With so many personalities bringing so many gym bags into the locker room, you want your bag to stand out, serve you well and say a little something about your unique style.

While most duffels offer only a few variations from expected features, we pulled together a list of the top 19 best gym bags for men of just about every personality type.

Now, all you need to do is choose your ultimate bag, pack your gear and get ready to pump iron, rip those abs and flex in the mirror.

Adidas Team Speed Small Duffel

Adidas Team Speed Small Duffel Men's Gym Bag


This adidas polyester mesh fitness bag is a manageable size suited to fit all of your gym needs, but not so bulky that you cannot shove it in a locker or under your office desk. Available in sixteen colors coordinated to adidas apparel, you may choose one to match your workout wear, team colors or even an executive-minded basic black.

Dalix Travel Gym Bag

Dalix Travel Gym Bag For Men


You can never go wrong with “basic functionality,” especially when it comes to your gym duffel. With a classic u-zip on top, side compartments for small items and a front pocket for things you need quickly while on the go, functional is the name of the game with this bag. Constructed of tightly woven polyester, this duffel is available in nine colors.

Esign Peak Everyday Duffle

Esign Peak Everyday Duffle Men's Gym Bag


Ensign Peak’s Everyday Duffel is basic with a twist. Well, more like basic with a racing stripe. Constructed of easy-to-clean polyester, this duffel has outer seams covered by white PVC piping for a sleek but punchy profile. A center front pocket provides room for your keys, cell phone and other small items while two mesh side pockets fulfill other needs.

Everlast Glove Gym Bag

Everlast Glove Gym Bag For Men


You are a low maintenance kind of guy. You like hard hitting and streamlined impact as part of your fitness. This Everlast antimicrobial, anti-odor boxing bag features exterior pockets for hand wraps, mouth guard, keys and water bottles, with a main compartment perfectly suited for boxing gloves. Because your fists are your glory, the glove compartment’s exterior appropriately proclaims, “Greatness is within.”

Fitmart Transporter Gym Backpack

Fitmart Transporter Gym Backpack For Men


You live a compartmentalized life and everything has its place in your gym bag. This Fitmart Transporter Backpack has three sizable exterior pockets for your organizational needs, a spacious main compartment, as well as side pockets for water bottles or whatever else you decide belongs in them. In black with grey zippers, you will look super sharp in your own well-contained way.

Golds Gym Men’s Duffle

Golds Gym Men's Duffle Bag


Maybe you are a member of Gold’s Gym. Maybe you are not. Throw “the man” off your trail as you head off to get your grunt on by sporting a simple, one-compartment, washable duffel proclaiming your gym of choice. Or, is it really your gym of choice? Go with black strikingly embroidered with bright yellow lettering or incognito with red-on-red styling.

Herschel Supply Co Novel Duffle

Herschel Supply Co Novel Duffle Gym Bag For Men


This super chic Herschel Supply Co. duffel is styled for executive-minded jet-setters or those who aspire to be such. A good medium-size fitness bag of polyester both inside and out, the large main compartment offers ample room for whatever you tote back and forth. A separate exterior shoe or wet clothing compartment keeps sweaty stuff away from your designer duds.

Hugo Boss Casmio Bag

Hugo Boss Casmio Gym Bag For Men

$272 / BUY IT HERE

Who’s the boss? Hugo is the Boss! Well, with this bag, you are the Boss. Oh-so-supple grey leather with black suede accents and striped fabric shoulder strap make you look like the boss you believe yourself to be at the gym and on the street. Designer is still durable, however. An easy-to-clean interior can be wiped down with a damp cloth to keep everything inside fresh.

Innovator Insulated Meal Management Bag

Innovator Insulated Meal Management Men's Gym Bag


Many people claim sticking to a meal plan is all about discipline. For fitness diets, discipline is only a fraction of the lifestyle. A large part is planning and packaging of meals, keeping those fresh and sticking to your workout schedule. This one bag pulls all of that lifestyle and gear together in one place.

Jaxx Dual Fuel Duffle

Jaxx Dual Fuel Duffle Gym Bag For Men


This Jaxx gym bag is the McGyver of all gym bags. Just when people think you are going to workout and run, you then prove you can dine and dash with all of your protein shakes, vitamins, supplements and gym gear in this bag within a bag. Patented Jaxx shaker cup, reusable ice pack and dishwasher safe containers are also included.

Hynes Eagle Gray Sports Bag

Men's Hynes Eagle Gray Sports Gym Bag


Simple, smart, compact and chic, this Hynes Eagle Grey Sports Duffel with black contrast zippers and trim is an excellent all-purpose, throw it all in, stash it and stow it kind of gym bag. One small exterior zip pocket keeps the important things like keys easy to find. A roomy main space offers simplistic storage and one interior pocket protects cellphones and other important items.

Nike Brasila 6 Duffle Bag

Nike Brasila 6 Duffle Bag For Men


Squared-end styling and over a dozen colors help this sporty duffel provide plenty of options as part of your fitness routine. Whether soccer, weightlifting, swimming or other sports are your preferred workout passion, all of your basic gear will fit. Regardless of what you put inside, you know that swoosh on the outside makes you aerodynamic.

Ogio Endurance 9.0 Gym Bag

Ogio Endurance 9.0 Gym Bag For Men

$110 / BUY IT HERE

Forget being the better you, the “You 2.0.” Bypass that standard excellence and get to You 9.0 with this OGIO Endurance 9.0 gym bag. Constructed of high-tensile, lightweight, endurance materials and a main compartment worthy of being called “cavernous,” your fitness or running gear will not slow your roll to and from the gym. Ventilated exterior compartments and lockable armored pocket.

The North Face Base Camp Duffle

The North Face Base Camp Duffle Gym Bag For Men

$140 / BUY IT HERE

To be worthy of this duffel, either you peak on Everest or you peak when everyone else bows to your supreme fitness. For climbing Everest or just the steps of public transportation en route to your gym, Alpine-cut shoulder straps let you enjoy hands-free navigation. Made of ballistics nylon and fabric laminate, this bag is lightweight and easy to clean.

Title Boxing Deluxe Gear Bag

Title Boxing Deluxe Gear Bag For Men


You’re not the kind of man to hide behind subtle accessories. You are a title fighter and darn proud of it. You earned your place in the ring. Now, get on with your bad self to the gym, with this roomy nylon duffel with multi-purpose front pockets, water bottle pocket, roomy main space and end compartments.

Under Armour Isolate Duffle

Under Armour Isolate Duffle Gym Bag For Men


It is simple, colorful and means business. This Under Armour Isolate gym duffel is totally tubular in styling and capacity. Two exterior zip pockets keep important things safely at hand and an interior tricot media pocket ensures cellphones, glasses and other delicate items are protected from bag contents. Storm-treated water resistance keeps contents dry, even during a stormy day’s foot commute to your fitness center.

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle

Under Armour Undeniable Duffle Gym Bag For Men


You are undeniable at the gym. You need an undeniable gym bag. This Under Armour Undeniable duffel is Storm-treated to provide breathability with exterior water resistance. Traditional duffel styling with a large primary compartment, end pockets and an expanding front laundry and shoe compartment to keep fresh things fresh and not-so-fresh things isolated. Available in nine colors, for the undeniably fashionable.

Universal Nutrition Animal Gym Bag

Universal Nutrition Animal Gym Bag For Men


Beckon your animal instincts and appeal while at the gym with this compact yet sufficient duffel from Universal Nutrition. If you are truly an animal, you have no opposing thumbs. So, the easy access front zip pocket helps you store cellphones, keys, glasses and other items for struggle-free retrieval. A zippered end pocket provides additional space. Amply sized at 23″.

Venum Trainer Lite Men’s Sports Bag

Venum Trainer Lite Men's Sports Bag


Just as intimidating as a boxer or MMA fighter carrying it, this black Venum Trainer Lite bag provides space for gloves, shinguards and everything else you need for training. An expandable front pocket is perfect for wet items, laundry or shoes. Adjustable, padded shoulder strap accommodates fighters short or tall.

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