Top 14 Best Fitness Watches For Men – Track Your Training

Your watch has evolved. From humble beginnings as a classic stopwatch to a vital health hub packed with personal improvement technology. For men who run, catch waves, bike, pump iron, and hike mountain trails, fitness watches are almost as common as headphones, and for a good reason.

The day has finally arrived where you can track your physical exercise stats, daily movements, and personal habits right on your wrist.

With GPS guiding you towards your destination and back, you’ll be on a course towards a better health wearing one. Along the route, you’ll have access to altimeters, barometers, heart rate monitors, and a whole boatload of data.

For male runners, joggers, and pro cyclists alike, a notification at every completed mile can be the mental motivation you need to keep pushing your body forward. For surfers who wish to catch the best waves, you might be surprised to know that some fitness watches can track over 230 beach tides around the world. Quite remarkable.

No matter how you exercise or play sports, whether it be indoors or outdoors, one of these top 14 best fitness watches for men will give you instant insights to maximize your bill of health and performance.

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Watch

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Fitness Watch For Men

$150 / BUY IT HERE

The Fitbit Charge HR activity wristband can be used to continually monitor your heart rate, calories burned many other useful functions. Activities of all sorts including steps taken, distance traveled, and floors climbed can be tracked with the Fitbit activity wristband.

The device will also measure and save the quality of your sleep and can wake you with a silent alarm. Wireless sync with a computer and with most smart phones is possible with this device.

Fitbit Surge Watch

Fitbit Surge Fitness Watch For Men

$250 / BUY IT HERE

The Fitbit Surge fitness Superwatch has G.P.S. tracking abilities that allow you to see not just the distances you’ve traveled but how high as well. The call and text notification function means you won’t need to miss important messages when you’ve been working out. This men’s watch also keeps detailed track of all your fitness activity including heart rate, calories burned, and distance traveled.

The sleep monitoring function means even when you’re resting the watch is providing the information you need to live a healthy lifestyle. All of the information this watch records can be effortlessly synchronized with your computer and many of the leading smartphones.

Garmin Fenix 2 Watch

Garmin Fenix 2 GPS Men's Fitness Watch

$250 / BUY IT HERE

In addition to the usual heart rate, distance and pace data, the Garmin Fenix 2 GPS Watch also provides the serious fitness buff with information about his cadence, (number of steps per minute) bounce (also called vertical oscillation.) and ground contact time. This information, taken together, can help provide information pertinent to analyzing the efficiency of a particular workout. The swim and ski modes provide and keep a record of valuable information for those activities.

You can connect to Garmin and upload data with this device. Garmin can also be used to connect with social media sites on mobile devices. Smart Notification4 makes it possible to receive text and e-mails. The Garmin Fenix isn’t just a watch and a fitness coach and record keeper: it also has a compass function.

Garmin Forerunner 220 Watch

Garmin Forerunner 220 Fitness Watch For Men

$200 / BUY IT HERE

The Garmin Forerunner 220 is a lightweight runner’s watch with an easily read display screen. The watch can be connected to Garmin to record ongoing, automatic updates. You can also connect it, via mobile devices, to social media sites so you can share progress with friends and encourage each other without actually needing to be together. The watch keeps track of the distance you’ve run, your pace, and your heart rate.

The accelerometer function follows the same data when you’re indoors on a treadmill or in other situations when GPS is unavailable. The watch’s hinged wristband is sturdy, and the function buttons are simple to understand and operate.

Garmin Vivofit Band Watch

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Watch For Men


The Garmin Vivofit fitness watch was made with some of the most recently gained knowledge about fitness and weight control in mind. We now know that inactivity for lengthy stretches means less fat burning enzyme production. For the man with a lifestyle that tends to sedentary this is a problem.

The Vivofit watch provides an unobtrusive nudge by displaying a red bar when the wearer has been inactive for more than an hour. A two-minute walk resets the watch and helps keep you in shape too. This watch also keeps track of and can display calories burned, steps taken and the distance you’ve traveled. Plus Garmin has added a sleep mode to provide you with information about the quality of your rest. Which makes it an excellent choice for gentlemen who suffer from sleep apnea or any other sleep related problems.

Apple Watch

Men's Sport Apple Watch

$498 / BUY IT HERE

Think of the Apple Watch Sport as Apple’s fitness version of its smart watch. It’s sleek, masculine and will look great at the gym. The watch can interact and share data with numerous other Apple products including Iphone5’s or above.

An Apple S1 chip operates the watch which has 8gb memory. This Apple watch has a generously sized display to make reading it easy. An aluminum case is useful for carrying this item.

New Balance LifeTRNr Watch

New Balance LifeTRNr Heart Rate Calorie Fitness Watch For Men


The New Balance Life TRNr watch provides a way to keep track of the calories you burn, the miles you walk and the rate of your heartbeat. It also, of course, displays the time and can do so in 12 or 24-hour cycles. The calorie monitor, which bases its findings on your metabolic rate, your heart rate and how much exercise you’ve done, automatically resets at midnight each day.

There’s no need to worry about programming the device. The pedometer counts the total steps you take in a day. The goal meter on the pedometer allows you to see how many steps you’ve taken in a particular exercise period and how long that period has lasted. Finger touch heart rate function lets you know what your heart is doing anytime you want to know. A seven-day memory function keeps track of the day to day data for you.

Nike TomTom GPS Sports Watch

Nike Sportswatch TomTom GPS Fitness Watch For Men

$150 / BUY IT HERE

The TomTom powered Nike Sportswatch/GPS allows you to keep track of the calories you burn, the distance you’ve traveled and your time and pace. The Nike+ feature was added to this device to be sure accurate readings are obtained even when the GPS function isn’t working properly. The Personal Coach function can be programmed to keep track of your specific fitness goals. When you coordinate the device with Nike, the watch can even give you fitness tips personalized for you.

The watch also has a stopwatch function that is gratifying to men who are motivated by seeing a measurable improvement in performance. The Personal Coach helps here also, by keeping records of your performance for you. Each is powered by a lithium polymer battery that can be recharged with a USB cable. Not to mention, each features an excellent water resistance.

Pebble Time Smart Watch

Pebble Time Smartwatch For Men

$200 / BUY IT HERE

The Pebble Time Smartwatch is always on yet its lithium ion battery will hold a charge for as long as seven days. An LED backlight helps make it easier to see the e-paper color display. A built-in microphone allows you to record notes and make prompt replies. The stainless steel bezel (the outer ring that protects the watch display face) and a tough glass display covering give this watch admirable strength and durability.

A strap for carrying the watch and a USB cable for charging are included with the watch. Its also compatible with Android as well as iPhone smartphones. Plus, Pebble offers numerous apps for this watch to make the experience of owning one personal.

Polar FT7 Watch

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Watch For Men


The Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor watch features a heart rate monitoring chest strap that allows you to know the precise results of your current workout or everyday activity, instantly. The watch has special functions that give you up to the minute accurate information on how much fat you’re burning, whether your aerobic fitness level is improving and how many calories you’re burning.

It’s designed to be programmed not only to measure but to give you valuable feedback related to the particular heart rate you need to exercise at for maximum benefit as well as personal safety. In other words, the watch will let you know if you are required to pick up the pace or back off a little. A helpful starter’s guide comes with the purchase of this watch. The manufacturer shows confidence in the item by backing it with a two-year limited warranty.

Polar M400 Sports Watch

Polar M400 GPS Sports Watch And Activity Tracker

$140 / BUY IT HERE

The Polar M400 Sportswatch uses its GPS capabilities to allow you to plan as well as record and measure your training routines. Pace, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and altitude are just some of the data sources this device can record. The device is compatible with H7 Bluetooth and is powered by a rechargeable battery.

Select apps can be purchased from Polar to give you more options for sharing with other devices.

Suunto Ambit2 HR Watch

Suunto Ambit2 HR Fitness Watch For Men

$460 / BUY IT HERE

The Suunto Ambit 2 watch includes a heart rate monitor to allow you to keep tabs on the efficiency of a workout. However, that is just the beginning when it comes to functionality. The Ambit 2 measures your speed, the altitude you’re working out at and the weather conditions including barometric pressure.

You can choose from 1000 or more Suunto apps to tailor the watch to his particular needs. The GPS can track the route you took and help you plan out the next one. The glass-fiber casing ensures durability. A USB cable makes data transfer and battery charging possible.

Timex Ironman 150 Lap Watch

Timex Ironman 150 Lap Men's Fitness Watch


The Timex Men’s Ironman Watch was made for men who take running seriously. The watch’s display features can be manipulated with simple tap’s to the surface screen. Plus, you can record and store up to 150 of your lap times, and compare them to your target goals.

Not to mention, lap management and target time functions can also provide you with information on your splits and let you know if you’re meeting, exceeding or falling short of your goals. Individual alarm functions warn you of hydration and nutrition needs too. The watch is also water resistant up to 100 meters as a bonus.

TomTom Runner GPS Watch

TomTom Runner GPS Fitness Watch For Men

$100 / BUY IT HERE

The TomTom Runner GPS watch has an exceptionally large display screen that lets you see relevant data even when on the move. One button control makes it easy to navigate confidently through all of the watches functions. You can program the Graphical Display Partner function to provide you with training results in three different settings. You can race against past results, challenge yourself to new accomplishments, or just adhere to a routine pace. The TomTom Runner will keep track of it all for you.

It will even give you accurate data from your treadmill workout. This watch has water resistant properties. If the miserable weather doesn’t stop you from taking a run, your watch will be ready too.

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