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Point blank these shirts are slick and make the perfect addition to any men’s wardrobe. Doublju Casual Shoulder Strap Shirts feature a simple look that’s clean cut, and most notably similar to Express MK2 shirts. They have a more military appearance, but have been designed to be more casual to give off a fun yet professional look. As well, they are stitched to display a tighter profile on your body, so we’d recommend them more so for nights out, clubs, or when you go on dates.

As far as quality goes, these Doublju casual shoulder strap men’s dress shirts are really durable and seem to hold together far better than expected. And when you compare that with the style they deliver it’s kind of surprising to see them being sold at a lower price point. Yet even though they don’t tout a designer name brand, or even one we’re incredibly familiar with, the fact at the end of the day is Doublju knows how to make an excellent men’s dress shirt.

Doublju Mens Casual Shirts

For a few quick fore warnings before picking up your own, make sure you order a size larger than what you currently wear if you’re from the US. They tend to run a bit smaller, but the 3% spandex does provide a bit of flexibility. As well, if you’re content on tucking in your shirt they aren’t really made for that, but they still tuck in with no problems. All in all, try one on for yourself and you’ll be surprised once you see how many compliments you get wearing them. We can almost bet you’ll click back later on and get some more, we definitely did ourselves.

Doublju Mens Casual Shoulder Strap Dress Shirts

Doublju Mens Casual Dress Shirts

Mens Doublju Dress Shoulder Strap Shirts

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