Lum-Tec Bull 45 Men’s Chronograph Movement Watch – Next Luxury

$435 / Buy It Here

With its larger 45mm face this watch and thick sapphire crystal this is one watch that was specifically built for guys. It features a 316L stainless steel case construction, double sided anti-reflective coating and a threaded case back. It’s water resistant up to one-hundred meters or 330 feet, and it also has a heavy duty Japan Miyota OS10 quartz 12 hour chronograph movement, lifetime battery placement, and one year warranty. The most unique attribute to the Lum-Tech Bull 45 watch is the MDV or as Lum-Tec calls it, Maximum Darkness Visibility technology. And while it’s being offered in multiple face designs including hard PDV or brush silver finishes, its production is limited to only one hundred units.

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Lum Tec Men's Watch

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Lum-Tec Bull 45

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