Wrecked Ferrari Coffee Table For The Living Room – Next Luxury

($13,500) Don’t have room to put a Ferrari in your living room or bachelor pad? Thanks to this ingenious and artistic idea, the invention of this luxurious wrecked Ferrari coffee table has surfaced. Built from the leftovers of a crashed Ferrari, the artist Charly Molinelli was gifted the task to make something special for the table owner. The artist had a difficult time find the Ferrari as it’s nearly impossible to find one that’s been damaged to the point of where it’s been completely written off. With a bit of luck he was able to locate one sitting in a garage and proceeded to have it crushed to fit the dimensions of the coffee table. It’s an interesting way to reclaim or recycle, and it also includes special wood that was used to keep within the theme. This project really gives meaning to phrase “what’s one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Wrecked Ferrari Coffee Table

Ferrari Coffee Table

Crashed Ferrari Living Room Table

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